I dont think anything is wrong with me. Im attractive, I know how to dress, Im a hard worker and Im very intelligent. But finding a man is like mission impossible for me. Things are going great for me. Between College Monday- Friday and working Saturday- Sunday I don’t think I have the time but I can make some if I were to find someone. Sometimes I just feel that NYC is just to full of egotistical and shallow men. They don’t see past the perfect bodies walking on the sidewalk. I need to get more out there. I have to. Hopefully turning 21 will be a great sign for me in December. I’m just tired of being alone. Anyone will think so after 4 years of bullshitting. 

anonymous asked:

hey so i have social phobia and i don't hide it well at all so is it better to just tell people about it so they know why i'm acting weird and don't jump to worse conclusions as people tend to do in my experience or would that make encounters even weirder and get me shunned as word spread of my affliction? thcks babe

Why not just tell them if you feel like it? It’ll probably help them understand why you’re so shit and make you feel comfortable knowing they know exactly what’s going on if you fuck up talking to anyone pretty bad. Plus they can probably instantly tell anyway so if you just acknowledge it then they know you know and there is a comfort. Also, try to think about the fact that you don’t have to do social interactions perfectly and if you fuck up yu can just say you fucked up and did a weird thing and just go again and no one cares anyway. When someone else does a weird thing, how long do you think about that for? You forget about it pretty soon because you’re back to thinking about your own asshole. This is what every other human is also always doing.