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okay, it sounds really stupid (it is stupid but don't judge WE ALL FEEL THIS WAY) But Green Day have always been like 'lol fuck walmart we're not censoring our albums' and this was kind of cool because ya know they lost loads of money from it because Walmart wouldn't stock their albums. But with the three new albums they are doing a censored version of all of them for Walmart, and I think they are also releasing a censored version of all their old albums. SO Basically (part 2 coming soon)

The suspense is killing me

I just put £1 in the vending machine and everything came up as ‘sold out’ but I still got it so basically I just had an unlimited £1 and me & Amy got all this and then it gave me my £1 back omfg this is the best day ever

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do you ever get the feel where you send somebody anon love, and then they are like really nice and happy about it, and then you want to be like omg it was me,perhaps this could be the start of a beautiful online friendship, but its too late now so you just cry and keep scrolling

When I send people love I don’t put it on anon, you should use me as a Tumblr example;D


I enjoy filming random bits of my life, so I put them together and made a scrapbook style video:D