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I don’t really think by joking you’re giving the “go ahead” for people to commit hate crimes…. but yeah I agree with the…

I think about stuff like this in the context of rape jokes. Imagine there’s a man out there who has raped someone before (not hard to imagine, sadly). If he makes a rape joke among his friends, and all of them laugh and don’t call him out on it, he’s going to think that they agree with his views on rape. This may make him believe that his own beliefs are okay, and he may continue to rape others because he doesn’t believe that other people think it’s wrong.

When in reality, his friends might strongly disagree with rape, but are only laughing in order to not create drama or be called out for being “too sensitive” or “taking the joke too seriously.”

Not saying that everyone who tells a rape joke believes rape is okay or is a rapist themselves but, statistically speaking, chances are that some of the people telling these jokes do hold these oppressive and offensive beliefs.

I apologize if I’ve worded this poorly, but I’m trying to rephrase an excellent article I read a while back but can’t remember where it’s from.