Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume

I only lately got into both Haikyuu and Neko Atsume so obviously I put both together! Those are directly based on the cats I named after the characters btw `v´ Of course I made my favs, and I absolutely love how Hinata came out ;v;

I made those very quickly and I might make more later `v´

Can I… Hold your hand?

I mean, I wish right Zen ?? So hey guess what I started playing Mystic Messenger pff // I love everyone but I guess Zen got himself into my heart first (because his route is the first one I’m playing….. and I mean come on)

Can’t believe I went this far on this sketch ahaha //


I’m not very good at making comics so excuse the bad quality // I tried to shorten it a bit, but I guess it’s still a bit long huh //

So Asahi has a lot of baby Eevees because he takes care of pretty much any Pokemon he finds, and sometimes some of these Pokemon end up finding good new trainers! So of course I ended up having this idea pff // Ace will evolve into a Jolteon btw :3c

Maybe the idea is a little cheesy but // pff I can’t help it. This comic is supposed to happen before the “story” begins in this AU `v´ The Pokemon equivalent of a first year Noya forming a closer bond with second year Asahi, who ends up becoming his double battle partner later on~ :3c Asahi at this point still hasn’t become an actual breeder, and is referred to as “ace trainer” for being good at battles, as his Pokemon are always well taken-care of, in which case he is a power house to be recognized by his buddies. Though he doesn’t really have much confidence in himself as a trainer. Noya however sees great potential in him, and gets to the habit of visitting the place where he cares for his Pokemon - and stray Pokemon he helps out of the streets, because what a good guy right~ Details on the whole story will come up soon hopefully, I really want to work on this `v´ for now have a little cheesy comic explaining how Noya got a Pokemon again, because yes.

Wow I think I write a lot on these Pokemon AU captions // Sorry I get too excited ;v; But I hope y’all are enjoying the ideas I share!

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I mean come on we all thought about it.

What better excuse to draw more Pokemon AU than NEW POKEMON being revealed?? And let’s face it, Litten is the perfect Nekoma mascot haha~ Kuroo got another little guy on his team! Really hoping Litten grows to be part Dark-type to match my initial idea for Kuroo’s team :,3c

Super quick sketch because I really couldn’t resist drawing those two <3


Pokémon Trainers - Hinata and Kageyama !!

Finished the first two on a big set of chibis I wanna draw of the Pokemon AU `v´ So many characters planned on my list!! The quickest way to go on their final designs would be like this haha so I’ll probably make many many characters in this style ‘v’ With some of their Pokemon of course! Hinata for a start has Fletchling and Growlithe, while Kageyama has Taillow and Houndour <3

I’m not very good at designing outfits but I hope these look ok so far // I should base myself more on canon Pokemon trainer outfits shouldn’t I? Haha I’ll get to it for the next ones in line `v´ I think for a change next up I’ll show Daichi and Suga! I have quite a bit of story in mind too, so I’m hoping to make some comics :3c


Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume [Part 3]

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The original cats are here!! Kuroo and Kenma on top, Lev and Yaku on the bottom! `v´ Of course I couldn’t draw everyone as cats and leave the real cats out of it :3c Again, based on the cats named after the characters in my game -v- Gotta thank everyone that sent nice messages about them kitties too <3 And suggestions `v´ So big thanks y’all!

Next set will surely include Bokuto and Akaashi, because I really wanna draw them `v´ But to complete the set, and make future sets suggestions still open~


Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume [Part 2]

[Part 1 here!!]

Since y’all seemed to really like the first set, I made some more! So here’s Suga and Daichi! Along with Aone and Terushima too `v´ Again based on the cats I named after the characters haha // Did I mention pretty much all my cats are named after Haikyuu characters? What a nerd am I right // But I like it so it good :3c

I’m open for sugestion on who should come up next btw!

A pair of cat kings! ♚♛

Little extra for my Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume arts, featuring my favorite babbies, Kageyama and Hinata!
Traditional art is so hard ;v; but I’m so happy with this!! `v´

First pic on my new art blog hoorah! `v´ And of course it’s Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume stuff // But I couldn’t resist, because right after I put the cardboard house in my yard I saw this:

So this is their house now! Of course other cats show up, but it has their names on it because they saw it first.

More cats coming up soon! Drawing ideas and suggestions open as well :3c

[More Haikyuu Atsume!!]

So I guess this is my way of celebrating Pokémon’s 20th birthday! By putting it together with my current fandom~ HAIKYUU!! X POKÉMON AU!! Starting of course with my fave duo, Kageyama and Hinata `v´ And their lil guys, Houndour and Growlithe, whose names are still undecided // Leave your suggestions if you have any, I really want some of their pokes to have nicknames, if not all ;v;

I’m unsure on Kageyama’s team formation, but Hinata would have mostly Fire-types! I can think of a few already `v´ They both have lil fire puppies, yes, I suppose they’re the kind of rivals that end up being partners in the end~ Kags’ Houndour evolves into a Houndoom soon enough, and Hinata takes a while to figure Growlithe needs a fire stone to become big and poofy!

SO YEAH!! I’m up for ideas even though I discussed a bit with a couple friends of mine and have a bit on my mind already `v´ But please share headcanons with me, let’s work on this!! I wanna draw a lot of those so haha, many more characters to come~ Btw this is so sketchy, but I really like it ??? And I received some ideas already to work on, so there shall be more `v´

For the anon that wanted more Asahi and Pokemon AU `v´
Testing out my new copics, and finally drawing Asahi with his little Teddiursa ♡ he has more than just an army of Eevees you know :3c
I’m sorry guys I haven’t been playing much with the Pokemon AU ideas ;v; I really just don’t have time for anything these days OTL
More to come whenever I can get to it !!