thayer x sutton

wahhh i ship thayer/sutton so hard and i don’t even care about the lying game that much, ugh. but somehow after all the tv i watched tonight, my final thought is just wahhh thayer/sutton why will you never happen and why does thayer/emma even have to be a ship and why does tlg have the worst madonna/whore complex going on with sutton and emma, like, a million times worse than how people portray the katherine/elena dichotomy even, which is saying something, and ugh, sutton, you are my favourite and so disgustingly undervalued and you better not be dead because really, talk about deciding to follow the books a little late, and thayer really is the only one who seems to be actually concerned about sutton as a person and his talk with mads ugh ugh ugh whyyyyyyy do i ship thayer/sutton so hard when tlg bothers me so much, why am i writing this incoherent ramble of moan, i d e k, i just need all the thayer/sutton in the world right now, even though hardly anyone seems to care, but i just need to go back to when they were being detectives together and she was crashing with him and there was secret pining and revenge sex and angst and my precious otp that will probably never happen again.