thats...not him

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs

Jongin, tearfully ending his wedding speech: and I’m so honoured to spend the rest my life with you, I love you Kyungs-

Chanyeol, in the middle of the room, yelling: hey hey but do you guys remember when he didn’t want to eat with Kyungsoo?

matt walked into the house with so much grey hair already he’s going to be walking out of the house bald because of all the stress raven and the rest of the guests have him under

shit we all gonna be bald

Anyway I no longer feel guilty for stealing from him like yah I took his weed but he took my chance of being happy so??? I’d say we’re even


I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks but it never properlly uploaded– This was meant to be Ricin’s toon and voice reveal. So… Enjoy now I guess.

I’ll be reblogging this a few times to ensure it gets seen because I actually worked decently hard on this.

Ghost-P owns everything except my art and voice (in UTAU form). The music, lyrics, video style, and original art that I referenced.

hi, im ren

if you follow, theres a solid chance you know that… but um! i thought i would say goodbye.

or see you later, really? maybe? because im stepping away from this blog, and while i dont think i will return for a long time, i most definitely do not think im going to end up deleting it. at least, not any time soon.

i just kind of wanted to say that… ive been waiting patiently for my situation to get better and i think that after sort of gauging everything im doing and the amount of time and effort i want to be able to put into this vs the amount of time and effort i, at the moment, need to put into whats going on with me irl … its just not working out! my situation remains stressful enough that i need much no-interaction time.

but rufiohs been a good chunk of my life for a couple of years now, at least, so i wanted to formally notify everyone… hes going on a (possibly permanent, but i dont know for sure) hiatus.

id be happy to add any folks on discord who want to chat, or maybe even give out my main blog to those who ask, but i will not be especially entertaining to talk to for a while, probably.


im really grateful to everyone who was nice to me here. thank you all for good times and for nice words on my selfies and drawings and for interacting with rufioh and giving me lots of good memories.

i hope i can make memories with you in the future, but even if that doesnt happen, i hope you continue to have good times you can look back on fondly.

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that’s it i guess. ill post something for rufioh and then i will go skitter off into the shadows. i may come and lurk once in a while, but i wont be interacting ic. i appreciate your having read through all this. you’re a champ.

be good to each other out here, okay?


generallyhappyperson  asked:

Hey I saw on your tags that you wanted to rant about trumps new tweets regarding banning transgender people from serving in the military, I'd love to hear your opinions so, please, rant on.


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