thatwanderinglonewolf asked:

66, 82, 83 :)

66. Cheetos Or Fritos? I don’t even know what Fritos are haha so I’ll go fot Cheetos.

82. Favorite type of cookie? This was the first thing that came to mind

83. Can you swim well? I sink >< Seriously, I’m so skinny I have so little fat I don’t float. I’m an idiot, lol. So yeah I don’t swim that well since it often makes me pretty tired easily. 

iamtallandthin's follow thing

yo i missed both my 1k follower count and my 1250 follower count, so i’m gonna do the next best thing


i actually don’t know how to do this, so i’m just gonna list some blogs that i find to be cool that i’m following and worth a follow

sorry if i forgot anyone!!! ily u all

animefricker / arnuil / andromulus / dcresistance / djsckatzen / eternal-alice / grawly / hey—redhuman-bootaimarimusic / kelcieofsealandkushblazer666 / macklemuffin / odysseyeurobeatomnidaily / pinwheelz / roleymoley / superfantasticclub / tan00ki / thatsonofamitchthatwanderinglonewolf / thisisdredre / trashbugs / waifufricker

anonymous asked:

do u beleive there are werewolves out there?

Werewolves?  I believe so.  Nothing’s impossible.  I’ve read a couple of articles about werewolves.  I believe that some of them are fake but there are some cases that may be real.  You can’t really judge it until you’ve seen it for yourself.  I’ve been interested in the supernatural for a long time and there are many things out there that we (humans) don’t know about.  But from the stories that I’ve heard and the articles I’ve read, I believe there are such things as werewolves.