thats why no one calls me

im like a gamer muslim girl and like evry time i play roblox (its a rreal game shut up) everyone is like “show me ur tits” or “allahu akbar!!” but like i dont even kno what either of those mean (like wat???) but those arnt even the worst ones like they sometime say thing like “go back to isis” like thats very rude also like when i play call of duty (im only 12 and my mom dosnt let me play im such a rebel XDD) ppl tell me to like turn off my voice changr and its like its my real voice how can i change it (like wat??) and lik they aslo say like “trump will kik you out” but like i support donald trump so like why would he kick me out (like wat??) anyway like it sucks to be a gamer muslim girl

I hate the way we can’t just like or dislike things anymore. Everything has to be a debate. If you dislike a thing, you have to prove that it’s objectively bad, preferably by calling it whatever-ist or whatever-phobic. And if you like a thing, you better be prepared to defend that preference against people who’ll tell you it’s whatever-ist or whatever-phobic.

Screw that. I like things because I like them. I dislike things because I dislike them. I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t want to, and other people sure as hell don’t have to justify anything to me. It’s okay to like different things. That’s why the world is so full of stuff, so that there’s something in it for everyone.

Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

  • Me: *sees a perfect post of Otp on the dashboard*
  • Me: well, thanks tumblr, you just gave back the same life you took away from me
A little Rosstrange fanfiction...
  • Doctor Strange: *calls Everetts phone*
  • Everett Ross: Hi, I mean, Do you have any problem now? Do you need to talk to the King?
  • Doctor Strange: First, sweetie, dont call me doctor... Stephen or Strange, choose one of these two. And in the second place, do you really think that I want to talk to your silly boss dressed as a black cat? All I want is your booty right now. F*ck him.
  • Black Panther: What did that stupid said?!
  • Everett Ross: *blushed* Please, Doctor Strange, this number is for emergency porpusses only, thats why I gave it to you. And please, try not to offend our honorable King.
  • Doctor Strange: ...Well, your honorable king has called me stupid, my dear.
  • Everett Ross: *whispers* Have you drinked again?
  • Doctor Strange: ...No... Have I told you that I really really love you?
  • Everett Ross: Sadly, yes.
  • Black Panther: I didnt know you were gay.
  • Everett Ross: Im not gay!

When Harry Potter characters look up their names on tumblr

Hermione : you know, i’m not the only one thats punched Draco, it not thaaat big a deal

Ron : ‘mine why is Snape, Draco and Harry put on boats with you ? gosh muggles are weird

Harry : You know its funny, i thought it was called the Harry Potter series and i’ve never been this under appreciated my entire life the lack of attention is swell

Dumbledore : lallalalalalalaalalala

Mcgonagall : These people have the wrong idea i never would help students do illegal things like turn into animaguses *sips tea* and let anyone know

Draco : This place would be brilliant because they love me so much if it weren’t for the fact that they think i’m in love with luscious green apples, Potty face and Mudblood

James : Snape with Lilly !?!?!?! you little piece of shit i swear you will die a most painful death

Sirius : dang! they got the hotness levels right [atleast for me, they probably exaggerated for everyone else]

Remus : Sirius and i? really ? REALLY?

Ginny : Draco and Harry now i’ve seen everything …oh shit no, Hermione and Draco OMG i’ve never laughed this much my entire life 

George : Its like this place wants me to feel worse


I tend to do little mini-imagines with requests like these so thats what this will be but if you want a more specific imagine just let me know:)

“Why are you being so damn difficult?!” You half laughed at Dan as he searched for a black shirt. “You’ve got twenty five black shirt, Daniel!”
“Y/N, it’s not the same. I’m looking for a specific black shirt.” He huffed and then proceeded to describe the exact shirt you had on. Phil showed up being you and shrugged, seeming happy to have solved the problem as he called you out.
“You mean the one Y/N has on?”
“You absolute piece of shit.” You rolled your eyes.
“Why do you have my shirt on?” Dan stood up, towering over you. You’d never been more intimidated by him in your life. Granted, you still weren’t that intimidated.
“I’ll take it off! Jeez Louise.” He didn’t stop nagging all the way to your room.
“You knew I was looking for that exact one!”
“Dan you have so many of them, how was I supposed to know?”

“I think I’ll have some rice and veggies.” You closed the cabinet, pulling out the rice.
“Are you making dinner?” Phil asked.
“Yes, dinner for one.“
“Excuse me, rude.” Dan walked into the kitchen, snapping his fingers in a ‘Z-formation’ as he did a lot, surprisingly.
“I’m not your damn maid.”
“Sure you’re not.” Phil teased.
You sighed, knowing there’d be no way they’d let it go for the next week and a half if you didn’t make something for dinner. “You guys want to make a pizza?” They both cheered like children. “I want pineapple on mine.” You smiled, your back was to them and you heard Dan sigh for 30 seconds straight.
“You disgust me, you filthy human being.”

“Y/N!!!” Phil called, running into your room. “Wake up!”
“Phil!” You groaned loudly throwing one of the many pillows on your bed in his general direction, as you didn’t want to open your eyes. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“A Day in the Life!” He chirped.
“What’s the time?”
“Today is not the day, man.”
“Sure it is! Come on, sleepy head.”
“Get out, please!”
“Why are you guys yelling?!” Dan was in his underwear, shuffling into the room.
“Let me sleep!!!” You were seriously begging at that point. Phil pounded on the end of your bed with his free hand, Dan decided it would be a good decision for himself to join.
“Get up!” They both yelled.
You started screeching at the top of your lungs, thrown ng a tantrum before you sat up. “Let me get dressed.

A/N: Just kinda boring daily things but I think they’re cute.

The brain is an interesting thing. As someone with borderline personality disorder and major depressive disorder, I find it an interesting phenomenon that the same brain that keeps me sad, makes me feel terrible, suddenly burdens me with intrusive thoughts, makes me suicidal, is the same brain thats also trying to save me. Or itself?

When I went to the hospital the second time it was because I was so disregulated that I WAS going to kill myself BUT instead of doing that, I called my therapist and she urged me to go to the ER. Why did I go? I wanted to save my life, but some other part of my brain wanted me to end my life. And thats a paradox Ill never understand. Its the same organ. How does it do that at the same time???

Sometimes I think brains are their own entity. Like we think were people, or animals, or invertebrates, but really, the body of each one, (any organism with a brain) is just a vessel *for* the brain. And our bodies are just an extension of that, to make it able to do things. Sometimes I think about it like were jellyfish, and our brains are the big round part on top, and our limbs are just the floaty extensions of that. Carrying out its wishes. Sending pulses of neuronal firing to raise a hand, or speak a language it learned.

But it doesnt work that way exactly. People with mental illnesses have actual biological changes in their brains. In *our* brains, I should say. Those of us with mental illnesses and personality disorders. There are neurochemical imbalances that can form genetically, or by stress induced factors. You know, people tell you that your childhood has a lot to do with how you turn out and what kinda shit youll end up with. And theyll say its because of bad memories. But thats not the whole story.

When youre a child, your brain is still developing, and if youre neglected, or abused, or constantly invalidated by your parents or whomever… every bad thing (and good thing btw) has an effect on how a childs brain grows. What neurochemicals it produces and how much. Its an actual physiological change. And when you stop growing, youre left with what youre left with. For example, if you grew up in a household where there was a lot of fighting, your amydala will fire more than the average person youre going to have an anxiety issue. Medication and therapy are all you can do to stop it.

But still. Its your brain thats imbalanced and disregulated, and its your brain that fucks itself up but also tries to fix itself with meds and therapy. And how its able to do both is a fascinating mystery to me.

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Why do people call you 'succ' ? xD

It all started one faithful evening when the Blarff (aka @blarffy) and I were swapping our real names even though we’ve been mutuals for like 2 years lol I told her her name is Blarff in my book and she nicknamed me Succ. Then she made a call out post and now I’m forever The Big Succ in this community lol 

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Hey if you dont mind me asking, what weebly theme did you use for your oc website? it looks super nice!!

Ahhh so i this took a while bc i started working on the site last yr but only returned this month and that theme was already set up, so i didnt really question as to how i got it?? But the best guess is that I probably chose to use this theme:

It’s called Contempo and its one of their older themes thats not really responsive?? But I really liked the setup so i kind of used the theme and just customized the heck out of it :0!! hope this helps!

Never Let You Go

She’s not far from home when she hears it. The taunting, the crying, the laughing. Her fists clinch at her side and she increases her speed. This cannot be happening.

But when she rounds the corner, there she is. Kara. She’s crumbled over in the grass three kids circling around her like sharks. She doesn’t look afraid for herself. No, Alex can read a whole different kind of fear on her face as her fists grab at the grass to prevent herself from lashing out. The flash of red in Kara’s eyes serves as a warning. One the other kids do not recognize. The anger inside Kara is something she knows her little sister fears.  It’s not something she feels she can control, but with her world shattered, she has every right to feel it. Only with powers like hers, she can’t afford to.

That’s where Alex comes in. Rushing forward, fists raised. Alex shouts at them. “Get away from my sister!”

They all turn wide-eyed. They know Alex Danvers. They know her reputation, and they scuttle like flies swatted away.

Kara is staring up at her, expression soft now, the red in them waning, and Alex realizes now for the first time what she said, what she acknowledge.

Kara is her sister, and as she reaches her hand out, watching as Kara’s hands loosen on the dirt and come to gently intertwine with her own that she can no longer picture a future where that statement rings false. When Kara smiles that big puppy dog smile at her, Alex’s heart melts. That space inside Alex that’s felt hollow since her father died fills just a little with this alien from another planet whose smile rivals the sun.

She pulls the other girl close, hands slipping behind her back to ground her-to drive the anger away. She can feel the tension in Kara’s muscles ease away, can feel the wet tears leak from Kara’s eyes onto her shoulder.

“You’re ok, baby girl,” Alex whispers into her sisters ever blonder hair, “I got you.”

And she knows right then that she’ll never let her go.

I want to dispel the notion of “sides”. 

On the question of aspec discourse, I’m an inclusionist. it goes without saying that I dont share the same point of view as every other inclusionist on every other issue. for example, there are a lot of inclusionists on AVEN but theyre the same people who called me racial slurs. why should I be responsible for everything that someone else says, just because our sociopolitical stances happen to coincide on one debate out of countless many?? 

I dont doubt that exclusionists feel the same way about some people on their “side” of the discourse too. thats why I’m starting to think the whole idea of having a “side” and “taking out your trash” is fake deep. 

an exception to this: I think it’s appropriate to hold a “side” accountable when it’s about someone who reaches a lot of influence in their circles as opposed to some random person that nobody’s heard of who happens to be on the same side of the discourse. for example, i think it’s reasonable for people to be responsible for boosting racist transphobes voices like discourseprincesa, who was one of the most influential and popular exclusionist bloggers that people on tumblr rallied around making shit like this  etc. 

JCT #628

Me: I’m thinking of changing my name again. What should I change it to?

Person: Why not just go back to (deadname)? It’s a really nice name!

Me: I’m never going back to that.

Person: Then why not (opposite-gender-deadname)?

Me: Nah…

Person: *keeps suggesting things similar to deadname*

To make myself feel better, I’m going to tell you some of my favorite words in Thai:
จูบ ๆ -Juup juup- “kiss, kiss!”

จิ้งจก -jing jok- house gecko

แมว -maeeo- cat

ดอกแก้ว- daawk gaeo- glass flower

ตั๊กแตน- dtak ga dtaan- grasshopper

เก็บ ไวในหัวใจ- gep wai nai huua Jai- “to keep in the heart”

i wuz sleepin a nap soundly - unpoet couldnt find the kitty - awake now barely - had a bit of poetry running thru my mind - its gone - why - idk but i will make sum thing up then mansplain it in my zen blue bow tie raid way u find so prince charmin - where wuz i - oh yeah - i was dreaming - and kitty shapeshift invisible - she came trotting outta nowhere when i called her - but the dream had me in a vice grip - afraid i wood knot pay the roddy piper - and i couldnt get the backstage pass -  guess i thought i was performing - or maybe a roadie - i wuz one weekend -never did get paid - but thats not wat u wanted - we praised pet and played 

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"Everyone wants representation." This is why I love the fannon of Trans!Keith. I am a trans!man myself and seeing transgender Keith, a character that despite his slight build wouldn't ever be called anything but "he" means so much to me. He kicks ass. Asexual Hunk is the shit though. I want to see Ace!Hunk with Shay. With the Balmerans referring to each other as "this one" not "he" or "she," I think it would be more convenient for Hunk to have emotional attraction to her, not sexual attraction

aaaaw, thats super cute!!! honestly hunay is such a Pure ship a+++. their dynamic is REALLY healthy and sweet (like honey *slaps knee*) and i love love love seeing different takes on it!

also!!! i feel you w being trans and loving all the trans headcanons in this fandom!! its so…Quality. a+++. plus, now we’ve seen like, several different alien races, and who says ANY of them have the same binary that humans do (well, more specifically white european and westernized societies do but thats a WHOOOOLE other rant my dude lmao). like, come on, there’s plenty of proof for that right here on earth.

not to say that sex=gender cause it doesnt, and animals on earth have zero concept of either really, boying mating instincts and even those dont always come into play. but, different species have different sex chromosomes, and there are ENTIRE SPECIES that are completely female, reproduce asexually, or go through a physical and NATURAL sex change depending on certain factors. like. nature is AWESOME dude, im pretty sure that aliens have ALL sorts of different sexes AND genders (IF ANY cause who knows how other advanced societies developed??? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES). its so great. 

but i digress (sorry, i tend to get distracted and go off on long rambly tangents when im rlly interested in things) my personal favs are trans dude lance (cause that Me), trans dude keith, trans girl pidge, and honestly trans dude shiro and demiboy hunk is some Good Shit. i have like lots of different gender hcs i flip flop between for shiro, hunk, allura, and coran, but mostly stick w trans dude for lance and keith, and trans girl for pidge.

tldr: a+++++++ lgbt+ representation in the voltron fandom tbhhh

i just purchased Teen Titans Earth One vol 2 (legally!) and holy fuck u guys

Raven and Starfire apparently share the famous Gal Pal™ relationship

which means its either 1) A giant ship tease and\or queer baiting or 2) leading to actual development in the next book

either way, it’s definitely there.

general review of that book, under the cut [beware, spoilers] 

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Never Call BTS ugly

Guy friend: tbh, i dont see why you Think BTS are so handso-

Me: nu-uh bitch, they have thousands of girls screaming their name, how many screams yours?

Guy friend: …

Me: the answer is one, and thats your mama When shes mad at you.

Me: infires bitch

Ok. 7 year gap. Pre-Narumitsu relationship.

Imagine Phoenix talking about everything with Miles, like, about how he doesn’t trust Kristoph but keeps him close and so on.

And then one day he talks to Miles all frustrated.
“I tried using the magatama on him, but he’s too clever! Every time I say something like ‘I really want to know who set me up with this forgery’ he simply responds ‘That’s a good question, Wright’, so he isn’t actually lying about anything, and-”

And then Miles. “Wait. /What/ does he say??”

“Huh? Uh, 'thats a-’”

“No. After that.”

“… What?”

“/What/ does he call you?”

“Oh. Uh, Wright.”


“… You know, it’s…my last name.”

“… … But that’s what /I/ call you!”

“… … … … Miles? Are.. Are you…jealous?”

“Of course not, don’t be ridiculous!”

I need more casually jealous Miles.

(And this sounded funnier in my head.)