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New Studyblr

Hi hi hi!  :-))))

• I’m KJ (she/her), 18 years old, and a college freshman

•  I’m majoring in Health Sciences

•  I go to community college! 

•  I luvvvvv these blogs for inspirationz @etudiance @vestiblr @hayley-studies @studyingobviously @delthenerd @nehrdist @studybuzz @decaffeinated-student @studyingandlattes @workhardlikegranger @stvdy-ing @linedpaper @study-ings 

•  If you’re in high school still and have questions regarding community college I can try my best to answer based on my experience 

• I like Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, thai tea, the color gray, 90′s rnb, and Hayao Miyazaki films

• Pls like this so I could follow you!! I love meeting new people and having internet friends yay