thayet the peerless

Queen Thayet “The Peerless” of Conte was a warrior queen who fled her home country at the age of eighteen with nobody but her childhood friend, rode horseback in a ball gown in a swamp to rescue a set of troops, was considered the most beautiful woman in the world in several countries, formed widespread education accessible to the poor, was biracial, and had a hawk nose.

Forget being Alanna. I want to be Thayet.

yellowis4happy  asked:

Oooh. Buri and Thayet on a fall morning??


(Btw I hc Thayet in PotS era and after as Lucy Liu, there’s a pic somewhere of her in a prom dress throwing a javelin and I was like welp there’s Thayet)

okay anyhow can I make this a modern/university AU? if you’d rather it be canon I’ll write you another one bc you’re great. putting under a readmore for fluidity’s sake

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