Halloween is coming up, and the monsters are out… to have fun! >:3c Of course the i7 fluffies are in for this party~!! So I had to make a bunch of cute lil monsterfluffs ´v` <3

[TRG + Re:vale Monsterfluffs]

Hello did you know I love MEZZO” very much~? ´ ω` ✨

[miss you…] is the one song that really got me into i7, it’s been two years since it’s full release and as such I wanted to celebrate too! It’s still a very important song to me, much like both of these boys are, thank you MEZZO” for existing and making me happy~ ♡ ♡

After seeing @carefreejulesKitsune Tamaki I had to draw him too of course :,3c Complete with transformation and all~ Or at least my version of it!

The whole idea of an I7/FE AU is really fun to think about, if I can find me some time to draw more on it I surely will :,^) for now have a quick lil contribution!!

tsukomichii  asked:

oh snap, it's okay! Can I request for forehead kisses for iwaoi/bokuaka/kurotsuki(choose any) instead? Your art is really nice, hehe

All cool friend! `v´ Since I already did forehead smoochies for IwaOi

I decided to go for your second option uvu And also because yay more owl smoochies <3

These two are so adorable, always a pleasure <3 So yeah friend thanks a lot for your request!! (AND your kind words, gee you’re so nice ;v;) Hope you like it :3c

Best boy, birthday boy!!
Yes I’m glad I made it in time, more appreciation for my darling Sougo who I love soo much ♡
It has been a little over a year since I found my love for him and it keeps growing stronger~ I think I never got so attached to any characters like this wahh!! But I wouldn’t change that at all, this boy is very special to me for a ton of reasons~! ´ ω`

Soft soft~

For whatever reason the colored version I made is more embarrassing to post, so I’ll just leave this sketch here and run :,3 I can’t handle my love for these two, like for real, I think they should hug, maybe hold hands.

I’m weak don’t mind me….