So by complete accident, I found Rebecca (ThatVloggingGirl) on Twitter (SiTC retweeted her and I was like hey this is a new person who does YouTube let’s check out this person). 

I checked out her Channel, I’m still watching her videos but the few I saw I really enjoyed. She seems honest and interesting.

The video I linked to (which so far is my favourite) brings up good points about Body Image (which I know tumblr is all about) and her opinions about it are true and relevant and she keeps my attention on her for the entire 7 minutes and 21 seconds.

Which is amazing, because a lot of them time when I watch videos about social problems such as Body Image I tend to space out throughout (as you can hear the same line only so many times before it starts to get boring). So yeah, four for you Rebecca, you go Rebecca.

I highly suggest you give her videos a try. Her videos are well made and entertaining and she does try her hardest to make them interesting from what I can see.

She has the Marta stamp of approval which means nothing at all, except from showing that this Tumblr-addicted idiot who happens to be typing this likes what this girl is doing

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