i re-listened to avi’s first appearance episode (ep. 7 aka the first moonlighting ep) and hes so good. he just does an awkward shimmy and leaves his post to give THB brandy.

also what does he do when no one is coming or going his job is literally just manning the transport orbs. he doesnt know when people will get back from missions.

fantasy mp3 player with pop-ish music about his dead love life


So I attempted to draw a realistic Lucy Carlyle. Hope you guys like 😄

I want to write my own TV show just so I can give the gays everything they want.

HELP Some girls found a hummingbird in my college, I told them i would take care of it since i have some corriente with birds, but I’ve never dealt with such delicate species. I contacted a vet to ask about consult prices and I’ll take it as soon as I’m done with classes. The little one is trying to fly hut it can’t, I put him in a box covered with my scarf since it’s cold af. I’m not sure if it’s a baby or an injured adult. Anyone know how old this little birb is and what can I do?

P.d: I’m from Mexico and we don’t get help for wildlife rehabilitator (I don’t think we have thb)

Going in Blind

So I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA on the writing shit, but I did suddenly write something, and thb I think it has something to do with the fact convention season is winding down for me as if legit next weekend.

Please enjoy, this was written at four AM after going through, I’ll post a pic of the inspiration later when I’m not on my phone.

As always I don’t own Will Solace or Nico di Angelo or any of the content they’re from (PJO, HoO, or ToA)


“Hey, Annabeth remember how you told me that guy was great!? Always on time and shit!? It’s been an hour!”

Will huffed at his phone before turning it over, completely disregarding the message Annabeth had sent in reply. However, his phone kept going off, daring a glance at the screen he smirked. Ah yes, multiple quick messages only meant one person to Will, his text-door-neighbor. He’d found the guy by being drunk and dared while inhebriated to text both the numbers that were exactly the same as his, up to the very last digit. The number lower than his didn’t respond.

Will’s mystery Man however did and they’d been talking for months since then.

“So how’s your day going?”
“Mines shit.”
“Per usual.”
“I didn’t think it was possible.”
“But you can be stood up on blind dates”

Will found himself laughing dryly. If only this guy knew. Oh wait! Will could just text back!

“Not only is it possible, but scientifically proven my good Sir. For I have also been stood up on my blind date.”

Somewhere behind Will he heard an unamused voice cuss.

“Well fuck.”
“That really sucks.”

Will looked up to the main entrance of the restaurant and sighed heavily as he wrote back.

“Nothing to apologize for, I’m honestly just gonna go home and sleep for the rest of my day off, which I knew would have been a better use of my time anyways.”

Will heard that same voice chuckle and was going to turn around, but the Waiter walked passed and Will flagged him offering a quick apology and asking for the check to his two coffees he’d had while waiting.

“Talk to you later.”

Will felt so bad for his Mystery Guy, he was a bit of an ass and much more sarcastic than most people might have been used to, but he was also really nice! (Hell he messaged Will the day after his drunken text to make sure he was okay, Will tried to ask his name and introduce himself, but the gent had declined for personal reasons and heck, Will wasn’t going to over step that.)

Thankfully he’d be able to leave soon and just relax and forget this embarrassment, swiftly the waiter returned and from behind Will as he finished paying with cash and leaving his tip he heard the same request. It was the voice Will had heard cuss and laugh to themselves.

He dared and look and needless to say, he probably could have been caught staring, because the man at the table behind him was, attractive would be an understatement.

Inky black hair that was a little choppy and curly licking around the edges of high faintly freckled cheek bones with pale olive skin and large almond shaped chocolate brown eyes, yeah, the guy behind him pretty much just stole his breath away. His only saving grace was quite literally the timing of the front door ringing and Annabeth’s voice. When Will looked up he noticed her not with her usual male company, her Boyfriend Percy, but another blond male with stormy eyes and a scar above his lip. “Will wait.”

“Annabeth he never showed.” Will reminded her annoyed, then paused. “How did you get here so fast?” Then he noticed the coffee cup, from the chain just up ahead at the corner, in her hand.

“Jason?” Will turned back around and, oh, oh Gods it was the attractive looking man speaking.

“Hey Nico,” ‘Jason’ as it was tentatively greeted, “wait. I thought you said Will never showed up?”

Will blinked. Nico stared. Annabeth bursted out laughing. “You two where a table apart this whole time.”

Will looked back to Nico and they were both looking rather in awe at each other. “You’re Will?”

“And you’re Nico,” Will replied, “how did I not see you when I walked in?”

“You weren’t out here when I got here, but you were after I went to the bathroom.” The dark haired male planted his face into his palm. “I never thought to ask…”

Will felt his phone buzz, a reminder that he had a message from his Mystery guy. He quickly took out his phone and typed.

“So, you’re never going to believe this, but my date was right behind me the whole time!”

He sent the message and opened his mouth to apologize to Nico, when the other looked down at his phone. Looked up to Will and simply replied.

“Oh…I believe it.”

you can make all the content of krav being a long-suffering bystander to taakos jokes, but please take a moment to Consider such amazing lines as “no more mister nice death”, “i can also do a bunch of michael winslow style sound effects [makes bad machinegun noises at the thb with his mouth]”, and “you three saved my bacon”, the man is a Massive Dork, A Real Goober
also, i so badly want to believe that every time grif laughed at the chug n squeeze date and that it was in character, that Death Himself was crackin up at “yea for sure [Very Deep Voice] as long as i can drop my accent too”
Please Just Let Krav Be A Fucking Dweeb With A Horrible And Corny Sense Of Humor Who Makes Dad Jokes Constantly And Genuinely Enjoys Taakos Top-Tier Comedy Content