I associate names with spices.

Sounds weird I know, but when someone tells me their name, in my head there is a corresponding spice. Sometimes its the color of the spice, sometimes the shape, and sometimes the smell, but invariably, it is a spice. 

Strangely enough, I told my best friend that her name reminded me of cinnamon the day we met. Which happened to be the first day of kindergarten.

She still thinks I’m a freak for this, and I’m pretty sure it influenced our not being very close for a while.

I don’t care. Saying her name still makes me think of a cinnamon stick. I can’t help it, it pops into my head every time. 

The name Avinell brings to mind the smell of vanilla, and Annelise looks like star anise when someone says it.

I’m a freak

Hey yall, I’m back at school now, but this is what I spent the last week or two doing! In case you couldn’t tell, thats me on the left right there. I had the most amazing week with the most amazing people.

So happy to be back at school though. The party last night had a bouncy castle, and matt the alien dj’d green and silver.

I’ll relay more after sleep time.


So I promised all of you that I would tell you all about the events leading up to my appendectomy. This was too long to upload straight to tumblr, and that is why it is now on youtube. It gets good in the second half. I promise.