thaw universe!

Look at the adorable piece I commissioned from zombietonbo! I’ve been feeling super protective of Tony lately, so I asked for Tony getting to be genuinely happy while Steve holds him and glares like he’s daring anyone to try to hurt or upset him. And this is absolutely perfect!


from top to bottom, left to right…

1.) Silicon-very shiny and very light!

2.) Pyrite (fools gold) cubes!-With a rare twin cube! :D

3.) Rutile in quartz - this poor baby is beat up because I found it in a river :( I still love it though!

4 and 5.) light blue and black (dark purple) fluorite- same mineral, but different colors and crystal structure!

6.) Gypsum- different crystal structures. VERY soft. you can scratch it with your fingernail! Found these babies on vacation!

7.) Black Apatite- really cool to hold! has an pentagonal structure!

8.) Calcite- demonstrating it’s Double Refracting property! Neato!

9.) A Selenite wand- yes this is a natural crystal! They are the largest growing crystals in the world!

…Yes that is a periodic table in the background :p I studied rock and minerals for 13 years and this thing is hanging above my collection.

I’m going to turn all of these into gemsonas! I’m going to apply my ‘real world gem knowledge’ to their designs. *Gasp* my rock smarts can finally be used for something!