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so if you had to pick between sooyoung and hyoyeon who would you pick? I didn't know sooyoung was your bias too ^___^ they are my two favorites too ^^*

i do love hyoyoung but i don’t run … i was warned that my identity was stolen so i checked out that blog and was pleasantly surprised thinking “oh gosh that must be GGOS, the sooyoung version of me we think so much alike are we e-soulmates” but now seeing all these gifs and comments that are not mine but sound like something i would say/gif is starting to scare me, i just don’t know who i am anymore

i actually just discovered that the owner of that blog is the same guy who told me to join AA when i tweeted pics of me a few weeks ago

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Do you know thatssosoo(.)tumblr(.)com? Anyone who's been following you can tell that blog is a shameless GGOH rip off. The humor, comments and gifs style are exactly like yours, it's sad. Anyway you will always be the original GGOH for me.

haha yes i do! idk if it’s a bad thing but making my usual weird gifs is sure less fun for me now :s let people do what they want, i will try to find a new concept to entertain you guys! as long as i have hyorifatthighs with me i will keep hwaiting. HWAITING GUYS HWAITING

[TRANS] Park Kyung Lim Radio

Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona were guests @ Park Kyung Lim Radio 

(those are only Hyoyeon related) cr: thatssosoo

- Hyoyeon said the most successful ones are there today

- Hyoyeon had confidence in their performance, and that she predicted fans would like the Mr.Mr. song

- Hyoyeon said there are both individual and group plans. We’ll be able to see SNSD without any breaks

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