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Big fresh fat buck I was happy to get earlier this month.Someone else already sawed his antlers off but they left all the meat.Unfortunately his skull was crushed and the other side of his face was ripped open so hes not taxidermy quality but I bet his pelts gonna make a nice blanket for me.Man was this guy weird though he was pretty much just fat inside and there was so much fat on his heart it looked like he had two!He was also super heavy took 3 people to get him in the back of a car and usually I can just pick a deer up all by myself.His stomach was completely full of just corn,apples,and soybeans so thats probs why he was so fat.He also had loads of worms in his liver but hes still good to eat.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-15: explain the reason why you love one two of the characters so much

(Lily & Lo)

“Lil.” His voice cracks. “Why are you crying?” He rubs my tears with his thumb, concern and hurt crossing his beautiful face.

“I don’t deserve you,” I say softly, our legs tangled together.

His glare could murder a family of geese, but the familiar sight is more than comforting. “Then we’re two undeserving individuals because I sure as hell don’t deserve you, Lily Hale. You help me every day stay sane and sober. I couldn’t live this life alone.” His thumb skims my wet cheeks. “And you know what?”

“What?” I whisper.

“The world went and fucked itself because the two most undeserving people got more than they deserved.”

EXPLAIN THE REASON WHY (warning: my explanation is kinda long)

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Happy bi awareness week dudes and dudettes ♥

Any Other Way

Prompt #2: “Are you okay?” “Of course, why?” “You have on two different shoes.”

Alexander and Thomas had been dating for a few months the first time it happened. He had been up all night writing and debating with strangers who disagreed with him on his blog. His birthday was the next day, which didn’t make his mental state any better.

John and Lafayette just wouldn’t stop texting in the group chat. He was trying to write something and had asked them to text in their chat if he wasn’t saying anything, but they just said he could text back later. Finally, he gave in and read the texts.

23:27 ham&cheese, turtle <3er, baguette 
baguette: but what if he does not actually like me? what if he just likes how i look? 
turtle <3er: oh please, it’s herc 
turtle <3er: of course he likes you, he’s liked you for years 
baguette: realy? 
turtle <3er: yes !!!! 
baguette: *really 
baguette: okay so i should go for it? 
baguette: mon petit lion, qu’est-ce que tu penses? 
ham&cheese: i think you should both shut up and let me work for once

It took him a second to realize what he just did.

23:34 ham&cheese, turtle <3er, baguette 
ham&cheese: oh shit wait 
ham&cheese: i didn’t mean that 
ham&cheese: that was extremely rude and mean and i’m sorry oh my gosh 
ham&cheese: i swear i didn’t mean that i’m just having a bad night and i’m trying to get work done and the buzzes were annoying me and i didn’t think and im sorry 
turtle <3er: alex calm down 
turtle <3er: its okay you’re under pressure and we should’ve listened when you told us to switch chats 
ham&cheese: no i shouldn’t have said that no matter wtf was going on 
baguette: alex i am coming over calm down

He almost started crying when he realized what was going on. Instead of being offended, Laf was trying to make him feel better.

23:41 ham&cheese, turtle <3er, baguette 
ham&cheese: nonono im fine stay home 
baguette: are you sure? 
ham&cheese: omg yes im sure 
baguette: well then go see thomas 
baguette: i may have accidentally caused him to worry. 
ham&cheese: what? nvm i’ll just call him

Alex sighed and pulled up Thomas’ number. He clicked the call icon and waited for him to pick up, which took approximately three seconds.

“Alex? Are you okay? Laf said you snapped, but I don’t know what that means.” He could hear the worry that resonated in his boyfriend’s words.

“Thomas, I’m fine. I’m a bit stressed, and I said something rude. That’s it.”

“I swear on… something really important that if you’re not telling the truth, I will come over there and… I don’t know, probably just cuddle you to death.”

A surprised laugh burst out of him. “Cuddle me to death?”

He heard the rustle of clothing that meant he had shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, it could happen.”

“Then it wouldn’t be cuddling; that’s called suffocation.”

“Whatever.” There was a brief pause. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come over? It won’t take very long, probably just-”

“Thomas, go to sleep. I’m fine; I’ll see you at ass-o’clock in the morning.”

“You too. I…”

After a second, Alex prompted, “Thomas?’

“What? Oh, nevermind. Happy early birthday, see you tomorrow.”

For a long time after Thomas hung up, he just sat there.

23:52 ham&cheese, turtle <3er, baguette
ham&cheese: done. im okay, both of you can go to sleep now

Alex went to sleep before his friends responded.

The next day, he found himself even more antsy than the day before. He was jotting ideas down all through breakfast (a Nutri-Grain bar and Diet Coke) and got so distracted writing that he was almost late leaving. After changing in about a minute, he ran down to his car and speeded to work.

Thankfully, his way to school wasn’t blocked by traffic or pedestrians. He managed to make it in early enough to visit his boyfriend. On his way to his own room, he was intercepted by the man himself.

“Alex! Hey, Alex!” He whirled around, smiling when he saw who it was.

“Hey! I was gonna come see you after I put up my stuff.”

Thomas caught up to him. “Happy birthday babe! Now I can come see you. What’s up?”

The small talk continued into his classroom. They had cleaned up some of the cubbies and gone through the movie collection when John appeared in the doorway.

“Oh. Hey, Jefferson.” Alex looked up and saw his best friend. “I can come back later if-”

“Nah dude, what’s up?” When John didn’t immediately answer, he walked over and closed the door behind them.

“I was just checking to make sure you’re really okay. Last night was weird, and you didn’t answer our texts.”

Alex tilted his head, getting out his phone. “Sorry, what texts?” Sure, enough, Lafayette and John had texted him.

23:56 ham&cheese, turtle <3er, baguette 
baguette: are you sure? i can still come over 
turtle <3er: yeah, we can just have a movie marathon or something 
turtle <3er: i mean we have work tomorrow, but when has that ever stopped us 
baguette: alexander? are you okay? 
turtle <3er: alex? 
turtle <3er: he’s probably just asleep 
baguette: peut-être, he didn’t answer my call

“Oh! Sorry. I was rushed this morning and forgot to check my texts.”

6:59 ham&cheese, turtle <3er, baguette 
ham&cheese: sorry, didn’t see these. im good !!

He looked up from his phone and smiled. “Well, I have some last minute things to do before school starts, so I gotta go.”

“Dude, school starts at 8! I didn’t know you were referring to Jefferson as a thing now!” John said with mock surprise.

After gasping and sputtering, Alex pushed his friend into his own room.

“Go organize plants or something. I’m gonna try and put the image of my students walking in on us out of my head.”

John laughed as he was manhandled into his room. “Please, keep the birthday sex to a minimum; there are children!”

Rolling his eyes, he responded, “Please, we aren’t idiots. Also, you’re one to talk, Mr. I-dropped-my-napkin-and-couldn’t-find-it-for-5-minutes.”

“One time!” They laughed for a few seconds before john’s face got serious. “Okay, but seriously, you are okay right? I mean, I know how you feel about your birthday, but are you good right now?”

Alexander took a moment to calm himself from being treated like a child. “I’m okay. Seriously, if I’m not I’ll get you to watch the kids for a few minutes.”

“Would me telling you to go home change your mind?”

“What do you think?” They glared at each other for a few seconds before John sighed and put a hand over his eyes.

“Go home Alex.”

He scoffed and walked back into his room, already back to the essay he was putting together at breakfast. As a result, he barely noted Thomas looking at him oddly.

“Alex, are you okay?”

“Course, why?”

“Um… you’re wearing two different shoes.”

Alex’s eyes shot to his feet before groaning. The shoes looked similar at first glance, but one was brown and the other was black. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just a busy morning.”

“Are you sure? Laf was telling me last night about-”

“I said I’m fine, can we not just drop it? Nothing is wrong!” He didn’t notice his eyes were closed until he felt Thomas touch his face.

He opened them to see nothing but worry in his boyfriend’s eyes. “Alex, I think you should take the day off. If you get like this with your kids, it won’t turn out well.”

“That’s not-”


After a moment, he sighed. “I hate my birthday.”

Jefferson looked at him oddly. “Pardon?”

“I already have, like, five mother hens constantly freaking out over my health. On my birthday, suddenly everyone needs to tell me that I look too tired or that I should take the day off. I’m still not used to all these people caring about me, and it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.”

His boyfriend looked at him and took his hand. “I’m not trying to be overbearing. I’m not trying to annoy you or shield you. I just…” he raked a hand through his own hair, “well, I guess now is as good a time as any. Alex, I think I love you.”

Alex stood in shock for a moment before slowly wrapping his arms around Thomas.

“Fine, I’ll go home,” he mumbled into his shirt. “But I’m texting you all day as retribution.”

Thomas smiled and dropped a kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Ocassionally after a shed I will see these red spots that I can only assume is blood in my leopard gecko’s tanks.

(I am currently switching out the paper towel and thats why the tank is empty)

I do help with shed on their toes so i know thats not the problem. I check them 3 times a day as they shed to make sure its going alright and im not needed.
They have been to a vet last month or two months ago before I had adopted them and I checked up with that vet to know if they are in healthy condition.
They are.

Ive checked all over their bodies and find absolutely no open sores or anything that could have caused this. They have clean noses amd eyes.

Ive tried googling and i have found nothing. Where are these spots coming from????

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If Seri and Izumo got married and had a baby together, and Saruhiko and Misaki somehow ended up babysitting them together, how would it turn out? Would Seri and Izumo trust the two of them to take care of their baby?

I think there might be some initial discomfort with the idea of Fushimi and Yata handling a baby but Kusanagi and Awashima discuss it a bit and figure it can’t be that bad, since after all Yata has younger siblings and Fushimi handled the Strain baby from DOB fine so they both should be pretty decent at taking care of babies and there’s probably no other alternative anyway. So Awashima and Kusanagi go out for a nice romantic dinner or something and leave Fushimi and Yata behind to babysit. I think the two of them might be kinda cute with the baby at first, I feel like Yata would be all playing with the kid and having fun because after all it’s Kusanagi’s kid so it’s like part of the family right? Plus again with the having younger siblings Yata’s probably good with babies and he’s doing a surprisingly good job keeping the baby happy and playing with it and all that. Meanwhile Fushimi is a lot more reluctant on that end, I think he’d complain that he’s only doing this because Awashima didn’t trust Yata to look after the kid alone but don’t expect him to do anything because ew babies. But he keeps sneaking little glances at Yata and the kid like he wants to go over and play with the baby too, he’s just secretly super nervous that he’ll mess something up or ruin the baby somehow. Then the baby starts crying and even Yata can’t get it to stop, he hands the baby off to Fushimi so he can go get some milk from the fridge and when he comes back the baby is sleeping peacefully in the arms of a totally baffled Fushimi (because even babies probably love Fushimi). Yata’s slightly jealous that the baby likes Saruhiko better than him. They probably manage mostly okay until maybe the baby needs its diaper changed and then Fushimi is immediately like on the opposite side of the room and staring at his PDA all ‘I’ll let you handle this one, Misaki.’ Yata’s annoyed at being relegated to diaper-changing duty but he thinks it’s funny that Fushimi is so frightened by just a dirty diaper and he’s trying to dangle the kid in Fushimi’s face just to tease him. Fushimi throws a knife and Yata’s like what the hell Saruhiko there’s a baby here (“I know, I wasn’t aiming for the baby, idiot”). Still, all in all things go pretty well, at least until Awashima comes home and checks on her baby and is like “…Fushimi-kun. Could you please explain why my child is sucking on the hilt of a knife?” “…We lost the pacifier under the couch. The kid liked the knife better than the alternatives.” “We did at least disinfect first?”

Sirius sent Harry letters using tropical birds, and people say it’s because he was “using discretion, haha, dramatic ol’ Sirius.” The birds were what he had. It’s not his fault. Sure, he could have gone some place less tropical to “lie low”, but I think I know why he did what he did:

Two reasons. The first, is because Sirius needed to put as much space between himself and Britain as possible. Everyone and their brother was looking for Mass Murderer Sirius Black, it makes sense to get away.

The second, is because Sirius needed healing. I don’t think he and Remus were at a point where they were comfortable with one another again, not yet. And Remus is, for lack of better words, stuck in his grey lifestyle. And Sirius did not need grey. Sirius just spent 12 years rotting in Azkaban. He has been miserable and depressed for 12 years, unable to get out of that torture. Anyone who has truly suffered deep depression knows that this was agony. And studies show that depression literally make the world look, to your eyes as well as your mind, dull, grey, dark… I can personally verify this, and tell you that yes, this is absolutely true.

Now, I propose that Sirius could have gone somewhere else “far away.” Greece, somewhere to the East… But he went somewhere tropical. Somewhere we as a culture idealize as peaceful, a true getaway. Sirius went and took what we laugh at as a tropical vacation, to say it bluntly. But I think that it was more than that. Britain is described a lot as “grey”, with lots of rain, etc. Sirius had been through a thousand lifetimes of grey. Sirius needed color. He needed to REMEMBER color. So Sirius did what passionate, emotional Sirius Black does, and he chose on impulse to go to the tropical region, where there is so much vibrancy and color that it is inescapable. Sirius went there to hide, because no one there knows about a scary Grimm, or about a certain Mass Murderer, but he also went there to try and begin his healing process. It was not just for fun.

“Are you kidding me?  Why do you have to do that there?”  Nico asked as she reentered her room.    She let out a huff when the two girls making out on her bed continued to explore each other’s mouths.  “Hey!  I’m talking to you.”

Nozomi lifted herself up from where she had Eli pinned to Nico’s bed.  “Took you long enough.”

“I was gone for, like, five minutes.”

“You know I get bored easily.”

“And you.”  Nico glared at Eli who was entranced by Nozomi’s open blouse. “What do you have to say for yourself?”


“… Why am I stuck with you two?”

Lets just take the whole relationship thing off the table for a moment. This episode more than anything has shown us truly how wonderful that Clarke and Lexa’s dynamic is.

The fact that as a whole Lexa truly respects Clarke. She can spit on her, hold a knife to her throat, basically tell her to go fuck herself, and yet Lexa still BOWS TO HER which both is so beautiful and just so fucking powerful man.

They’re not just two strong leaders who feel deeply for one another but they’re a partnership with mutual respect. I believe after everything Clarke still respects Lexa and always will.

Making that choice at Mount Weather was not easy for her; she’s made it clear. Thats why Clarke’s people are the thirteenth clan, so she never has to turn her back on Clarke again. It speaks so many volumes and the writing is just amazing. I haven’t had such love for a show in my life so this is beyond amazing.

so an interesting thing. Fusions have the combined color palates of their parts, but the forced fusion just had jarring stripes…jasper is not a pure gem, its made from many other rocks. Jasper’s design has stripes all over the “skin” part. Jasper maybe isn’t a fusion of two gems, but could be a forced fusion, which might be why she treats fusion as “just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger” because like. Thats what happened to her and she isn’t understanding of how Garnet’s fusion works as a consenting relationship? Like Garnet’s design also has two full gems, but the forced fusion has one messed up gem, and I think Jasper’s gem is noticable different colors/shades?
Regardless of whether Jasper is a forced fusion or not, the episode explains her view of fusion.

the past two years have been an emotional roller coaster - i almost lost my brother in a car accident that took the life of his best friend, lost my grandfather, switched my college major, dealt with the disappointment of my mother because of that change, struggled with coming to terms with my body and my body image issues, discovered i have anxiety and panic attacks, and had my heart broken. but i’ve also discovered a career path i’m extremely passionate about and am excited to pursue, cut out the toxic relationships in my life and found some of my closest friends, accepted the way i look and continue to embrace it every day, love myself, developed an incredible relationship with my brother that we never quite had, became independent, discovered a love for writing, pursued my fitness goals and achieved a body i wanted for myself and not anyone else, and ultimately, i became happy. and i really do have liam to thank for a large portion of that. he inspires me to be stronger, to be a better me for me and not anyone else. he makes me strong. (metlife, august 5th, section 8 row 7)

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25 Days of Solangelo

Day 6: Old

Nico had no idea why he had let Will drag him out of their dorm at ten o'clock at night. Sure the two of them didn’t have any early classes the next morning but he didn’t know why or how he had Will coax him into going outside in the frosty December air, cold on the ground and everything. But he had because for some reason Nico was head over heels in like with his roommate and it was hard to refuse his face when he was being so genuine and innocent looking (even though Nico knew Will Solace was anything but innocent).

“Come on Nico you got to walk faster!” Will called from in front of him. Like hell Nico was walking faster. He was tired and cold and would much rather be in his dorm binge watching Netflix. 

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[ thxmpthumpthump​ ]

they saw each other every day for a whole week. it had to be the best week of his life hands down. what her father didn’t know woudn’t hurt him, and when he got done work he quickly said his goodbyes so he could see her. today was different. her father was making him work overtime which meant less time with her. he couldn’t help but grumble under his breath until he heard the back door open and let out a little happy sigh. “why is your dad making me do all of this?” he said with a little chuckle as he stopped cleaning and slowly walked over. “i’d rather spend time with you then trying to get bugs out of your pool.”