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((Sage: wHY DO SO MANY OF YOUR RPS TURN TO FEELS FIRST TWOH NOW THIS ;-; You will be the death of me (TotallyDon'tStopThough) ))

OMGosh I don’t know. I am a horrid person and a Sadist at heart hehe I love it though, because it makes the happy parts better I think. I hope… I hope………

OK I want to cry more.


E: Hmm. Well, kill Francis, as he’d just stay alive anyway, and it’d irritate the bastard.
I’d probably marry… Kiku? I reckon I could live with him, and I know him well enough to not feel too uncomfortable. 
Which I guess leaves me to fuck A-
I-I’d marry Alfred and… okay I’d have to *ahem* ‘fuck’ Kiku. (Sorry, rather you than him…) 
I’d still kill Francis, as it’s temporary… Although if it isn’t then I wouldn’t kill anyone. No matter the 'rules’ of this ridiculous game.

A: Fuck Arthur, Marry Arthur, Kill Arthur WITH ALL OF MY SEXYNESS!