I was tagged by @tansarvilles thank you :))

rule: Tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

favourite anime/manga: oh thats hard i dont really watch anime but i loved the vision of escaflowne

favourite video games: MASS EFFECT, MASS EFFECT, and L.A. Noire

favourite books: i really liked the lying game series 

favourite tv shows: game of thrones, pretty little liars, the walking dead, better call saul

favorite movies: star war tfa, captain america winter soldier

last song I listened to: Irene Song by Malbec

first language(s): German

ten people to tag: @adixiebelle, @corvosblink, @renegon, @human-spectre, @jefffmoreau, @youbettershowup, @nameislooney, @miyku, @wisconsinwarlock, @ussenterprisescience

no pressure tho :))

anonymous asked:

fav band/series atm?

I’ve been listening to Daughter a lot (like always), Broods, Manchester Orchestra, Flatsound, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, and pretty much most of the stuff in my music tag. 
I’m not really watching any series atm, I mostly just watch @midnight and food network shows. I want to start watching Game of Thrones now that i have more time, but i’ve been reading a lot instead. I finished catching up with Quantico, You’re the Worst, and New Girl, thats pretty much the shows I really follow. 

About Me

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Nicknames: Well my name is Elana. I’ve never had a nickname
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Time right now: 12:57am
Last thing I googled: probably something involving archery tbh
Favorite music artist: thats such a hard question. I guess some are Motionless in White, Set it off, Bring me the Horizon, and Nothingmore
Song stuck in my head: Horrible Kids by Set it off
Last Movie I watched: Captain America Civil War
Last TV show I watched: Game of Thrones
Dream trip: anything fun and relaxing
What am I wearing right now: a sports bra and sweatpants
When did you create your blog: like a week ago
What do you post about: some personal thoughts as of late, and anything else random that I see that I like
Do you have other blogs: no
When did your blog reach its peak: Just now when a third person followed me
Do you get asks on a regular basis: I’ve never gotten one
Why did you choose your url: someone recommended I use it.
Would love to learn more about:
I mean I legit only have 3 followers including the person who tagged me. so i guess


baratheonrenly asked:

hey, id love both, but if thats not possible id love a fancast! my selfie tag is /tagged/my-face and i would love a female from game of thrones! thanks!

of course you’ll have both :) and you’re so pretty!

url: 8/10

icon: 8/10

theme: 9/10

posts: 9/10

overall: 9/10


fancast: Sansa Stark

ship: Ygritte

best friend: Jon Snow

someone who hates you: Cersei Lannister

someone who secretly loves you: Jon Snow