thats why they look so pale

the funny thing about Blaque Widowmaker™ is that black people in this hell fandom started it as a joke hc and it became super popular bc the only way people tried to disprove it was through anti blackness and it became a joke among black ow fans

literally every argument against it stems out of antiblackness. “She’s french, she cant be black.” france has one of the highest black populations in europe. french names are super common throughout the entire african diaspora.      “she doesn’t look black.” she looked black enough for people to look at her lips and nose and think of a black woman. besides, what do black people look like to yall? What traits do you automatically associate with black people? Why does a nonblack person get to decide what features are black or not? Black folks come in every color there is. “She’s pale in some of her legendaries.” White passing black folks exist. “Her hair isn’t black.” Wigs, weaves and straighteners all exist. Black folks don’t all have one curl pattern either. Yall need to self examine yourselves and think about why black people seeing themselves in a video game character is so damn harmful.


Sonny in season 16

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I'm still super emotional over how Yousef and Sana just know that once they start something that will be it. They know it's gonna be final. They both have that sense and it makes me so emotional because I don't think any of the other couples had that same sense, that same spiritual connection. They're both in too deep which is why they both haven't had rest and have been so stressed since the best of Islam clip.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE thats why sana is so cautious with starting something before she knows for sure bc she KNOWS that once they start something, they wont be able to ever fall out of love with each other and that scares her. i know they havent had as many scenes together as the other couples of the other seasons, but their feelings for each other, the magnitude of their feelings can be seen from how they feel when the other isnt around them. not only sana, but yousef looked outright sad and depressed in the hei briskeby videos, he looked pale (props to the skam crew for doing that) and you could see through his body language that he wasnt nearly as happy as he used to be. anyways these two are going to be the death of me

So I was wondering why Vriska was so pissed off at Rose for drinking because I mean its not like Im not all for pale vrisrose here I frikking love it but Roses alcohol problem wasnt really affecting her so why would she get this mad and confront her drinking problem like this

but then and then I realized that that moment where Vriska slaps Roses mug out of her hand was the moment where Rose was late for Kanaya’s date and she never showed up to meet with her???

Look at her outfit its the same one she wore on the date they had in the last timeline

Which means this is probably more of a situation where Vriskas confronting  Rose for Kanaya’s sake like ‘hey you just stood my moirail up on her date  what the hell is wrong with you” rather than “Im trying to help you with your problem” if anything 

Thats why she was so mad

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Why did so many people add change character's skin tones in their redesign of yansim characters?? I have nothing agaisnt it, it's cool, but didn't the game take place in a japanese high school? The students in japan are probs pale skinned or tan skinned, nothing else, probs the foreign exchange student being brown or black. Like is this even in japan anymore?? They have japanese name but they don't look japanese??

non-japanese people exist in japan. shocking, i know. they can have japanese names too. 

furthermore why the fuck does it matter to you? maybe people just want some damn diversity, because they dont get to see themselves represented so they create their own. 

dev didnt design these characters to be japanese in all due honesty. he designed them to look anime. thats why they all have the same damn skin tone. if he did he’d add more tan people other than asu, but everyone is white as fuck. 

“they dont look japanese” and you think they look japanese now? some chick with orange pigtails in high school wearing a middle school uniform looks japanese to you?

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The person who submitted the Jeffmads stuff doesn't have an ask box sooo, to them, why do you colour them so pale? They are definitely not that skin tone? And ethnic hair doesn't exactly work the same as non-ethnic hair? I'm sorry if this sounded rude, your art is great

Idk if they look at my blog
But I think thats how they color it sometimess

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Since Bucky has different builds in CATWS and in CACW flashbacks, I have this headcanon that as long as he was under Soviet/Russian control he was more muscular and somehow healthier, but when he went under American control (with Pierce) the brainwashing and torture became rougher so that it physically drained him, and that's why in CATWS he's thinner and looks way less healthier.

It actually looks the opposite, to me! When the Russians take Bucky out of Cryo, he looks terrible: his legs are so thin, his skin is pale, and it looks like his muscles have atrophied, since he has to be carried to the chair. His head looks abnormally large, too, which is a common illusion in chronically malnourished individuals (you can’t see it well in this screenshot, but it’s more obvious when he’s facing the camera!). It’s probably the worst shape we see Bucky in:

In comparison… we don’t actually see HYDRA taking Bucky out of Cryo, but not much time passes from when Pierce gives the order to when Bucky shows up at his house – and Bucky looks way better. His skin has some colour, his muscles are large, his legs are muscular. We also see IV drips in Bucky’s arm, which means HYDRA’s giving him some kind of supplement (…or drug).

There’s also a slight implication that he’s stronger while under HYDRA: when we see The Winter Soldier fighting in the Soviet flashbacks, he loses against the other SuperSoldiers – badly. He can’t even get the upperhand. But when The Soldier fights against Steve in CATWS (who’s the ultimate Supersoldier), and when he fights all the enhanced heroes in Civil War, he’s a pretty formidable opponent. But there’s a lot of screentime bias there.

In terms of general care, though, another example is Bucky’s hair. In both the Soviet flashbacks, Bucky’s hair is filthy – it’s honestly just strands of greaseBut with HYDRA, his hair is somewhat clean. Also, with the Russians, Bucky has a rough beard, but with HYDRA it’s trimmed. 

He also has more protective gear while with HYDRA – masks, goggles, gloves, bite guard, etc. So I tend to think HYDRA took better physical care of Bucky than the Soviet’s did, for whatever reason. But none of that compares to Bucky when he’s free! In the two years between CATWS and Civil War, Bucky has paid attention to his nutrition and exercise – even while on the run without many resources. 

Look how athletic and healthy he looks!!! It’s the most built we’ve ever seen him – the most tan, the most clean, the most everything. It’s Bucky taking care of himself after decades of abuse. Buyin’ his plums and candy bars.

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*pounding hands on the table* YES YES YES YES YEEESSSSSS ohh my god yes to all of these #MakeImperfectionsVisibleOnAnimeCharacters2k17 this is why I started drawing people with blemishes and body hair and stretch marks and stuff bc like!! That’s what people look like!! Yknow!! So glad I’m not the only one who appreciates it

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i'm like pretty sure camilla was described as having short hair and that's why her resemblance to charles was so evident, they looked so much alike with their short hair, dressed in pale clothes, and all that? but the majority of representation here on tumblr shows her with long hair and i don't know, did i read it wrong? you're the pro...

Definitely short hair. Super short bob when studying in Hampden, and an even shorter haircut when Richard sees her again after Francis’ suicide attempt (maybe a pixie?)

Long hair is often linked to the idea of hyper femininity, and Camilla is objectified and sexualised through the male gaze in The Secret History. Tumblr might be unwittingly giving into collective imagination there and picturing long hair instead of the androgynous charisma she’s often described to exude. 

Common Physical Traits of The Signs to Look Out For
  • (based on PERSONAL experience so chill x - will include who I know that's each sign x).
  • Aries: Square/rectangular/broad bodies, average height and weight, confidence, great smiles, flat noses, darker skin, shiny hair that's usually short, not very light on feet/move awkwardly, flat chestedd, nails on fleek tho. (This one nerdy perfectionist chick from my old school, aunt).
  • Taurus: Often chubby, big eyes with long lashes, curly hair or hair that stands out n a crowd, clear complexions, small mouths, heart-shaped heads, obviously insecure but still generally happy looking. (This one chick who was fab and loved astrology too but had the voice of a chainsaw in a meat grinder like leave please).
  • Gemini: Sharp/pointy/little noses, weird necks, long hair, splotchy skin, blushes a lot, generally pretty, but thinks they're prettier than they are, dull eyes, nice teeth, either athletic/slim af or chubby af, short, you will always feel like they're better than you, look intelligent even when they're not, walks around like a toddler when in a mood, otherwise moves around quietly/carefully/gracefully.(frickin sister-in-law).
  • Cancer: Thick af eyebrows, big noses, full/pouty lips, annoying laughter that sounds like crying, long necks, weird/broad shoulders, super facial expressions; they can talk to you just by looking at you, mouths are never still, awkward arms and hands, bad skin, huge smiles, big/bright/expressive eyes with heavy lids, constantly fluctuating weights, disappointing thighs, always the perfect height for you, soft yet nappy hair. (My big sister, this one guy, ME, my nonna, my gandpa, ChRiS pRattt).
  • Leo: Great hair; always an interesting color, average to tall heights, dull or just small facial features, up-turned noses, energetic/expressive eyes, great smiles, average weights/usually athletic, really small ears, washed out skin, undefined chin, super confident, white af teeth, their bodies are mainstream fitness goals, small af lips but the smirks they do make up for it. (A friend/squad member, my first ex, this one guy, this little kid, that little kids mom, my dog. Yea, I know my fcukin Leos).
  • Virgo: Short, boxy eyebrows, still cuter than u, defined af jawline, ability to spontaneously grown goat-tee, pointy head, really stand out in a crowd, hair always wavy, big flat noses, eyelashes on fleek, can be really slender or just plain boxy, full/pouty lips, af, they look lost/worried/naive - but they still look happier and more approachable than you probably. (My big brother, this one kid at school with neckflaps and runs like mario, my friend/squad member, my moon sign).
  • Libra: Looks salty, intimidating af, resting bitch-face, short, thinnn but still got a layer of baby-fat, cute cheeks, eyebrows on FLEEK, weird shriveled up mouths, photogenic af, really big fish eyes, will steal your boyfriend, fuckin amazing hair, actual not confident at all, tries to look innocent, you feel like they're always better than you (they probably are) , really good at make up, uummm UR hAIRY *cries* (this one bitch adsfkdfkdfl,also my rising sign).
  • Scorpio: Long/straight/shiny hair, usually pale skin, tiny heads, either short or skinny, low-key Regina George, prettier than everyone else but gets over looked, weird chins, short limbs, weird af noses like what why is it so small (lele that's what she said), will remind you of a sword-fish at times, did I mention shortttt? (Cousins, Girl-crush/bff).
  • Sagittarius: Smirky, squinty, fashion gOALS, undefined bodies like where are u, cuter than U, round faces, no eyebrows but lol who still has those it's 2015 loser, weird/no necks, fists that look ready to knock u tf out, have their guard up, looks good with lipstick/bright colors, you either try to hard or are too nonchalant, authority figures, you just kinda wanna go give em a high five. (Aunt,friend/squad member, my other dog [yes she no eyebrows]).
  • Capricorn: -PAUSE- y'all know that feeling just after u eat a truck load of TACOBELL and it feels like ur stomach made a 360 and you can practically feel lava dripping from your butthole, down your thighs? Yeah. That's how Caps make me feel - THEY WILL MAKE YOU NERVOUS AF. They are usually better than you even when they suck. Usually curly or wavy hair. Just general great hair. like wow. Kind/innocent/expressive eyes, Sporty AF, average to tall heights, great arms, biceps for days, thick necks, weird eyebrows, babyface/babymouth? Washed out skin, kinda potato (dumb), stocky, usually have abs, big/pug noses, nice profile, big hands, you just feel like curling up to them and talking for hours but if you have a crush on one ur first instinct will be to run FAR away before you look stupid. (my ex who I hate, this guy I liked who liked me and we dated but not officially just made out etc and then we both moved, my crush who is the biggest crush I've ever had, my favourite kickboxer who is also hot af. yea, clearly I have a type).
  • Aquarius: Big/soft/sad eyes, thick hair, freckles or moles, huggable, either really short or really tall, chubby, boxy eyebrows, skin tans easily, nice lips, cute cheeks, stronger than they look (physically nooot mentally), calm af, understanding faces, even when they're old they're nice to look at, not intimidating, how they feel inside will always affect how they look outside. (My mom, my mom's cat, Favourite singer, my first girl crush whose now a bitch).
  • Pisces: TALL AF. Usually waaaay dark, babyface, instant-beard powers, strong af, reminds you of obama, you just wanna shake their hand, sleepy af eyes, grinds teeth when angry, bad posture, always looks up when thinking, judgmental, premature gray hair, generally just a lot of hair, except on the head u bald bye. (my dad... papa if ur reading this hi im just kidding teehee).

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It should be illegal to be vegan as a kid, thats child abuse. Every vegan child I've seen is so pale and weak looking. Parents shouldn't be allowed to force their views on their kids like that, it's disgusting.

I think we see eye to eye. Clearly you have thought about this long and hard….and it shows. Try explaining it to vegan parents though. Good luck with that.

Non-vegan parents wouldn’t dare dream of shoving their beliefs down their children’s throats which is why every single non-vegan parent in the entire history of existence has taken their children to see animals being slaughtered and just let the child decide for themselves whether they are ok with what they see, and whether they want to partake in the body of a butchered animal. No forcing from the parent one way or the other in the slightest as that would not be good parenting. Whatever the child says goes.

No “it’s ok there is nothing wrong with this”. No “it’s just nature sweetie”. No “the animal doesn’t feel a thing” coming from the parents. None of that. They stay silent and simply await their child’s decision.

It just turns out that the vast majority of the time when a child sees an animal being hacked to pieces, the child gets hungry, and says “mommy and daddy I’m like a lion”. No interference from ma and pa whatsoever.

But yes…..I agree. The government should force their beliefs down the throats of parents who force their beliefs down the throats of their children.

Eating fruits and vegetables can cause terminal cooties in children and that should be taken seriously by our penal system. While society’s children may have record number of health problems than ever before….most of them can say they are cootie-free. We can thank the hands-free approach of today’s parents for that.

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Imagine post split ryden Ryans gets sick and is basically dying Brendon hears and decides he should go see him because it's most likely the last time they'll see each other so he goes and when he walks into the room he see Ryan and he's pale and has all sorts of tubes hooked up to him and he looks just out of it and Ryan just looks at him and says "Brendon I'm sick" and Brendon goes "I know that's why I came to visit you because ur really sick" and Ryans just like "sick of ur dumb ass lies"



18: Nanny, babysitter, childcare, etc. AU

Sera’s first day in like kindergarden or something

All the other parents think Black is a vampire because he’s so pale

Gold is an absolute dork

and none is surprised that Gold and Black look like they could be twins

i think a lot of people have misconceptions on what we want when it comes to lgbt characters and non-asian characters of color in yandere simulator.

the thing is, we don’t want any. we’re perfectly happy with every character in this game being cishet. we’re perfectly okay with every character being japanese (arguably, but thats for another post) we have no complaints about representation in this game, because we really dont want any, or care if there is any in this game.

but what we do care about, is alex (yandere devs) attitude towards adding any. he acts so repulsed by the idea of adding characters with darker skin, or any character that isnt a girl that he can turn into a lesbian or bi girl to fetishize.

 he is so opposed to looking like an sjw that he wont add any characters like this just to piss people off. and for what? what does this give you? why do you care so much that people would see you as an “sjw” for adding 1 character that isnt pale and cishet. and honestly why would you be considered an sjw for that? are you an idiot or something? thats literally the bare minimum of character design, not ~sjw-dubbery~ lol. like do you realize with your attitude that you will never be hired at a game company (im not saying he wants to be, but he wants to be popular enough to be) 



I’m embarrassed, but yes, I definitely do [“go Hollywood” with sunglasses and a convertible]. I always end up with a really shoddy rented one, and I’m on the freeway with the top down, “living the dream.” Then I realize it’s 100 degrees and I’m pale-skinned, freckled, and burning! I get the roof halfway up before it sticks, and people are honking, like, Who is this tosser?! Utterly humiliating.

ok… but yknow what im tired of? all these imagines and blurbs that are supposed to be about the reader but just end up being about another skinny, straight, white girl. like… why? the point of those types of blurbs are to be neutral. ive read tooo many ‘imagines’ that are like “he looked into your blue eyes and ran his hands across your pale skin”, etc etc. i mean, last i checked my eyes were dark just like my skin, but thats just me tho. i get that writers try to be as specific as possible while writing (trust me, as a writer i totally get it), but if you’re writing imagines and stuff, they’re probably gonna be pretty generalized. we’ve gotta rep all those heavy peeps, poc peeps, lgbt+ peeps, and so on. so if you were just gonna make y/n white and all that ish, you might as well just have named her mary beth to begin with smh.