So I got my housing assignment for this summer with Microsoft, which I’m real grateful for to start because “hey find a place for yourself to live in this unfamiliar area” sounds exactly like the stress-inducing kinda thing I Would Like To Avoid. So the fact that they’re like “yeah here’s your address have fun” is like??? cool thank you sweet thats one less Adult Thing i gotta worry about

But also, the apartment is fully furnished already??? nice??? they got a huge ass list of things that are already included in the accommodations and i pretty much dont need to bring anything thats wild

but the REAL thing that has me laughing is this part of the list


its possible they mean “if your apartment is a two-bedroom apartment, then there’s a TV in the second bedroom” 

my apartment is one-bedroom. so ive decided to interpret this as “yeah when you walk into the bedroom theres the TV and the Second TV to Double The TV Experience.”

my dream is to sit on my bed absolutely wall-eyed simultaneously watching two TV channels, like how the kings live

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My teacher who is a psychologist told me that the show teaches the wrong things because it glamorizes suicide, it teaches to blame everybody else when in reality life is not perfect and there are people who have been through far worse and still go on. It teaches you to be a coward and selfish. Hannah showed traits of a psychopath by killing herself and showing the tapes like it was revenge, that is extremely inconsiderate. 1/2

I know the show is trying to get a message across but it is so poorly executed, it shows the tapes like revenge and that is a horrible thing to do. You can’t just blame everybody that’s the cowards way out. It feels horrible for someone to blame you for something like that. 2/2


Well, obviously from looking at my page, you know that I’m going to disagree with you (which is fine, that’s what makes the world go round, right?). 

I see a lot of this “!3 Reasons Why romanticized suicide and made it so pretty and poetic” but I haven’t seen any examples as to how that is so. I mean, I can understand where you are coming from regarding the whole “tape/revenge” plot and how that could be problematic, but the suicide itself? Not romanticized in the least. It’s messy, and horrifying, and lonely, and nausea inducing. And the repercussions of the act? Those are even messier. You have a kid set to shoot a school, another one who shot himself in the head, a rapist who has faced zero repercussions, a boy who lost the girl he loves and now has absolutely no one, parents who are lost and confused and destroyed over their daughter taking her own life. Nothing is resolved, nothing is fixed by Hannah’s death, nothing comes out of Hannah’s death, everyone is just…damaged. There is the faint possibility of some people changing their behavior (Clay with Skye, Tony, Alex), but most of those kids? Nothing changes for them. And thats real, that’s raw. When things like suicide happen, some people are going to be moved and affected and jarred by the happenings of it, and other people, as terrible as it sounds, just…well, aren’t. 

And suicide is the person who is committing it’s decision and there is no way around that, I agree with you there. But there are multiple instances in the series that a few different characters literally say the words “Hannah took her OWN life, that at the end of the day, is no one’s fault but her own”. Yet at the same time, what the show is trying to do with the tapes and with the idea that “Everyone killed Hannah Baker” is to make a statement about bullying, and about the effects of how  caught up we get in our own lives, how we care too much about what other people will think about us and how that causes us  to sit down when we should be standing up for what’s right. And that’s an important lesson to learn- for the teens and even in regards to school administrations. For me, some of the most powerful moments are when Clay and Alex are challenging the school for their “glossing over” the issues of Hannah’s death and not really doing anything to change the situation. 

And of course life is not perfect. But dude…Hannah was bullied, made out to be a school slut, had no friends and then was RAPED. Do people “Go through worse”? Sure, but what she went through was pretty fucking horrific. Being raped, especially at such a young age, and then witnessing another rape of someone who is considered to be your friend? And then to not be able to talk to anyone about that, or have anyone listen? I’m not saying that should drive someone to suicide, but for someone who was already mentally struggling, it absolutely could. 

It kind of honestly disgusts me that your teacher is telling you that basically people who have suicidal tendencies are selfish and cowards and over dramatic. People who go through that are really suffering. And while I understand the argument that Hannah’s mental illness was not clearly highlighted enough throughout the series, and agree that if they had done so, it would have been a  better balance of it being both her own personal demons as well as the treatment from those around her, it’s kind of jaw dropping that your teacher seems to be doing exactly what the show tries to explain teachers shouldn’t do, which is once again, gloss over the issues and just brush it off like anyone who commits suicide is just some selfish dramatic loser. 

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. So whether you agree with the reasons Hannah took her life or not, or think that people who commit suicide are selfish or not- it’s still happening. And if we just ignore it and turn the other cheek and roll our eyes at everyone who is crying out for help then we are part of the problem. And that is exactly what the show is trying to prove. Why in this world can we show so little patience, so little compassion for people who are fighting inner battles, mental illnesses, struggling to find light in a dark time? Why can’t we just reach out a hand and even if we can’t empathize, sympathize. Why can’t we start giving more of a shit, and try to change things? 

Hannah Baker wasn’t perfect. Personally, I think the show highlighted that. I didn’t “just feel bad for”- there were times where she really pissed me off and I thought she was being a brat. But that doesn’t take away the fact that she was clearly suffering and no one cared enough to change how they treated her, and she didn’t care enough to change how she treated herself. It’s a domino effect. And it’s very, very real. 

The show isn’t perfect. But it’s saying something. And people are talking about things that need to be talked about. This show knew that it was going to face criticism from certain people who didn’t agree with how things were being portrayed because we all view entertainment from a different perspective. But they did it anyway, and it’s making a difference. And that’s all that matters, when it comes down to it. 

But that’s just me. 

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Okay, so I just saw gotg2... and... um... can't stop thinking of an au where Ego raised Peter more to rule the galaxy than consume it.. and... we'll... dark!Peter meeting bae and being very teasing and dominant... *breathes deeply*

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[talk dirty to me about guardians of the galaxy (x)]

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You know what I miss? The ACOMAF days. That sounds stupid but...... I just miss not having something that's like "THIS IS THE REAL THING! THIS IS CANON!". And for some of the characters, it hurt to see them act a certain way—and maybe that's who they truly are.... but they weren't portrayed that way in ACOMAF. And I get all characters have flaws and all..... except this is something different. Or maybe that's just my personal connection these characters.

I agree with you 1005% babe. This is me right now. I’d give anything to go back to last June.

look i do have a reading comprehension problem. thats a real thing that i have and cant control- i try to mitigate it, but im not perfect and it wont ever go away.

that doesnt change the fact that me saying “you have to want to get better to recover, no one recovers passively” is still true and any arguments to the contrary are wrong


to heck with selling old stuff, now it’s time for some new and fresh! hoping to rise some funds for future plans.

I’ll be drawing:

  • humans, animals, fantasy creatures, mechas to some point, almost everything you find my style suitable for!
  • original characters and fanart (no real life people though)
  • mild nsfw (gore for sure, erotic is negotiable)
  • no detailed backgrounds or scenarios, but characters can be dynamic etc.
  • also possibly other things than in price chart, but that depends on many things. just ask and we can see how it works out!

payment with paypal or bank transfer in finland, shipping traditional originals worldwide. prices in euros, but for example at the moment 15€ is 15,90 in USD.

I’ll be taking five slots for starters, contact me via message or mail:! thanks for reading, have a nice day! 🌼🌼🌼

one day ill stop annoying yall with fluff but today is not that day

AU in which the group stops at a thrift shop and you try on a dress and 10k is like ‘holy shit my girlfriend is gorgeous’
“We’re staying for the night. Every single on of you better find a completely new wardrobe. Im sick of smelling yall.” Warren says, looking around pointedly.

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one time I was wearing phoebe’s daniel johnston shirt that I stole in a starbucks and a man asked me to name five daniel johnston songs and I couldn’t. thats a real thing that happened to me