The Hundred Acre Woods- Base of My Heart (Space Jam Session)


The Hundred Acre Woods - All I Love (The Key Studio Sessions)


Our video for Base Of My Heart recently broke 5,000 views. Thanks to everyone who’s watched and shared with their homiest homies. We love ya <3


Hey y'all, we are in desperate need of your help! 

Our lil’ old band The Hundred Acre Woods is going to be hitting the road this summer from July 23rd - August 20th and have hit a huge roadblock. Our transportation has fallen through last minute and we are now in desperate need of some wheels. 

If you own a van or car, would like to go on tour (road trip), AND get paid for your time, hit us up!!! In addition to weekly compensation we can also give you as much merch and beer as yr heart desires. 

If interested, email and we can talk!! We like meeting new people! :) 

Please tell your friends!!! Any reblogs would be seriously appreciated, and as always thanks for the help!!! 

We couldn’t be more excited to be hitting the road for 9 days in June with our Pittsburgh friends in Fun Home! 


We have had some serious trouble booking venues/houses for these dates:

  • June 19th (between Mansfield, OH and Philadelphia, PA) 
  • June 21st (MD, NJ, VA)
  • June 22nd (VA, NC, etc)

If anyone on tumblr could help us out with those dates, we would be forever grateful! We love you, and thank you so much for your support!