mcr show 5/17 ft lauderdale

so the show was super amazing. and I met a very cute boy but never got his number because I lost him in the pit. I only bought 130 dollars of merch and I was proud of myself. so I was number one sweaty/covered in water thanks to security who emptied an entire bottle on my head. so we waited after for like 30 minutes and then frank came out and he signed everything for everyone and I was super surprised at how soft-spoken he was. AND CUTE AS HELL! I gave him the letter that I wrote for the whole band and the onesies I made for Cherry and Lily and Bandit (because I’m a freak, don’t judge) and was 100 percent the most attractive thing ever. then like 10 minutes later Gerard came out and we stopped and chatted for at least 15 minutes. not really but them his bodyguard said we couldn’t have a long conversation. ha :’) AND THEN HIS SHARPIE RAN OUT OF INK (he called it a pen) AND I GAVE HIM MINE AND AND AND HE KEPT IT AND OMG IT’S PROBABLY WITH HIM AND I told him he was amazing and he thanked me and I thanked him and…HE WAS SO PERFYYYYYYY :’) best day of my lyf