thatstrangetheatregirl asked:

I'm not sure about the over bust thing, I've just noticed in my underbust that I've had to burp more haha. I'm not eating a lot though so who knows..How is your training going so far?

Yes, I don’t eat much when I’m wearing my corset to be honest - the only side effects from that seem to be stomach rumbling… 

My training is not fantastic at the moment, mainly due to my exams - but after Wednesday I shall be done with that, so hopefully I can get back on track =)

thatstrangetheatregirl asked:

Tell me some random facts about you? :)

oh uhm about me? idunno xD haha. i’m 17 (: 18 in october! i’m a incoming college student! WOOT! Representing SUNY New Paltz!! fuckyeah! i have four older brothers! two pisces, a virgo, and an aquarius! :D i surprisingly get along better, conversation and such wise, with the virgo? i dont know, i find that pretty weird. i currently have ten pillows in my bed right now c: both my sun and moon are in Libra. libra abilities times two haha. now how about you tell me some stuff about you? :D i’d love to hear c:!!!