Had to work on another cover for Fantasy Illust class and I jumped on doing something for The Suffering Game! When I can, maybe I’ll work on the other arcs *_* 

ever think about how the 100 years on the starblaster probably just destroyed all seven of their conceptions of what is socially appropriate with friends? and when thb end up working together they’re all pleasantly surprised to find that the others are fine with having all their shit in each other’s spaces. taako likes to drip dry in the nude? sure, whatever. merle has multiple ass tattoos? yeah, cool. magnus wants to know if merle will shave his back for him. merle is happy to help a friend. (it’s less noticeable with lucretia because she keeps people at arms length, but still. killian and carey are in considerable awe of the fact that they once pantsed avi in front of her on accident and lucretia didn’t even blink.)

kravitz is ready for it to be really awkward when taako tells his friends that they’re dating. you know, because of the whole “trying to kill them a bunch of times” thing. it would be understandable

what he was not prepared for is for magnus and merle to immediately be just like Way too comfortable with him as soon as they’ve confirmed he’s not trying to kill taako. he had assumed that it was just taako who had no boundaries but no, it’s also his friends. kravitz is a part of their group now and has also seen merle’s entire ass. he would like to be slightly less part of the group, please,,

i know there’s a lot of high school headcanons going around for the thb and the ipre right now so let me throw mine into the ring

-magnus is on football and lup is a soccer captain and they have a bitter rivalry that turns into a dear friendship where they constantly try to get the other to join their sport

-magnus also plays hockey in the winter and track and field in the spring (he’s a thrower) which is how he meets killian and carey in their respective sports

-carey is a sprinter in the spring but in the winter she’s the gymnastic team star and she saw taako do a death drop once and never stops pestering him to join the team

-as opposed to lup, who does literally everything, taako does no sports and no activities, yet is somehow always present at them because his friends won’t goddamn stop signing up for things. he was a cheerleader briefly junior year but they kicked him out for flashing kravitz

-kravitz is football player and he transferred there sophomore year. on his first day he was so nervous that he replied to a question in a british accent and realized he would have to either explain that or fake an accent for three years. guess which he chose

-lup and barry meet in orchestra freshman year (they have to share sheet music because there weren’t enough copies) and it’s the beginning of an unlikely but beautiful friendship between a punk jock and a total nerd. all their friends know they’re in love but neither one does anything about it until senior year

-merle is not technically a weed dealer because he grows it and then gives it to them for free. none of them know when or how they became friends with him, but boy it sure did happen

-lucretia is top of her class despite skipping two grades and is basically the best at everything. when the music director leaves junior year, lucretia steps in as the teacher and just sort of.. keeps doing it. all her friends call her “madame director” whenever they’re addressing her in class

there’s more but this is already very long. in conclusion, this is griffin’s fault

Taako: Got any road snacks?

The Director: I’ve brewed you up a special phial of gorp, and I think you’re gonna love my special blend. Do you wanna know the secret?

Taako: Don’t say raisins.

The Director: It’s not raisins. Those are a shoe-in for gorp, that’s what the “r” in gorp stands for. No, my secret is… pistachios.

Merle: Shelled?

The Director: Yes, I leave the shells on them, it gives you stronger teeth. Now get the hell out of my office.

  • you: justin's "who?" was the most heartbreaking line from ep 66
  • me, an intellectual: taako explaining his self-centeredness to barry by telling him that other people have become "talking dust" to him is by far one of the saddest lines ever uttered in the entire run of this podcast. it shows that taako can seem emotionally distant from others not because he's inherently unfeeling or selfish, but because his life running away from the hunger - in addition to his life on the run before - made him into who he is. in other words, it highlights the fact that taako uses his own selfishness to cope with his inability to create and maintain deep emotional relationships with other people, mostly due to the fact that nobody he has ever met, aside from lup and the ipre team, has stayed long enough to allow for any sort of bond to grow. in fact, that line also suggests that taako can potentially feel things extremely deeply when he allows himself to do so - we see as much in his relationship with lup - but he doesn't let himself get attached often, despite wanting to, because he is afraid of creating new bonds with someone, of actually starting to care about them, only for them to be taken from him forever after only a year. for taako, the pain of losing people, friends he cares about, is so emotionally taxing that he would rather not make friends in the first place, instead choosing to see people as "talking dust" and move on, alone, and accompanied only by those who he knows he won't lose, and that's only because they are pretty much immortal. taako forgetting lup was sad, but now imagine taako remembering lup, one of the only people he thought he wouldn't lose, one of the only people that weren't "talking dust", and knowing that she's gone.

I had a dream where the THB were fleeing on a lifeboat from a shark queen who wanted their help but they were like “yeah we have more important things to do jfc who do you think you are” anyway the dream was dumb but I wanted Taako to bring his friends on a fishing trip

Y'know, I bet new year’s celebrations felt a little… off for the ipre members who forgot. It doesn’t even need to be on the same day as the usual resets; just the concept of “new year new me!” type stuff would resonate weirdly with them.

Raven’s Roost has a big festival for candlenights, and part of it overlaps with new year’s. Magnus has fun making resolutions for next year. He stays up with Julia, but he keeps feeling like something’s going to go wrong. He needs to go somewhere, but the only place to be is home. He won’t let Julia out of his sight for hours until the moment passes.

Merle stares out at the beach from the porch. New years celebrations aren’t big in this area, but he heard about it and he can’t get it off his mind. He keeps checking on the kids, inadvertently waking them up more than once. But there are more stars tonight than he feels there should be, and it’s reassuring.

Taako does a special show for new years, and it’s great. He does a fantastic job of disguising that he’s feeling oddly detached– you know, in that way where he really, really needs to Not Care about something. But it’s chill. It’s totally chill, he keeps telling himself, and getting chills. It’s a cold night to be out.

And bells ring in the distance to signal when it happens. Magnus grins at his wife, suddenly feeling especially grateful for her staying here with him. Merle opens his tightly shut eyes, and feels strange when they open to the exact same dark night. Taako catches food in his frying pan, an impressive feat after nearly sending it out of sight at the sudden bell.

And three people breathe sighs of relief all at once.