I believe in you!

This is not only a song I wanted to draw something for a long time, but also a little thing I dedicate to my friends! I think some may recognize themselves at the last picture, and some don’t, but really, if you consider me a friend, consider yourself there! I insist!

I always found the lyrics to this song pretty cute, and so I decided to make not only one drawing, but 13. I shortened it slightly, and put most of them together to fit tumblr, and it’s still pretty long~ But this is from me to all of you, friends, followers, and anyone that crossed my life!

I believe in you!


Hello! I’m Mary, and I’ve been really low on money lately, so a bit of help could be really useful!

Please check this website for prices, info on what I will and won’t draw, as well as how to ask for a commission and all the details you might need! You can also ask anything if you have questions!

I can draw fanart or OCs! I’m open for everything listed on the website!

Thanks in advance, and have a good day everybody! <3