i was tagged by @stanslovely!! thank u sweetie

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Nickname(s): uhhhhhhhh just myl oops

Gender: What The Fuck Is That

Sign: sagittarius

Height: 5′3 and a Half

Time: 2:49 pm

Birthday: decemba tha 4th,, i lov my birthday

Favorite Bands: gorillaz, guns n roses, ac/dc, abba, the smiths

Favorite Solo Artists: loic nottet, hozier, gwen stefani

Song stuck in my head: someone new by hozier,, issa bop

Last movie I watched: i was in the middle of watching a movie on netflix and i got a lil distracted and when i looked back at my phone screen there was. a blowjob occuring so i shut it off oops

Last show I watched: atypical,, Not Impressed

When did I create this blog: 2 and a half weeks ago maybe?? not sure

What do I post: memes, st, it, occasional aesthetic or moodboard hhh

What did I last google: i was trying to find if any starbucks were near me because i was in a Foreign Village

Other blogs: oh lort i have a main blog that i dont use for shit and lots of sideblogs for urls

Do I get asks: surprisingly,,, yes

Why did I choose this URL: idk i thought it was cute

Following: 260

Followers: 223!!!!

Average hours of sleep: 4 or 5 or 13,, no in-between

Lucky number: 27,, not sure why and as soon as i got into the it fandom i was like hhhhhhhh

Instrument: flute, piano, geeetuurrr, voice (ish), does a pen count?

What am I wearing: shite overalls and a shirt,, and polar bear soccs

Dream job: actor or filmmaker

Favorite Food: oh fucc creme soda

Last book I read: the girl with all the gifts

3 favorite fandoms: cassandra clare’s books fandom?? idk what its called, it, st

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