thats...not what he looks like

When people draw fan art of MCU Falcon which, you know, is Anthony Mackie–but they draw him with light skin and straight brown hair and a long thin nose


oK BUT now we have to understand that Dean Winchester decided to hang around and wash his car like that because that's what he felt good and comfortable in

bless Robbie freaking Thompson
like, it’s one more of those things my heart simply knows about Dean Winchester, that he’d feel good tending to his car in his flattering short shorts, but fucking bless him for writing that into spn

((this is pretty dumb but one of my classmate legit believe that woozi was my boyfriend because my phone’s bg was these two pictures of him))

the concept of Gaara having mad piano skills tho <333

so my mom texted me this morning with an update on my horse (the one with the hole in his chest atm) and apparently he sort of hit a point where he wasn’t really doing better. not worse but just not better, either

he spent the past three days at the vet and they brought him home last night. they tried a new medicine/treatment and the swelling’s gone down and he’s not having breathing issues any more

they took him off the pain meds and he’s still doing fine so the vet gave him like a pseudo all clear. basically as long as there aren’t any drastically unforeseen complications he’ll be back to normal in a couple weeks

Toryn Lang (aka “Turtle”): bad haircut made of coffee and anger

Hadeon Lowe (aka “babe”, “Hade”): surfer full of happiness and sunshine

Riley: electrical shitstorm child

Lydie Falkes: disabled lesbian hacker genius

Alexia Mead (aka “Lex”): fashionista who’ll kick your ass and make you dinner

Weston Falkes: fuckboy, also Lydie’s younger brother

Nikka Peters/Montgomery: charitable rich fuck who is also a genius

Morgan Phillis: loving father who hacks computers at work because boredom

Elaine Cooper: small weapon on the sadistic side

Megan Reynolds: hostile researcher with no compassion

Jason Norris: old researcher dude with some compassion but not enough

Caitlyn Lowe: PTA soccer mom, specifically Hade’s mom

Stanley Lowe: pringles potato chip man who is also Hade’s dad

court-of-ocelot replied to your post:No offense @ fandom but if there was a 19th…

probably Rimbaud! He was the angry one with the royalty rpf orgyfic, I think! Verlaine was the sad one. But anyway YES, this.

i know that they’re filed away mentally as ‘the one who was sad and a big asshole’ and 'the one who was just really sad and also really gay’. sirius is obviously the really sad and the really gay one. god knows which one of those two it is.

One time I was waiting for practice to start w my friends and we were sitting at a table w my friend’s friends right. And like this guy who I didn’t know at all was leaving and he was saying bye to everyone at the table n fist bumping them right??? And when it came to me he was like see ya n put a fist out but like I didn’t know him at all n I paused for like three seconds n then we fist bumped xd

so am i retconning my husbando into a nicer personality because he’s my husbando

or am i getting his characterization more consistent/in line to what the character has always been in my head (and therefore why he was my husbando all along)

who knows?

Just saw a post about how people hate Finn Collins bc he “had ptsd”and I can’t believe I have to wade into this Discourse again just a friendly reminder that

I didn’t hate Finn bc he had ptsd or even for the massacre. I hated Finn because he put the burden of his actions and his trauma on Clarke and called it love. Because he guilted her into forgiving him and taking responsibility for an atrocity that he alone was responsible for, whether it was influenced by his ptsd or not. I couldn’t forgive Finn Collins because he made his “love” and his feelings other people’s problems and other people’s burdens, looong before he had ptsd.