happy 11th anniversary, mcfly!! (august 5th, 2003)

@tommcfly: Ok so we just checked & Dougie moved into the band house on 5th of August 2003 so that is our official anniversary! The day we were complete


earlier i came across videos from 2011 on facebook. i was still in the closet to everyone including myself. in the top two photos, i was still living completely as female outside of the internet. i begged my mom to order me a justin bieber wig online one halloween. my room was in the basement, away from everyone else in my house and at night when everyone was asleep i would put on the hair, a tshirt and a hat and feel comfort in it. now it’s march 21st, 2016 and it’s my 22 months on testosterone. so many nights i thought who i wanted to be was impossible and insane. to the kid in the top two photos, thanks for sticking around. i know how hard it was to see light in the darker days but these are the moments i was meant to live for.

Ha you’re kidding me
With Mark at 7 million and Jack about to get to 4 million there is no way I matter to them… I mean yeah I draw them but… They have way more to deal with, way more to worry about, than just one annoying person who’s feeling left out. I’m just some person. I’m literally just a number of a subscriber. I’m worth “one” – I bet they gain and lose way more than one subscriber a day. I really don’t matter, okay? Not to them and sometimes I feel like to no one else either.
Thank you for being kind, but honestly that’s insane, there’s no way.

Lewis and Clark brought mercury chloride, a strong laxative, with them on their expedition across the US. Because the mercury it contains passes right through the system, archeologists have been able to find their trail by locating what’s left of their makeshift latrines and testing the mercury content. More than 100 years later, their footpaths are overgrown, but their poop remains. Source


Nori stopping other dwarves from tearing Bard a new one


NEW VIDEO: “Getting Tipsy With Mama- reblog if you want to see more videos with Queen Jackie! PS I’m checking out blogs that reblog & following a chunk of ‘em. THANKS FRIENDS! <3


Hello! Today marks my one year anniversary on tumblr and I also reached 3k last month ^^ thank you, thank you, thank you all so much. Guys I’m kind of speechless. I never thought I’d use tumblr this much. I’ve made so many friends and talked to so many people that like anime!

So thanks to everyone I follow for keeping my dash amazing and being an inspiration to me! Thanks to my followers, by even just pressing a button and sticking with my dork blog they’ve let me know that I’m not the only otaku out there ^^ You are all the reason why I stay on tumblr, have motivation to make graphics, and have fun ;u; (+my lovely blogroll)


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I wish I could just sit in a room with Tyler Joseph and talk to him for hours about his opinions. On anything really, life, current events, favorite flavor of ice cream.