Here it is.
A handful of stars that pool like
rainwater in forgotten gutters.
They collect in the crevice of my lifeline,
the nebulas of my skin,
bursting with the infinities.
A handful of stars,
a fistful of eternities,
a lifetime of wondering
when I’ll be home.

Constellations of Tragedy


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thinkin bout suicide. ion like life no more.

THATS NOT AN OPTION. NO. it’ll get better ok? I promise you. you just gotta stay strong and keep as positive as you can. I’m here for you if you need me, plz don’t hesitate


all i can hear (and picture) is brains 

peterickhellnet intro

idrk how to do this but uh…

I’m Tessa and I am in peterick hell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i also love brendon urie and twenty one pilots so my blog is kind of a mess of bands… i like cats. i play guitar, saxophone, piano and sing.. i have written exactly one (1) peterick oneshot and that’s probably going to be the extent of my contributions *sheepish grin emoji* i can kind of draw ?? so mayybe expect fanart but no promises bc i suck 

ok thats it :^) 

idk if i was supposed to post a picture of myself or something im sorry 

I love how nobody listens to me when I say things like “be careful with the second drawer in the fridge, if you don’t lift as you pull it falls off the track”

Like I hear myself being this controlling sounding bitch, but holycrap life would be nice if I didn’t need to spend so much energy fixing things that wouldn’t need fixed if I was heard. I just say things to make noise. Moms just make noise all the time to scare the predators away from their young.

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Hey, you guys reblogged one of my posts and deleted the caption (and I think also the source, but I’m not sure) and that really isn’t cool. I noticed you’ve been doing that with other users’ posts too, and replacing them with your own captions. Its fine if you’re going to reblog and comment, but can you please not delete sources and captions? Its how people (espeacially artists) get their work around, and if people can’t see who’s it is, then its not great for the original poster.

I’m sorry to make a post like this, but your askbox is closed and I figured it would be better to adress this now, rather than wait two weeks for tumblr to let me send you a fanmail.

half the time i dont even Know what brush im using i have so many i just click the little texture thing on w/e i have selected and Take whatever it gives me

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You're in my thoughts kacy 💜💜💜 im so sorry about everything thats happening in your life, but i promise everything will be ok!

Thank you so much Marissa, you don’t know how much this means to me. I really appreciate it, thank you

I realize life is all about learning things but I really wish we got a Life Manuel in grade 1 that explained EVERYTHING like 

  • you are beautiful no matter what anyone says
  • dont let anyone be mean to you
  • youre gonna change so much and that is ok because its how life works
  • if ur a boy its ok to like “girly” things, if ur a girl its ok to like “boyish” things, if ur anywhere in between thats ok too. just be urself and LET urself figure out who that is
  • if u dont feel comfortable sharing everything with everyone THATS OK TOO!!!! 
  • brush ur teeth its actually really important i promise.
  • and floss. DO IT!
  • if ur ever feeling upset or like u wanna hurt urself - DONT and TALK about it with someone. 
  • there are a lot of people who feel unloved so if u love someone tell them.
  • save half of any allowance or $$$ gifts you get. just save that money and one day u can use it for something awesome like a car or a monkey or a cute lil cottage or even BOOKS! 
  • dont obsess over ur weight. dont get worried about the number on the scale. pay attention to ur body instead. are you feeling more sluggish than normal? do your clothes still fit you? just dont let yourself become unhealthy because A. it can cause health issues and B. it can sometimes make u feel bad about urself and thats really no fun. i promise
  • DONT DRINK ANY SODA EVER. just stick with yummy water!! :)

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hello bad blood! i think my character is starting to get a little boring in the rp i am in. i wanted to know if you had some good plot ideas i can use for my muse?

*cracks knuckles* Brotherbear, I got you.

So, here’s the thing. I could either really screw up your muse with this advice, or really really help you. And honestly it depends on adaptability/your muse/I guess even how alike we think. But listen: the best advice I can give you, and basically a rule I go by for muses I’m getting bored of is to be impulsive. And I know that sounds like terrible advice, but listen. 

I’m in this rp right now, and one of the characters was being problematic as hell, right? And a bunch of characters started to get really pissed at him. And I mean really pissed- mostly because he’s always been problematic but whatever. *Side note: I’m good friends with the mun, and I asked her whether this would be cool okay, make sure to do that.* So me and my character, rolling in this impulsivity over here, decided to organize a freaking mob after the character. Mind you, the character they beat up was really tough/could probably fight all of them individually so. But a few of them literally jumped him in the park; it was wild. And it was actually the craziest thing to ever happen in a school rp I’ve ever been in? And truly all it was, was striking while the iron was hot.

So the point of that little story was a.) I wanted to tell someone about that, man. It was too funny to just let it pass by and I think about it a lot ok, and b.) It was my little demonstration that instead of picking out a random plot, and trying to stick it to your character (which could go awry for a few reasons, but you do you), you could always just wait. And sometime during your waiting, something will strike you, some sort of crazy-ass plot that you may or may not regret later on. Run with it. More often that not, you’ll enjoy writing it out. And if not, your character now has some damage control to do, and that’ll create an interesting dynamic! Hope this helped somehow, my friend!

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whatever it is thats getting u down will pass i promise!! u'll be ok and im super duper proud of u!! youre doing great ok? keep up the good work and keep ur chin up, everything will turn out i promise. <3333

snuggles u v u thank you darlin <33 i’m feeling much better than yesterday <333 I just needed to be sad for a little bit <33 I’m all better now <33

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I'm sorry I didn't mean to be gone so long. Things got a bit interesting so I wasn't where I could have any connection. Everything's ok now though, I promise • Noiz Anon

thats good, im just glad youre okay anon!