Magi Imagines Blog.

As you can see,I have made a new magi imagines blog for all your magi needs.

Those are the request that I,for the moment,can accept:

  • NSFW.(Those are my favorites)
  • Drabbles.
  • Headcanons.
  • Scenarios.
  • Shipping.
  • Triggering things(as long as I`m conortable with the request.I will message you if I`m not so feel free to ask whatever you want)
  • Angst.
  • Fluff.
  • Cuddling.
  • Alma Torran characters.
  • Sinbad no Bouken Characters.

And I think that thats it for the moment :D feel free to ask whatever you like and enjoy yoursel as much as I`m going to.Ask Box is open.

Kisses,The Admin.

hey there! me and some friends decided to try and open a network for ourselves and other mlp fans to have fun and talk about the show!

here’s the rules:
- gotta be following me, oso, elliott, and screen
- fill out this application
- reblog this post
- and you gotta make sure to have a skype, because thats where the group is!

after doing all of those steps, if you’re accepted, you’ll receive a message from one of the four mods (listed above) with an invitation!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us. hope to see you there!

sciathuladh asked:

❤ c:

meme ( accepting )

believe it or not, lancer really gravitates toward those who know how to have fun and have energy to spare . he can be very reserved and introverted; spending time with people who are the opposite get him out of his shell, not to mention the fact that he finds extroverted personalities attractive . introverted, like-minded individuals make wonderful friends and close companions for him, but when it comes to more romantic and sexual attraction, it is likely his interest will be piqued if they’re the more adventurous sort . 

anonymous asked:


send me a url (accepting) + anonymous & yfirmaor

do i follow them?: fuck yeah i do
why did i follow them?: because stoick and if thats not a good enough reason then kill me now
do we roleplay?: not yet but i hope to change that very very soon
do i want to roleplay with them: FUCK YEAH I DO give me all those father / son feels right the fuck now
an au idea for our muses: man i have a mighty need for a tarzan au with hic trying to impress his nonplussed father
a song for our muses: saturn         sleeping at last
do i ship our muses?: hahahahaha NO
what i think about the mun: hi man im lucis!! we’ve not talked (at least not that i can recall) but you seem super awesome and i love you and stoick so much so come at me you precious bagel bite
overall opinion: ugh just fuck me up ur perfect ok
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mercying asked:

➵ .

send me ➵ and I will bold all that applies to your muse ; accepting.

I would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | I dislike you or you annoy me. | I would like to get to know you better. | I pity you. | you confuse me. | I feel indifferent towards you. | I would be friends with you. | I would fight by your side. | I would hug you or hold your hand. | I would kiss you. | I would sleep with you. | I would lie for you. | I would protect you. | I would fall in love with you. | I would kill for you | I respect you. | you are my family. | I don’t know you.

anonymous asked:

guess what. i was in a friend group with these girls and wed always hang out and i had feelings for one of them, so i confessed to her and she actually accepted my feelings!! so youd think thats all great but then because all the rest of the girls were straight, they have stopped talking to us and hanging out with us. what. the. fuck. well frankly i dont give a shit and me and her are better off not being friends with those assholes. they can go flirt with some men while we enjoy our love <3

Oh my god babe, I’m so happy that you confessed to her and found love! And fuck those other girls to be honest; you have your girlfriend and I’m positive you and her will find other awesome women-loving women to befriend. I’m really proud of you! (And thank you for sharing this with me - it put a big smile on my face). 

#BellLetsTalk “I was feeling peoples energy but I also didn’t care like I could give a shit if someone liked me or not and thats where things went bad because I got so involved in me me me. I felt like I lost my purpose for a while and I feel like I found it again.”

 I think it took me a very long time to really understand who I am. I feel sometimes the idea of acceptance is so important. Accepting that sometimes things go the wrong way but that doesn’t mean its who you are and people who tell you thats ‘who you are’ because of the actions you had to take for yourself are wrong. Sometimes you need to understand that those were the cards that were given to you and you need to do stuff for yourself first. I think I can say I have come to a point in my life where I forgive everyone who has hurt me so my spirit is at ease. I feel like forgiving others who damaged you gives you the best healing power. I mean we weren’t necessary put in the best position to make the best decision. I feel like I need to give myself grace. I’ve come a long way. 

It happens

This is so weird! but those intuitions or nafefeel ko ahead of time will happens next year, ganun ako, feel so sad na i can’t focus, and i can’t control those things, thats life but to accept the reality pero di ko kaya 😢 no no no! Di yun totoo!

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number 8 for the meme thing wink wonk

@anon from this meme; accepting.
8. Your best friend confesses that they have feelings for you more than just friendship. They are falling in love with you. What do you (or did you) do/say?

“Those I consider to be my best friends, know not.. to?” His brows furrow as he tries to find a way to word his answer, unable to think of how to say what he wants to without giving away any extra information. “I trust it would never happen. They’re.. We’re very close, but there’s an understanding there. It’s happened with those I don’t consider to be ‘regular’ friends, and it’s always awkward. It’s been a ‘thank you, I’m flattered’ and explaining that I’m not looking for anything right now. There isn’t much else you can do or say.”

something else i discovered today is that i have OCD. legit i was one of those kids who was like “lmao im so ocd rofl rawr random!” which i am intensely ashamed of and i guess that made it hard for me to accept i did have it, because i didnt want to upset anyone with “actual” OCD. but. yep. mostly its obsessions cos many of the compulsions i have arent harmful but a few are. so thats new. uh idk what else to say please dont reblog this post tho.