Theres some girl thats running for class president against a bunch of boys that are like MAKE HIGHSCHOOL GREAT AGAIN and TRUMP IS BEST FRIENDS WITH CHRIS!!! (its in Indiana. Just 2 clarify) but she made a bunch of HUGE posters of her as communist leader Mao Zedong and shes like “ARE YOU MAO ZE DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL? VOTE FOR TINA” and its so funny lmao but the school made her take them all down because they were inappropriate in the school environment lmaoo…I was rooting for u Tina


05. 02. 2017 // I have a biology test tomorrow and I’ve been studying all weekend! Also these are my class notes. They’re usually really messy, but they get the job of writing down important information done - class notes are very rarely pretty. And they don’t have to be cute or nice, they’re just helping you note the things you otherwise wouldn’t remember. I usually rewrite them and then add the information from the textbook. 

Sometimes I think a lot of people act like Christianity is only skin deep. If we don’t let God wreck our lives it won’t do us any good. God is not interested in just being a part of your life. He wants your whole life, every last bit of it. He is not interested in being on the sidelines He wants to sit on the throne of your heart. Maybe it’s time we do that. Let God rule from the heart.

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan canโ€™t sleepโ€“he never can. And itโ€™s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(hereโ€™s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01โ€‹ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinzโ€‹ made!)

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for anyone who wanted to start watching doctor who/start again: bill (new companion) is canonically gay so Um Jot That Down