Nah, i liked this ship before, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS NOW!!!!!! ASNDKJJKADSNKJNDSAKJNJDKAKJDJSADDJASJKDMAMKSD I blame @kustardlovin for this ;w; They have so many cute kustard pictures!!!! I couldnt help but draw one too!!!! 

Well, I hope you like it ^^ See ya~

I was tagged by @whyareyoureyesblack a few days ago. Time to actually do it lmao

You’re supposed to answer these questions, and then tag ten people.

Birthday: August 27

Gender: Uhh… Pangender? I think? Gender is weird pal give me some time..

Relationship Status: It’s a tad complicated idfk anymore

Favourite Colour: Purple, #ae7fd6to be specific.

Pets: I don’t have pets, and I’m not a pet person. I can barely take care of myself let alone an animal other than me.

Wake Up Time: Around 6:30am but not by choice, work and classes y’know? On weekends I crash until like 2 pm tho.

Love or Lust: Lust.

Favourite food: Seafood pho probably, idk.

Met a Celebrity: I barely meet people in general, do u really think I’ve met a celebrity? lmao

Last Song I listened to: In Cold Blood- Alt-j ((It’s some good shit, worth a listen))

First Kiss: 9th grade, Me and my girlfriend at the time were outside sleeping in a tent. The stars are out, it’s cold and we’re sharing a sleeping bag, and we shared a cute lil smorch.

Tall or Short: Idk man, height is relative, but I’m like 5′4″ I think idk

You guys don’t gotta do this, but y not? @gameqrumps @pocky-pal @nerdlordaka  and uh.. anyone who wants too. I don’t know ten whole people to tag, that’s a lot.

Though i agree that evak and noora is taking up sana’s screentime, julie andem’s probably planning to make both a big part of the plot. Also… ive been seeing a lot of posts complaining about how evak especially takes up a large amount of the fandom and screentime for s4 and i can only disagree. Noora has been getting a lot more screentime than evak, which is just a background thing, but most people complaining about sana not getting enough screentime lays all that blame on evak for some reason? I understand that they feel that people are maliciously ignoring the poc for the white gay couple, but there are other characters that are also taking her screentime, and i feel that evak is being treated like any other couple in the show. (Ex. Vilde/Magnus). Tbh, im going on the tag and seeing more sana and sana friendships than evak or even and isak but im also starting to see a lot more hate on evak (but surprisingly, no “white gay stans” or “evak stans” that these posts seem to bash on) and i feel like this fandom seems to be turning a little toxic. Lets just all agree and make the #skam tag a safe haven for any character, ship and post!

hey y’all so recently i realized that wow, i have over 500 followers and while i see myself as a smol child who doesn’t add anything significant to the fandom, i’ve come to realize (based on y’all tagging me) that maybe you don’t see me that way and i would just like to thank each and every one of you and if any follower wants to talk to me, just hit me up, i promise i don’t bite!