Silver Thaw, Chapter 7 - ‘The Escape’ is now posted on AO3.

With time running out, Peeta and Katniss search for a way to escape the Arena. But things don’t go according to plan.  

The final chapter to Silver Thaw will be posted next Friday. I will not be posting an SSS this week— for reasons that will become obvious by the end of this chapter. It would be way too spoil-ery! 

Big hugs to @papofglencoe and @titaniasfics for your help with this chapter! This was a challenging one to write, and your suggestions and nudges are so appreciated. 😘

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Vocaloid Highlights: September 2016

It’s official: Sachiko is IA’s mom now. I mean, the facts are right there.

* Read as “Passion Three Dot Sensation,” even though that’s not at all how titles work.

========== Stand-Outs ==========
Peter Pan’s Depression
Crepe! 3-Minute Cooking ♪
Cute'n Cute'n Luck Cute Luck
Goodbye, Sevenstars
Tears River
Hated One’s Song
Reversible Campaign
Daybreak’s Cry
Three-Legged Race
Sentenced to Tickle-Hell
Every Kind of Lurve to You
Vivid Meteor Swarm
Noside Suicide
Everything About Animals
Snow Thaw Ticket
(Did you) love song?
Festival Touring

========== Worth Your Time ==========
Guitar Boy Just Dances
Sunflower’s Memory
one for one
Lie Story
In Public
Rainy Dance Music
I Will Show To You II ~Rice Liquor Chapter~
Adult’s Longing
I Was Tricked!
Spiral Corridor
Tender Love Apartment
Numbskull Foolish Strange Drink Log
Moon Drops
Letter Curse
Conceited Boy
morning shift - orchestra ver.
It Was All Too Human
Wicked Mischief
Wanna Go Home
Gone Missing
Cyclops’s Monologue
Chasing Love’s Tail
Stella Coil
Secret Hole
Last smile
Seven Star
Town Without You
First Ten Steps
Raindrop TRIP
Summer’s Storied Close
Unfair Addiction
Cat and Flowerbed
Fall From the White Line, You Die
Paradise Roa
Your Kindness
Life Of Your Own
Airy voice
Until This Song Ends
I Want 30 Billion Yen An Hour
Inverted Libera
Dirty Clean
You Become An Adult
Summer Magic
Nonsense FACTORY
Dozing Gloomy
Full-On Autumn
Maiden Royt - an innocent Royt -

AN- For Redbircl…I hope you like it:)

(If you don’t, let me know so I can rewrite it)

((Also, I did do some research on vampires which is why this took so long…but I was still somewhat uncertain on the whole idea so I apologize if this is way off target))

(((There will be a part 2…a continuation)))

 "Yeah, I’ll be home soon. Yeah, just make sure to take the chicken out to thaw for me will you? Great, see you in a few.“

The phone disconnected with a soft click and you sighed, adjusting your grip on the bags of groceries you carried. You didn’t normally walk around this late, but lack of ingredients in your apartment forced you to step out of your comfort zone. Your phone buzzed in your hand, tickling you slightly.

You chuckled at the message your friend had sent, shaking your head slightly as you shifted the bags, allowing you to respond to the text. Just as you were about to hit the send button, a grimy hand shot out and grabbed you, covering your mouth to silence any screams and pull you back.

You groceries clattered to the ground, the sound echoing off the walls of the surrounding buildings, some with opened windows…yet know one dared to look at the crime taking place at that moment. 

“Didnt ya parents never tell you it’s dangerous for a pretty little thing like you to walk around Gotham so late?” a gruff voice spoke. You opened your eyes, not realizing you had squeezed them shut, and let your vision adjust to the sudden darkness that blanketed the dark alley. You were pushed away from the hand and voice to the worn out wall that was decorated with graffiti.

“Please dont hurt me…here, t-take my wallet!” You quickly tossed your wallet to the feet of the voice, but it only chuckled nastily and stepped forward, revealing the scarred and dirty face of an older man who had a dark look in his eyes. When he smiled, you saw the yellow that covered his teeth and the open spaces that were supposed to be filled.

“Oh, I don’t want ya wallet. I was hoping for a little…” he ran a filthy finger down the side of your face and neck, ending just above your shoulder, “treat.”

“Go to hell!” you hissed, spitting in his face. He growled and wiped his face angrily, gripping your arms tightly as he brought his face closer to you own.

“Got a little spitfire here, don’t we. I like that,” he chuckled. You brought your knee up, hitting him where it hurt with more force than you expected. He doubled over, letting out a groan and you took his moment of distraction to run away.

“Get back here bitch!” the man shouted, pushing away his pain and chasing after you. You let out a cry when he captured you again, throwing you against the wall, making you hit your head roughly. Your vision blurred for a few seconds but you shook your head and watched as the man unsheathed a knife.

“Don’t learn, do ya?” the man said as he pressed the cool blade against the skin of your throat.

“Burn in hell,” you said. The man chuckled and pressed the knife deeper, a trickle of blood running down your neck.

“Oh baby, I intend to.” He licked his lips and leaned closer, sniffing your hair deeply before sighing your ear.

 “What is it with pervs and sniffing hair?” a new voice called out confidently. The man turned around swiftly, searching for the source of the voice. A figure stood perched at the edge of the rooftop, their silhouette mysterious looking but emitting a safe aura.

“Who the hell are you?” the man asked. 

“Who me?”

“No, the I was talking to the bloody wall,” the man exclaimed, unknowingly applying more pressure to the knife at your neck. You whimpered, catching the attention of the man who grinned wickedly.  

“Ahh, ya here to save the life of your little friend here, eh?”

“Yes, how on earth did you guess?” The person leaped down, landing gracefully on the ground a few feet in front of you. When they stood, a small glint caught your eye…and the man’s eye as well. 

“Ah, so you’re The Red Hood? I was beginning to think yous was just make believe.”

“I assure, I’m as real as you can get. But enough about me, lets talk about you and how I’m going to take you down.” 

The man cackled, “You? I thought you were the master of crime?”

Pulling out two guns, Red Hood feigned laughed, “You could say that.” Then the sound of gunshots filled the air, followed by a cry of pain. The man fell to the ground and your breathing stopped. 

“Relax, I didn’t kill him.”

You looked at your hero with wide eyes. “Thank you,” you said softly. He left out a hum before stepping towards you slowly. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Y/N…my nae is Y/N.”

“Well then, Y/N, you should thank me just yet,” he said, slowly taking of his red helmet.

“Why not?”

“Because,” he said, closing the distance between the two of you, “I didn’t save you.”

You opened your mouth to respond, but you were taken by surprise when he brought his finger to your neck, wiping the blood that had trailed down. You watched as he slowly brought his finger to his mouth and lick the blood off. 

You brought your hand up, gingerly feeling at the open wound. “What-”

You were cut off by him placing his gloved hand over your mouth, “I’m sorry,” he said before a sharp pain filled your neck. Your scream was muffled by his hand, but that didn’t stop you from fighting against him. You punched and kicked but he didn’t even flinch.

You slowly became weaker by the second. You could hear your own heartbeat as it fought to keep your ever draining blood moving. Finally, he pulled away and you could see your blood glistening on his chin.

“Im sorry,” he said again. You used the last of your energy to reach up to the side of your neck, feeling punctures that weren’t there before. Your knees buckled but before you could blink, you felt his arms around you, carefully setting you down.

“Why?” you asked weakly.

He stood up and backed away, putting his helmet back on. “I didn’t come to save you, I smelt your blood and couldn’t resist…Im sorry.”

He turned and disappeared into the shadows, leaving you alone with the unconscious man in the alley. You breathing became labored and tears filled your eyes as your vision stared becoming darker, coldness pooling at your feet and making its way up. 

Your body felt so feather light and for a second you could swear you saw your hero/killer come back…but something was different.

His face was gentle and his voice soothing. 

“Don’t worry…I’ve got you.”

“Couldn’t your cousin have had, like, tropical powers or something?”


Hey guys, sorry again for such a big gap between updates. I hit a bit of a roadblock on the wedding series (I think it’s because the high from my sister’s wedding has worn off, ha…) so i decided that a little break and some mindless doodles would help.

Also, I seem to have winter on my mind. I am definitely built for warmer days but my heart yearns for sweaters, so here… Have some THAW sweater weather updates. :)


HooHoo! Hello everyone! Since many of you did not notice my cleverly hidden announcement on my calendar… Here is the official announcement!

Thaw. : A Jelsa/Kristanna comic! Coming March 1st!

Set in a modern!AU

Jack spent most of his time as a newly inducted guardian watching over Jamie and attempting to get his name out into a non-believing world. After 3 years, with hardly any new results, the last thing Jack was expecting to find was a seemingly normal girl suddenly freezing over her entire apartment.

Elsa was just trying to deal with starting college, inheriting an entire company and trying to keep Anna safe, from herself. Then when things are finally starting look up, her life gets turned around by an invisible guy leaving her messages in ice on her window. As if her life wasn’t hard enough before without the Guardian of Fun trying to get her to “loosen” up.


The Hundred Acre Woods- Base of My Heart (Space Jam Session)