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For Gray-Card’s Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza!

My Gray-Card’s Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza of this year is about travel & food.

Unfortunately, you can’t taste it, but I hope you enjoy it!

1. Thai Food - Camden Market, London

2. Tigernuts - Mercat Central, València

3. Shellfish - Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

4. Nuts - Pantori Shop, Donostia 

5. Roast Chicken - Mercadillo, Sisante

© 2015 Oscar Alcañiz

Word of the Day


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French ciseaux

Spanish tijeras

German Schere

Portuguese tesoura

Dutch schaar

Polish nożyczki

Afrikaans skêr

Azeri qayçi

Greek ψαλίδι (psalídi)

Finnish sakset

Hungarian olló

Hindi कैंची (kaiṇcī)

Italian forbici

Romanian foarfece

Icelandic skæri

Estonian käärid

Russian ножницы (nožnitsy)

Gujurati કાતર (kātar)

Korean 가위 (gawi)

Vietnamese kéo

Turkish makas

Swedish sax

Persian قیچی (qeyči)

Albanian gërshërë

Czech nůžky

Japanese (はさみ, hasami)

Arabic مقص (miqaṣṣ)

Georgian მაკრატელი (maḳraṭeli)

Armenian մկրատ (mkrat)

Thai กรรไกร ‎(gron-grai)

Malay, Tagalog, Indonesian gunting

Mandarin 剪刀 (jiǎndāo)

Hebrew מספריים (misparáyim)

Juvia is NOT a stalker.

Can I kindly start this post off with one thing? Think to tonight’s episode. Silver asked Juvia is she was Gray’s woman, and she DENIED it. A true stalker wouldn’t not have denied it.

Alright. Anyway, I can’t believe we still have the side of the fandom who still say that Juvia is a stalker. That side of her is gone. She has toned down, and it has shown. I actually looked up the signs of a stalker and I will compare them to our lovely water mage.

1. Lurking around your work place of neighborhood

We have not seen Juvia lurking around Gray’s apartment. As for work, they are members of the same guild, they will see each other a lot.

2. Being watched

Juvia no longer does this. She did in the past when she was first introduced into the series, but she no longer follows him everywhere.

3. Innapropriate Gifts

Juvia gave Gray a scarf and a body pillow. Neither of those are bad. This particular section referred to gifts that are pornographic. Neither of those are.

4. Finding yourself in a situation where you need to be rescued

When has Juvia ever made it so that Gray needed to be saved by her? NEVER. She has never done that. Nor has she PURPOSELY put herself in a situation where she needed to be saved by him. Both of them care strong enough to defend themselves, thank you very much.

5. Manipulation

The main example here is threats to oneself (like saying they will commit suicide), or hurting another person if the victim does not return their affection.

Juvia has never made a threat against herself. She has also never threatened to hurt someone else if Gray does not return her affections.

6. Defamation if character or insults

Defamation is simply someone saying image damaging words about the victim to get them away from their friends or family. Can you give me an example of when Juvia defamed Gray’s image? You can’t. She has defended him time and time again. Even when he was “working” with the dark side, she still believed in him.

7. Violence

Violence would be used to frighten the victim. Two moments come to mind, and those were neither things thay Gray knew about:

Juvia being controlled by Vidaldus during the Tower of Heaven and attacking Lucy is the first one. This should not even count. I saw a post saying that Juvia is always trying to kill or hurt Lucy. Not true. During this moment, Juvia was not in control of herself. In a sense, it was not /her/ attacking Lucy.

Another is her fight with Meredy on Tenrou Island which was to save Gray’s life.

There is my argument on the subject. Juvia is not a stalker. She had the characteristics of one in the past, but she has certainly toned down, especially in the more recent chapters.