can u believe 2 of the biggest hits of the last 5 years were gangnam style and despacito….the future of music is non-english and thats beautiful

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Xavier Dolan out there posting his Dunkirk ovie ticket on ig. Wow Harry has so many hot boyfriends I'm so emo I raised my gay son right!

thats beautiful harry really is the king of making men fall in love with him

i’m crying cause i’m watching this really big chinese overwatch tournament and there’s a female player called ‘177′ on one of the teams (very rare to see a girl in pro gaming)… and the camera is taking shots of the audience and theres a girl in the audience holding a sign that says “177 嫁我 😘😘” which translates to “marry me 177″ and i love that

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i've never shared this before but i always get so irritated around stunt season so i figured why the hell not! my aunt lives in NY and around the 4th of September last year she had to shut down manzella's so that HL could come in and have a dinner(1)

(2) together. this isn’t anything ground breaking but she said that they were there for around 2 hours, it took them so long to eat because they were doing more talking than eating, louis was very loud but surprisingly harry was the one she

(3) heard talk/laugh the most, she said louis wouldn’t keep his hands out of harry’s hair and was constantly tucking hair behind his ear, harry ordered a lot but mainly picked off of louis’ plate, they tipped very generously, and when they were

(4) leaving they walked close together and louis was teasing harry about something and kept nudging him and harry went “that’s enough out of you little one.” it’s not much but it’s still one of my favorite stories i’ve been told about them x 


gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #24. Ethan Morgan & Benny Weir 

“When we were eight and we went to see Buzzy and the Big Bee Band, and I cried, did you let me face the music alone?”