Flashback episode 74, part 2 (part 1 is here!)

So basically from now on it’s Yami looking frustrated, Seto looking angry and Mokuba looking astounded, while Yami describes the events that have transpired thus far in Battle City.

Yami looking frustrated. (While Seto is angry and Mokuba is astounded.)

Seto looking angry. (While Yami is frustrated and Mokuba is astounded.)

Mokuba looking astounded.  (While Yami is frustrated and Seto is angry.)

Seriously. These were not all taken one after the other or anything! #thatsit #thatstheepisode

Yami, tho, is straight TRIPPING

“This is how I tell stories, yes.”


ALSO we go through all of Yami’s duels - the time when he almost got sawn up, the time when he almost got strangled by a lifeless doll, the time when he almost got dropped through a plate of glass to plummet to his death - and then we get Yami being like “Jounouchi, to become a True Duelist…”

and NOT COMPARED TO YAMI HE DIDN’T! Okay he’s in a bad situation NOW but his duels have been, you know, ACTUAL NON-DEADLY CARD GAME DUELS, not duel-to-the-death card game duels. Half of Jounouchi’s duels were mostly “painful” because the writers were making him play the idiot again…

And Yami wasn’t even THERE for some of them so how is he flashbacking?!

Ahem, anyway, the flashbacks are looooong and exact cut-and-pastes from the originals, so. Nah. Not screencapping any of that. If you want some kind of recap of any of the episodes, check out, you know, me.

Seriously, though, this episode, Yami is (a) TRIPPING

“Exposition can only be delivered via the magical cape waterfall”

and (b) RIPPED


He’s SO ripped, my fiancé walked past and went “wow, the YGO guy is RIPPED” so that’s how I know. Also I have eyes.

Kaiba remains excessively skeptical. How skeptical?

He’s so skeptical he makes Yami’s hair bristle largely in indignation.

He’s actually so skeptical he starts actually coming up with semi-plausible alternative theories, which is at least something.

(Please note that when not actively emoting for their lines, everyone resumes their default expression: here, Seto is emoting to match what he’s saying, but Yami and Mokuba are frustrated and astounded respectively.)

Despite his obvious frustration, Yami doesn’t really push it with Kaiba.

“Totally fine. Asshole.”

And just as Kaiba wouldn’t be Kaiba unless he was being slightly too skeptical, Yami wouldn’t be Yami unless he was being slightly too guilt-ridden.

Aaaaaah of course he blames himself the poor arrogant self-sacrificing eegit.

Then he zones out a bit, thinking about Jou and the others and hoping they’re alright, and then LITERALLY SHOUTS

out of nowhere. In response to his own thoughts. So that’s … a conversational tactic, I guess.

Luckily, they’re almost there!



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No, seriously. His hair is perfect, wild and curly, uncontrollable, unruly, untamable. The man has Claire-hair.
Eyes, perfect
Nose, perfect
Mouth, perfect
Chin, perfect
Jaw, perfect
His smile, smirk, smolder…
Collarbones, shoulders, arms, pecs, abs, thighs, butt, ahem…
Have you looked at his hands? Perfect. Like swoon worthy hands.
He’s sweet, thoughtful, kind, involved, active, healthy, humble, funny, clever, cheeky, insightful, motivating, talented, hardworking…
The list just goes on and on and on.

So, I ask again: WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. SAM?
How is he alive on this earth?

#HisCalvesAreSkinny #ThatsIt #NotEvenARealFlaw


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