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remember when ten year old edward elric bit his brother, ate two ants then had an existential crisis all within the same minute 

Clean Me, Daddy | 30.03.17
  • Phil: "Why aren't you cleaning us?" said Candice. Oh...
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: Last time I did a live show, I accidentally ordered 300 cleaning wipes.
  • Dan: I know. I've seen them.
  • Phil: So, you can have the honour of cleaning them.
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: The webcam. It's a bit grubby, so you know give them a clean. Give them a wipe. Someone just said "clean me, daddy".
  • Dan holds the cleaning wipe with regret. Phil burst out laughing and Dan starts speaking in a high pitched voice.
  • Dan: Yeah, I read that too. What is this?
  • Phil: It wasn't this weird when I did it!
  • Dan: There's a section of your live show where...
  • Phil: No, it's not a section!
  • Dan: ... you clean them?
  • Phil: No, I'm just saying we're slightly blurry and they'd like to see us in 1080pHD quality.
  • Dan: No, you planned this. It's a section where you clean the audience. Now everyone is saying "clean me".
  • Phil: They liked it. Just do it! I'll make the sound effect.
  • Dan: There's dozen of tens of thousands of people saying "clean me" right now.
  • Phil: Dan, clean them. Clean them!
  • Dan: Jesus Christ.
  • Phil: Do it! It's what you signed up to do.
  • Dan suppressing a regretful chuckle, Phil grinning so damn wide.
  • Dan: Oh my God, stop! The chat! Frick. Even the YouTube comments are going to be ruined. Oh, whatever you fricking..
  • Dan wipes the webcam while Phil makes the sound effect.
  • Phil: That's the noise of the cleaning wipe. Look how clear we are now though. My pores are here.
  • Dan: And yet, I feel dirty.

There are so many things I love about Skin Deep and Rumbelle.

But one of my absolute favourite twists on OUAT is that their Beauty and the Beast story starts with ending a war. I… can’t really explain why, but the idea that Beauty in this story is not simply making a deal with the Beast to save her father (or -in some versions-  is basically being sold by her father who already made the deal with the Beast so he would let him go home), this Beauty is a peacemaker. OUAT’s Belle is a nobelwoman in a town under siege. A nobelwoman in a war council room, who is kind and gentle but at the same time has this incredible strength to her. She is someone who is not just capable of finding solutions that others wouldn’t have thought of (in this case summoning the Dark One) she is also the person who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people. The stakes are much higher than in any other BatB adaptation I know and that just gives this really interesting vibe to that very first scene. 

But it’s not just that it made (at least to me) Belle someone who is instantly a fascinating character. I also love how the Ogre Wars are something that played an extremely important role in both Rumple’s and Belle’s lives. 

I mean, here we have these two people who couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, born 300 years apart… and yet… war brings them together, in a way. The same kind of war, that so long ago ruined Rumplestiltskin’s life and ultimately made him who he is (after all if there were no Ogre Wars, he wouldn’t have become the Dark One). 

But it’s also interesting what kind of role they played in the Ogre Wars. Rumple was a soldier, who suffered because the nobels who ruled that territory (probably) couldn’t care less for their subjects. Rumple in that situation didn’t have any power or privilege. 300 years later he is the one with all the power, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he finds himself fascinated by- and later falls for this young noblewoman, who is willing to give up all her privilege and her freedom to save her own subjects. Belle becomes what Rumplestiltskin once was (a peasant/servant, someone whose life is basically in the hands of their master(s)) -what fate he later escaped from!- willingly, so she can save people like Spinner Rumple and Bae. And I don’t think that’s something Rumplestiltskin saw many times in his long life. 

There are many important things about Rumbelle, and the Ogre Wars being a shared experience (even if from totally different POV’s - but imo, that’s what makes it interesting) is probably not one of the most important ones. But damn, it’s fascinating.

Does anyone else do a thing where someone messages you just for friendly conversation and you respond a couple times but then you put off answering them any more because it’s really stressful and making you really anxious and then next thing you know a day or two has gone by and at that point you feel like you wouldn’t be able to answer them any more without having to explain why you stopped in the middle of the conversation for like 5 days while still clearly active everywhere else, especially since there IS no real reason, so now you can NEVER TALK TO THEM AGAIN bc of the whole ordeal, and you spend the rest of your life feeling guilty and terrible about it bc now you seem rude and cold hearted and mean when really you’re just a Socially Anxious Disaster™

James Potter Imagine 4

Just a lil something i came up with i hope y'all like it :)

also, ships are getting a little crazy ill try and keep up but please be patient!! :)

Your head immediately turned in the direction you heard the noise coming from. You spent a lot of time in the forbidden forest and it was dawn on a Saturday. You decided to just explore around, see what you could find, so you were obviously intrigued by the crunching leaves coming from your far left.

A stag gracefully walked out from the trees and made its way toward you. You held your breath in awe. You crouched down a bit and slowly walked towards it with your hand out. The stag looked as though it rolled its eyes and came bounding dowering you, bumping you with its head. You laughed to yourself and began petting it. 

“You should’ve seen it!” You were excitedly telling your best friends James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

Sirius smirked at James but you didn’t notice, too busy retelling your experience this morning to your friends. 

“I mean, It was unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful! The most gorgeous stag came out and it didn’t even look scared! It was magnificent!! I hope I get to see it again, it was astounding!”

Remus burst into laughter and you looked at him confused.


“N-nothing, nothing,” Remus calmed down.

“Well I think,” James said, sending an odd smile his friends way before turning to you, “it sounds amazing. I have no doubt that it is the most beautiful specimen ever.”

There was a moment of giggling and you remained totally and utterly confused. 

“What is so funny?!” you asked accusingly.

“Nothing!” Peter attempted to assure you. 

Sirius looked over to see an older Ravenclaw girl exiting the Great Hall. 

He winked to you and got up, “I’m gonna get going.”

You and Remus both rolled your eyes and James gave him a thumbs up.

“Alright, bye!” Peter shouted to him as he rushed off.

“Have you seen our deer friend James?” Sirius was asking you with a smirk.

“Why do you keep doing that?”


“You, James, Remus, even Peter! You keep asking me about James with that.. weird, creepy, look on your faces. And you won’t shut up about the deer I saw but you won’t tell me why you’re so intrigued!”

“I,” Sirius grinned, “have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

You stared at him blankly, waiting for him to continue.

“But,” Sirius licked his bottom lip, “you can go ask James what’s up.”

You groaned and began stopping towards the Gryffindor common room.

James was sitting in the boy’s dormitories by himself attempting get antlers to appear on his head without becoming a full stag. He was supposed to be writing his potions essay, but Evans would be sure to help him out later.

He had just gotten it when his door was swung open in an alarmingly violent manner. 

“Okay,” you began, clearly not noticing the large antlers on top of his head, “I don’t know what the hell is going on but I want it to stop! I told you like last week about that stag I saw and yeah, It was pretty groovy or whatever but I don’t see why you and your stupid friends are taking it this far!” 

You were pacing back and forth now, your arms swinging wildly as you complained to your crush, “I mean, honestly! If you had me in on the joke it would be fine, but you’re all just making fun of me!”

James remained silent, eyes wide, staring at you and praying you’d leave without noticing anything was amiss. 

“Well?” You shot at him angrily and turned to get an explanation for his silence.

James opened his mouth to explain but you held your hand up.

“Do… do you have…. antlers?”


“James, you have antlers.”

“Okay but its-”

“Merlin’s beard!” You cut him off, just putting two and two together, “You! It was you! Thats why everyone was so bloody weird!”

James smiled innocently, “Yep….” 

Your face fell, “So when I was talking about the stag…”

“You were talking about me…” James was attempting to be casual but you could see the smirk he was trying to hide.

“Oh my god!” You blushed and put your hands on your face. 

“Hey,” James said getting up and laughing, “it’s fine, it’s not like-”

“Ow!” Jame’s antlers got stuck between the posters of his bed and the wall, making you laugh.

He squatted down and turned his head to get himself unstuck, untangling the curtain from his antlers as he walked closer to you.

“I mean, if I’m that gorgeous as a stag, how beautiful do you think I am as a human?” He grinned cheekily.

You blushed and rolled your eyes, “Oh shut up.”

“If I do remember correctly, you said something along the lines of, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” is that right?” he said with a smirk. 

“James Potter, you are by far, the most conceited person I have ever met,” you said half serious-half joking.

“And you, y/n y/l/n, are by far the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

You grabbed his antlers and pulled him into a kiss, which ended in you both laughing as you looked into each others eyes.

“Besides me, of course,” James added. 

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Request: Fluffy Daddy!Yugyeom (gender neutral)


hey~~ I know that the request didnt specify and thats why I made it fluffy, we should all know by now that thats my default setting haha

Sorry for taking so long to finally post these oml~ I had set up the post a few days ago and forgot to actually finish 😂😂 just as an update, the other two admins are currently on an unannounced hiatus so now (and as its mostly been) its just me~~ which is why its taking so long to make and finish these requests~~ Im trying really hard though!~ 😄😄

I hope these came out well~~

-Admin Min-Y 😏😂

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Its weird but can you please do one where Hanzo kidnapped the reader a really long time ago and she's been his "wife" for a few years now and one of their many children starts showing symptoms of bring yandere (like they say they like someone at school and will make them like them back) and Hanzo is proud but reader is horrified and she strictly advises them to never hurt or make anyone do anything they don't want to and Hanzo is mad like ?? That's how I got you isn't it why would that be wrong?


It’d been such a long time since Hanzo had taken you and made you his wife, so long that you couldn’t imagine what your life would be like now if he hadn’t done so. You hardly ever left the home the two of you shared, much too busy with taking care of the children the two of you made together; you didn’t want them to be without a mother so you had long ago stopped trying to get away from your husband. 

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Update on my Richonner bros...

So my heart right now is so full of pride: two of my brothers are full-on Richonners. And one of them has finally convinced my third brother to start watching TWD (so fingers crossed)!

A few quotes from the bros this week:

“I think it’s great how this season they’re showing that Rick can’t lead without Michonne.”

“No other TV show has ever had its two badass leads get together like that. It just makes sense.”

“That episode with the two of them was awesome!”

“Oh yeah, that episode where the two of them were gettin’ it on.”

“They’re a power couple. It’s not even debatable.”


*mentions the Jadis and Rick shipping*

“Uh, no.” “Ah, gross.” “Maybe if Rick had a thing for Lloyd Christmas haircuts.”

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The Signs as Things My Psych Professor Said
  • Aries: You keep should-ing all over yourself.
  • Taurus: Go ahead Becky: rip my heart out. Go ahead and break the friendship bracelets we made when we were five too.
  • Gemini: At that moment, my first two instincts were to rip off my shirt and punch myself in the face. And I did. So that's why I have new glasses.
  • Cancer: Who the fuck is Martha?
  • Virgo: He (his month old child) makes noises to let us know its time to go to brunch.
  • Libra: You guys can go early, I have to argue with my wife on the phone.
  • Scorpio: Imagine all the brothers and sisters you could have had that ended up in the trash.
  • Sagittarius: Nah man, do it. Be an asshole.
  • Capricorn: Just take your poptarts and netflix and live at the top of a mountain.
  • Aquarius: And I let the dolphin embrace me.
  • Pisces: Through the vigorous act of love making, I infested my wife with a parasite.
Naruhina fillers

I got a blog from someone ((you know who you are))
Stating that narusaku has fillers just like naruhina..
I didnt want to do this, but that blog made me go, really…Really! REALLY! That is your defence for naruhina??!!?… 

Let me start off with, yes I know there are fillers for other couples in naruto, SP makes fillers for every naruto couples to please the fandom……………… 
Except for sasusaku

Well then if SP does fillers for almost every couple, then it must be hypocritical of me to go against naruhina for that reason??
Well no, and here are 3 reasons why… 

Reason 1: 
Naruhina has the most fillers, which makes more filler than canon moments. 

Majority of full sided moments for naruhina were all done through SP. It was never canon through the manga.. .
That’s why I call it the one sided filler.. I mean Naruto was convinced by some magic goo to be with hinata, and the goo was showing mostly the filler episodes! Doesnt that tell you something X’D

Reason 2:

The fillers tend to sexualise hinata for naruto. 

Remember that filler when she was 11, and she was naked and dancing in the waterfall, and that was a moment for naruhina, and the fans thought that was amazing.. All I can say was… 

Let’s skip ahead and see how much more she has “grown”

Yeah, alot of fillers whenever SP had a chance had to give hinata EXTRA big boobs, or make her extra sexy for naruto >>…. 

Reason 3: This has to be the one to piss me off the most 

Naruhina changes so much canon just so their pairing make sense. 
If you read my naruhina rant, I complained about this before, so I wont go too much into it.. 
Naruto introduces Hinata as a weirdo dark girl…
If all those childhood fillers were naruto saving hinata, those two hanging out, building snow mans and being friends did happen, why would naruto not know of her from the start, and give her the weirdo introduction.. 
And dont use the “Oh thats how friends would tease each other” Fuck off!
He states from the start! He had no friends and wanted people to notice/respect him!
If Naruto and hinata were so tight at the start ((like SP claim they were)) he would be like “I have only one friend, and her name in HINATA”… But no, you delusional naruhina fans just cling onto this bullshit fillers… 

Dont believe me? 

Vs Reality

I didnt want to do this, but one of you fans thought you were clever..
Look! I stated this before, I did believe naruhina would of work… 
But once the pein arch it died, Kishi was obviously not interested. And all you n/h fans complaining to me wont convince me otherwise.. It will just make me post more points to why I hate it… 
My finale words….

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The reason we haven't really gotten bumblebee yet is because Miles and Kerry don't know how to do romance well. They've admitted as much on podcasts, they don't know how to write it. That's why they've been so cautious and silent about any ships, especially one that would mean so much to the fandom, and one that they would absolutely be crucified for if they got something wrong or rushed. That's why it's taken so long, they're taking their time to make it right, and avoid angry fans

And if that’s the case, then I 100% support it. Though they did well with Jaune and Pyrrha, even though those two never really had the chance to “be” romantic. 

I’m all for taking the time to do it right, and RWBY has never been about romance (which I actually enjoy) so anything related to Bumbleby would be more of a B or C story. That’s why the whole “there’s no buildup” argument is dumb. For one, there has been plenty of build up and two, they’re not suddenly together now just because of the song. They have all the time in the world to get Blake and Yang to that place. 

I am not about to come on here and run Miles and Kerry into the ground. They’ve done nothing to upset me with the show, they’ve given me a great world with great characters that I love. Kerry’s answer to LGBT characters in the show and about not “wanting to make it a thing” I think was his way of saying that he didn’t just want token gay characters. Which is good, and if it were Blake and Yang they would definitely not be that because they’re principle characters in the show. Their names are a part of the title 

At the same time though, this song and all the moments Blake and Yang have had deserve the payoff at some point. I would just like some kind of small confirmation that they get it and that either Blake or Yang or both are in that headspace of actually having romantic feelings for one another. They don’t need to kiss in volume 5, but it would be nice to put to ease the doubt and be able to know that it’s a part of the direction going forward. 

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man i was so excited about lance originally as a character. i'm a cuban woman n there are literally NO CUBAN people in cartoons, like ever. this is the first series i can think of that's ever had one and it was SUCH a big deal for me. so exciting, and yet i can't even enjoy him or that fact anymore bc 99% of the fandom turns his character into an ooc mess n uses him as a self insert. like..i feel so cheated esp bc i kno most of these ppl cant understand this pov n yet his charas FOR THEM ok

The character they worship isn’t even L/ance. Fanon!L/ance and canon!L/ance are two entirely different characters. That does make me wonder why they like L/ance in the first place, considering they feel the need to completely erase his personality and replace his main traits with bits and pieces of other characters’ personalities.

Riverdale Season 5 episode 4
  • *At the Cooper residence, in the living room, Jughead and Betty are sitting on the couch together, Alice Cooper and Archie Andrews are eavesdropping from the kitchen*
  • Jughead Jones: Betty, I love you.
  • Betty Cooper: Aw, I love you.
  • Jughead Jones: I know. And I know that you know that you're so important to me. Betty you're my favorite person, and being with you makes me happier than I can ever remember being. And I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy. So that's why, I wanna ask you this question. Betty Cooper...will you marry me?
  • *Alice Cooper and Archie Andrews rush into the living room*
  • Alice Cooper: YES!
  • Archie Andrews: NO!
  • Betty Cooper: You two heard all that?
  • Archie Andrews: Jug, what are you thinking?
  • Alice Cooper: Back off, you had your chance!
  • Betty Cooper: Would you both stop?! Juggie, I would love to marry you.
  • Archie Andrews: Oh my God.
  • Alice Cooper: Oh my God, I've got to start planning the wedding! *leaves the room*
  • Veronica Lodge: *Entering the Cooper home* Hi everyone!
  • Betty Cooper: *standing up to show her engagement ring to Veronica* I'm gonna marry Jughead!
  • Veronica Lodge: Ahhh! That's so exciting! Ooh, let me see the ring! *takes the ring out of the box and puts it on her own ring finger admiring it* Now that is a beautiful ring.
  • Archie Andrews: Can we all just slow down, no one is getting married!
  • Alice Cooper: *running back into the living room carrying coats and purses* Come on girls, we need to get to the bridal shop to start trying on dresses!
  • Veronica Lodge: Oh this is so amazing I can't believe we're getting married!
  • Archie Andrews: No one is getting married!
  • *Alice, Betty, and Veronica ignore him as they leave the house, Archie follows them out the door*
  • Polly Cooper: *entering the living room* What's going on?
  • Jughead Jones: *getting up off the couch to stand* I'm marrying your sister!
  • Polly Cooper: *happily surprised* Oh!
  • Jughead Jones: Yeah, but. Your mom said yes, Archie said no, and Veronica's wearing the ring.
  • Polly Cooper: Welcome to the family, bro.
  • Alec: I can't believe my baby sister is planning to have sex with a once-mundane vampire. This can't happen. You guys have help me talk her out of it.
  • Clary: A speech to talk someone out of sex ...
  • Magnus: ... yeah, I don't have any of those.
  • Jace: Discouraging premarital sex is against my religion.
  • Alec: Jace, we're her older brothers; we're supposed to teach her how to make good and responsible decisions.
  • Magnus: Alexander, dear, it's 2 o'clock and you and Jace have both already had two of the cocktails I made.
  • Alec: That's why I need your help!

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Can I have something (headcanons or a scenario. Whatever you want ^-^) with Yamaguchi with a s/o who holds a grudge towards volleyball? Like, she used to be in a team but stopped playing because people were making fun of her. But it wasn't that she was bad, she was just too shy to even hit a ball near other people and that's why people started to think that she was useless and she had to deal with for 3 years. That's why she refuses to play volleyball again. Thank you so much ❤

Ah, I wasn’t too sure what to write for this so I apologise for them being so short. 

-Admin Lana

  • Yamaguchi understands to an extent what it’s like to be shy and playing a sport, those two are not a good combination. He wants to help in any way that he can to aid you in overcoming that obstacle.
  • He won’t force you to play by any means, but it’s nice to have a partner to practice with, especially one with experience. He hopes that the more you play, the more you’ll begin to like the sport again.
  • Sure, you still attend his games like a supportive girlfriend, but the feeling isn’t the same anymore. The  joy of the sport was stripped from you due to those miserable three years.

Realization post  Regarding Noctis’ and Prompto’s age

We may or may not have gotten it wrong all along: we see Noctis and Prompto as 20 y.o., which makes them two and three years younger to Ignis and Gladiolus, respectively.

The problem is that, I realized, we don’t know if they are already 20 during the game or if they’re turning 20 that year.

We know due to description in-game that the Fall of Insomnia happened during May. That leaves February and April behind, Ignis’ and Gladio’s birth month respectively. Hence, both are the ages we were given without a doubt; 22 and 23.

But it’s still months until August and October. That year, Noctis’ and Prompto’s birthday have yet not passed.

This leaves me up to two conclusions that are fucking with my brain:

Noctis and Prompto are still 19 during the game.


Noctis and Prompto are really only 1 year younger than Ignis.

Personally, I’d go with them still being 19 and turning 20 that year. When SE gave us their ages, birthdays and heights, I doubt they did it thinking “According to TODAY, their ages age…”. I believe that saying they’re 20 is as seen in comparison to the other guys’ ages; at least, I would do that. Write the ages they’re turning that year rahter than the ages they have during the story/on my announce, because I’d want people to see their real age and not get confused on “during the story they’re 19 but their birthday is soon so they’re really 20″. I’d just say they’re 20. 

Plus, that would give Brotherhood much more sense. From the sizes we see and height differences, I stick with Ignis being 2 years older and Gladio 3. It’d be very strange if we took a year from that and watched their childhood/teenage gang together. There wouldn’t be so much difference.

Like, sure, Noctis and Prompto are small compared to the other two, but it’d still be a ridiculous comparison growing up with such a contrast if they really were only 1 and 2 years younger to the other guys.

Also in attitude; mom-like Ignis is weird from someone only 2 years older, so it’d be HELLA WEIRDER from someone just a year older. Same with Gladio; I see more realistic the fact that he chides someone 3 years younger than rather just 2.

That’s my position, but I may be sticking on the wrong side.

Let’s get more fucked up:

If they ARE only a year younger than Ignis and two than Gladio, we’ve been handling all childhood/youth/any fanart and fanfiction wrong, ohmygod.

And if they are 19 during the game OHMYGOD.

I know they’re just months from being 20, but if they are still 19, oh m y g o ddddd it’s messing with me, it sounds SO YOUNG, they’re so young for such a huge TRAGEDY.

And only so you know, it’s most probable that Noctis was swallowed by the crystal weeks or maybe even just days before his birthday.

Ohmygoddddddd, that’d mean the last birthday he EVER celebrated was 19 (or 20 if you believe they’re turning 21), 9 MONTHS before the Fall of Insomnia

Ohmygoooodddddd what the fuck 

Just so you realize, too, it also means that Prompto spent his 20/21st birthday only a few months after Noctis went missing.


If he’s still 19, gasp

Noctis was forced to marriage at 19-almost-20 wtf

I’ll stop here, I’m messing with myself too much.

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There was something in here a few days back pertaining to being mad at people who don't think Yona deserves to be with Hak. We never said that Yona was obligated to love Hak romantically. We just don't think she was ever that great of a friend to him, that she has been selfish and insensitive. We know love doesn't work that way in this series though. Hak will continue to love Yona so, certainly, that part is on him. Still, that doesn't change the fact that we don't think she deserves him.

First of all anon, I want to clarify to you (and anyone else really) that if I ever say I don’t like a theory or certain way of thinking etc., I am not trying to say anything against anyone personally. I am merely disagreeing with the idea, not anyone as an individual. If you ever read an opinion of mine here, unless I specifically state otherwise, I am never trying to have a go at anyone or say that my opinion is better. My personal viewpoint holds no more power than anyone else’s here - I’m merely using my blog to post thoughts and reflect on my own, subjective interpretation of the AnY series. 

Second, I’m sorry if you thought I was misinterpreting your personal opinion. I got an asker that never specified a source of the opinion they were discussing, so I created hypothetical arguments from others to explore a variety of viewpoints someone could have about Hak and Yona’s relationships. I did not base what I said on any existing viewpoint I had read about, rather viewpoints I assumed people could have that would explain their thinking. Perhaps I never made that clear enough, and if you thought I was misinterpreting an opinion you have, I’m sorry about that. 

Third, and addressing the opinion you have stated here, I find myself still a little lost to the whole “deserving” thing. I guess one could argue that there have been times when Yona is selfish or insensitive, but I myself would argue that Hak has also been selfish and insensitive at times, and I don’t think their relationship is some sort of scale where Yona’s perhaps been more selfish and therefore has to make up for it to even things out. Both of them have things they’ve sacrificed for the other and things they’ve done that probably weren’t the best for the other, but the bottom line for me is that they continue to try and better themselves in this area. They listen, they work out issues, and they’re getting better at discussing their feelings openly. They’re both growing as people and learning, and I don’t think they’ve ever done anything truly awful to one another, so any trip ups they have had are, for me, well in the past and not in need of making up for. They help each other grow and become better and that’s what matters to me. Again, this whole “deserving” goes over my head a bit because I never understand where we draw the line. Just my two cents though. 

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Not exactly a fanwork but a fan-thought... I'm a huge Destiel shipper but I recently saw something that made me pause. Dean can never have a romantic relationship because he always puts Sam first. That's why he's never had a long term relationship. But Castiel knows full well that Dean puts Sam first. So would that work? Could Dean and Cas be together even with Sam coming first for Dean? Or could they bring Sam into their dynamic? I've never been big for Wincestiel but maybe, just maybe. Thanks!

I think that if Dean and Cas truly love each other and understand each other then they could make it work.

Call me a romantic, but I believe that if two people are meant to be together they’ll find a way.