My entry to Destroy Comics’ Pope Panel study contest…

When I first read Pope’s work, not just skimmed it, but took the time to read his panels and art, the cartoon world before me bustled and moved. It was the right time for me to discover him, because I had just finished “Bone” and was desperately looking for something that could measure up(the search has yielded results few and far between), and I felt a kinship in the love and energy guiding their brushes.

Since then, I have devoured anything I can get my hands on by either artist, such as “THB”, a series that I am continually impressed by, and embodies something I really like about the worlds Pope builds: they can convey the dramatic immediacy of the human condition, and still maintain a cartoon self-awareness, and at times, a madcap whimsy, as though they not only know they are composed of gallons of ink, but are rightfully proud.

What’s why I chose the Karimba panel from THB:Comics from Mars #2 is because he is perfectly madcap, and entertains me endlessly. I skipped the mimic panel, because I did a couple pencil sketches beforehand to get a feel for Pope’s character.

There is so much about this panel I don’t really want to try and mimic, which is why I used Japanese in the title boxes, instead of replicating Pope’s script, or making up something else. If I do another one, I will likely choose a panel to mimic before doing my own version.

My tools consist of an HB pencil, yasutomo liquid sumi, and a cheap, synthetic round #2. I typically use a #2 and a 1 or 0 for textures. Aside from greater overall brush control, I am trying to develop dry brush techniques to various effects. Also, I left the final smudge in the top right of the the corner for posterity.

I was mostly listening to Blackalicious, Terry Reid, and the Fucking Champs.



I’m not sure if DestroyComics is still posting the THB panel studies, but I started this a week ago, then did some life stuff. I just finished it.

I chose this panel sequence for a ton of reasons, primarily the exchange of expressions between the two characters at such a pivotal part of HR’s evolution as a character. Also, I really like Pope’s lettering.

For my study, I did only light pencils before inking, trying to focus on brush stroke and detail. This is also why the proportions are stretched, because I was focusing on pieces in lieu of the whole. For the final version, I wanted to toy with the blacks and textures.

My tools were basically the same as before, and I was listening to a bunch of stuff, but I remember rocking to Queens of the Stone Age when I started this thing, and finished up with Panda Bear’s Tomboy.