thats why i love lou

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Hi,"sheltered" anon here. Not sheltered, not young. 42 in fact, divorced, other pains and losses I don't care to share. People are crap and I know what it's like when the person you trust most betrays you. Maybe that's why I fight for Lou & El, love is hard enough without dealing with thousands of people calling you liars. I got into 1d by my niece, their music was happy and fun, refreshing. But what I have noticed with other older fans is that they got into Larry BEFORE they got into the ....

they got into Larry BEFORE they got into the music. They came to Louis and Harry already seeing them as a couple. A lot of their blogs started with gay interests, gay men, etc. They have a bias, and need, it seems, to see a young gay couple. And because there have been gay boy band members who hid,that justifies their assumptions. They don’t see how Lou and H act with others, esp Harry. I really don’t understand how people seeking tolerance are so intolerant of what the boys themselves want.


Ok, for an older fan, you demonstrate the flawed logic of someone much younger.

I also got into Larry before I got into their music because the rumors were coming across before they even started playing WMYB on the radio where I live. So what? So bloggers who also blog LGBTQ issues apparently see the gay everywhere and have a big bad pro-gay agenda that they’ve forced upon these sweet young things? How gross and offensive are you? Could it be these bloggers, many who identify as LGBTQ, happen to fucking recognize another LGBTQ person because they’ve lived it?? They’ve lived through that period of self discovery. They’ve lived through the closet. They’ve lived through the frustration and humiliation and depression in living in a heteronormative society that constantly tells them something is wrong and flawed about them. Could /that/ be the reason they’ve championed Harry and Louis’ cause?

When it comes to Harry and Louis, one does not need to assume anything. They put it out there for you. They have struggled to find ways to express themselves within the confines of the closet. They learned sign language, got coordinating tattoos, write love songs about struggle. You’ve gotta be kidding me to say that people are reaching to justify their assumptions! 

And yes, we see how Harry and Louis act with others. Like I said in the previous ask, you can’t isolate one thing and make that everything. So yeah, they are friendly, gregarious guys. That does not cancel out the way they behave with each other or their own words to and about each other.

And who made you the judge and jury of what Harry and Louis want? How do you have the right to make these leaps in logic? 

42 huh? God bless. It truly takes all kinds.