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do you and your cats like dogs?

that’s a tough one!

I consider myself a cat person because I genuinely enjoy the company of 98% of cats on this planet, but I think of most dogs in the same terms as human children - “I think you’re beautiful, I think you’re interesting, but I don’t necessarily want to share space with you for more than a day, & I’d love you a hell of a lot more if you were mine”

now onto the cats: Grim loves anyone fresh & exciting who will Pay Her ATTENTION, and that includes dogs, but if the pup’s like my cousin’s Labrador (who’s very into rapid chasing & obnoxious barking) Grim will scale vertical walls quite quickly to get TF away :/

of course Pangur hates dogs. of course she does. if she were bigger she’d kill & eat them. (in the case of that damn lab, I’d support her)

Horikoshi be like “the hardest one to draw is Todoroki because he’s supposed to be beautiful and drawing beautiful people is hard” but then you go through one (1) Kirishima centered chapter and he’s like 

so what is the truth

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there is a kernel of truth to dan's article - not his nasty spin or the fabricated quotes - but the fact that harry was the one to suggest a break. That has been consistent from all 4 boys, including H. it's interesting that most larries sort of ignore it. it's a little tricky, considering the others have said they didn't want the hiatus at first. I wish there was more open discussion about it that didn't include either completely villainizing harry, or completely glossing over the facts.

That’s certainly become sort of the official narrative, as Harry’s team included it in his own promo’s big articles, too (was it RS?). Whatever the reason they all agreed on it may be, I personally doubt that’s what really happened and I’m quite confident they all had plans to give a try to their solo careers by the time they announced the hiatus. I don’t buy the harry suggested it and the others were shocked and initially tried to resist little picture. I tend to believe they knew that was the right choice in that precise moment - something probably connected to their contracts, too- and went on with it.

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Yuuri and Viktor!! :D // ♘: Cuddling in a blanket fort

I’m sorry this took so long

“No way.”

“Cross my heart.”

“You’ve never made a blanket fort?” Yuuri asked incredulously as he tucked the corner of a blanket into the couch cushion to anchor it. He smiled and ruffled Makkachin’s fur when the poodle sniffed his hand curiously.

Viktor shook his head from his end of the blanket. “Never in my life.”

“Wow…” Yuuri stood back up, pointing. “Tie one corner to the chair rail and let the other end dangle. Like you’re making a tent with it.”

As Viktor complied, Yuuri set about arranging the pillows on the floor in a pile. He had to roll his eyes at the body pillow of himself that Viktor had found somewhere in the depths of the internet (and gleefully ordered, much to Yuuri’s chagrin).

“For those long nights we may spend away from each other during competitions,” Viktor had declared. Yuuri had thrown a sock at him.

(He’d never admit that he had once had a Viktor dakimakura slipcover for his own body pillow back home.)

Once the pillows were settled and the blankets were hung, Yuuri told Viktor to pick a movie, then popped a bowl of popcorn that had the house smelling delicious in no time. He could hear Viktor talking excitedly to Makkachin in the living room, and it made him smile.

When he came back into the room, Viktor had flipped the lights off and turned the string of white Christmas lights that he had strung above the blanket, so that the light would diffuse through the fabric and be nice and soft.

“This is romantic,” Yuuri noted teasingly, setting the bowl down and sitting on the pillows with a huff. Viktor flopped down next to him, remote in hand to play the movie, then seemed to think better of it and pulled Yuuri down on top of him. Yuuri made a noise of surprise and eagerly returned the kiss that Viktor pressed to his lips, then kissed the tip of Viktor’s nose when they separated. Little lights danced in his blue eyes. “Ready?”

Viktor licked his lips. “I really kind of want to just kiss you again.”

Yuuri laughed and gave Viktor’s shoulder a gentle shove. “After. I want popcorn and cuddles first.”

“I can give one of those.” The corners of Viktor’s eyes crinkled as he took a handful of popcorn.

As the movie started up, they snuggled back against the mountain of pillows and cushions, bathed in soft light from above. With Makkachin and Viktor cuddled against him under the cover of blankets, Yuuri felt so warm and cozy and loved.

He rested his cheek against Viktor’s shoulder, and his fiancé’s arm came to wrap around him, the golden band on his finger glinting in the light from the TV.

He was so blessed.

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could you do where s/o surprises the boys with a kiss on the nose? cute confuse flustered bros, thank you lovely!

Listen anon, nose kisses are the best kisses and anyone who disagrees can fight me right here right now. They’re just so soft. So pure. 

That being said, I really enjoyed this request! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios :)


He was sitting on the pier of Galdin Quay, feet dangling above the water as he clutched to his fishing rod. Noctis had left to enjoy his favorite pastime as soon as he awoke, but the sun was already high in the sky. You needed to get moving.

The boys decided to send you to retrieve him, insisting that you were the “only one who could take his eyes off the water.” The suggestive wink that Gladio sent your way was enough to make you blush as you turned on your heel, rushing in the direction of your boyfriend before anything else could be said. Within minutes you were only steps away from his still figure, the young prince seeming completely unaware of your presence.

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No one asked but here’s my design for Hannibal!