elaine-spades  asked:

It's been years since I read the books, but what did CC do that was so bad with Sebastian's character?

Anonymous said:

“The crap CC did in the end” is that referring to how Sebastian’s death was written? Cuz I agree lol

I am gonna answer these together since they are pretty similar.

Well, the thing with Sebastian is… I hate him. Simple as that. lol Not because he is a villain because as I said, a well written antagonist keeps the story interesting and I am here for that. Especially since Valentine was/is kinda meh in my eyes so a real villain is more than overdue lbr.

But the way CC wrote Sebastian (and especially his death) was just… fucking awful and obnoxious. Like… you can’t write such a psycho and in the end redeem him completely from everything he’d done. People actually crying for him and forgiving him and such? Are you kidding me? 

Though, to be fair, that’s not what really ticks me off regarding him; what really pisses me off is that CC actually tried to tell me that this precious sweet creature was oh so innocent to begin with. Like… you can’t hold him responsible for all the cruel and horrible things he did because…. *wait for it* he had demon blood. WTF?!

So basically this means that Sebastian was bound to end up as a murderer and someone who tried to rape his sister because he had demon blood. Magnus, f.e. has demon blood, too. Did he end up being a psycho and killer? Or the other downworlders for that matter? 

Sorry, but what the fuck??? Is CC for real???

And I still can’t believe that his fangirls are losing their shits over him (or shipping him with his own fucking sister!) and acting like he’s such a precious little darling that in the end nobody really understood and who was too good and pure for this world. Seriously, you gotta be kidding me.