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((.... *shifty eyes* ... yes, it was ~))

[both of you, eh? ;)]


The Archer grinned against the man’s soft lips and for a moment and deepened their sudden kiss until he heard a small moan from the blond wrapped around him.  He pulled away slowly, making a point to brush noses with the other man, reveling in the slight blush that crept around the Englishman’s cheeks.  “Well then,” he chuckled, gently tracing the man’s jawline with a gloved hand, “What brought this around?”


As the rough lips were pressed to his own, the Emerald Archer did not hesitate to respond.  His hands wrapped around the American’s neck and he smiled into the kiss, breaking it finally so he could breathe.  He nipped gently at the panting blond’s lower lip and grinned. “Was it good for you, too?” he chuckled, stressing the innuendo.


E: Hmm. Well, kill Francis, as he’d just stay alive anyway, and it’d irritate the bastard.
I’d probably marry… Kiku? I reckon I could live with him, and I know him well enough to not feel too uncomfortable. 
Which I guess leaves me to fuck A-
I-I’d marry Alfred and… okay I’d have to *ahem* ‘fuck’ Kiku. (Sorry, rather you than him…) 
I’d still kill Francis, as it’s temporary… Although if it isn’t then I wouldn’t kill anyone. No matter the 'rules’ of this ridiculous game.

A: Fuck Arthur, Marry Arthur, Kill Arthur WITH ALL OF MY SEXYNESS!