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There are so many things I love about Skin Deep and Rumbelle.

But one of my absolute favourite twists on OUAT is that their Beauty and the Beast story starts with ending a war. I… can’t really explain why, but the idea that Beauty in this story is not simply making a deal with the Beast to save her father (or -in some versions-  is basically being sold by her father who already made the deal with the Beast so he would let him go home), this Beauty is a peacemaker. OUAT’s Belle is a nobelwoman in a town under siege. A nobelwoman in a war council room, who is kind and gentle but at the same time has this incredible strength to her. She is someone who is not just capable of finding solutions that others wouldn’t have thought of (in this case summoning the Dark One) she is also the person who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people. The stakes are much higher than in any other BatB adaptation I know and that just gives this really interesting vibe to that very first scene. 

But it’s not just that it made (at least to me) Belle someone who is instantly a fascinating character. I also love how the Ogre Wars are something that played an extremely important role in both Rumple’s and Belle’s lives. 

I mean, here we have these two people who couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, born 300 years apart… and yet… war brings them together, in a way. The same kind of war, that so long ago ruined Rumplestiltskin’s life and ultimately made him who he is (after all if there were no Ogre Wars, he wouldn’t have become the Dark One). 

But it’s also interesting what kind of role they played in the Ogre Wars. Rumple was a soldier, who suffered because the nobels who ruled that territory (probably) couldn’t care less for their subjects. Rumple in that situation didn’t have any power or privilege. 300 years later he is the one with all the power, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he finds himself fascinated by- and later falls for this young noblewoman, who is willing to give up all her privilege and her freedom to save her own subjects. Belle becomes what Rumplestiltskin once was (a peasant/servant, someone whose life is basically in the hands of their master(s)) -what fate he later escaped from!- willingly, so she can save people like Spinner Rumple and Bae. And I don’t think that’s something Rumplestiltskin saw many times in his long life. 

There are many important things about Rumbelle, and the Ogre Wars being a shared experience (even if from totally different POV’s - but imo, that’s what makes it interesting) is probably not one of the most important ones. But damn, it’s fascinating.


Request: Fluffy Daddy!Yugyeom (gender neutral)


hey~~ I know that the request didnt specify and thats why I made it fluffy, we should all know by now that thats my default setting haha

Sorry for taking so long to finally post these oml~ I had set up the post a few days ago and forgot to actually finish 😂😂 just as an update, the other two admins are currently on an unannounced hiatus so now (and as its mostly been) its just me~~ which is why its taking so long to make and finish these requests~~ Im trying really hard though!~ 😄😄

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Big fresh fat buck I was happy to get earlier this month.Someone else already sawed his antlers off but they left all the meat.Unfortunately his skull was crushed and the other side of his face was ripped open so hes not taxidermy quality but I bet his pelts gonna make a nice blanket for me.Man was this guy weird though he was pretty much just fat inside and there was so much fat on his heart it looked like he had two!He was also super heavy took 3 people to get him in the back of a car and usually I can just pick a deer up all by myself.His stomach was completely full of just corn,apples,and soybeans so thats probs why he was so fat.He also had loads of worms in his liver but hes still good to eat.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-15: explain the reason why you love one two of the characters so much

(Lily & Lo)

“Lil.” His voice cracks. “Why are you crying?” He rubs my tears with his thumb, concern and hurt crossing his beautiful face.

“I don’t deserve you,” I say softly, our legs tangled together.

His glare could murder a family of geese, but the familiar sight is more than comforting. “Then we’re two undeserving individuals because I sure as hell don’t deserve you, Lily Hale. You help me every day stay sane and sober. I couldn’t live this life alone.” His thumb skims my wet cheeks. “And you know what?”

“What?” I whisper.

“The world went and fucked itself because the two most undeserving people got more than they deserved.”

EXPLAIN THE REASON WHY (warning: my explanation is kinda long)

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Happy bi awareness week dudes and dudettes ♥

I was watching a lets play video the RT crew did of trivial pursuit and in one of them they got a question about what country had established the colony of Acadia and almost all of them were immediately like “this is a fake question!” and were just rly confused all around, and two of them got it wrong 

and it was SO surreal for me because I actually live in what was once Acadia–and thats an important fact since it impacts our culture (Acadians are their own cultural group to this day) and our province (New Brunswick–it’s why NB is the only province to officially speak French and English)

but these guys had never heard of it and it sounded pretty fake to them and its just… odd.

 I mean, it makes sense that they wouldn’t have known about it at all, yeah, we’re a small, out of the way place, but it’s  so surreal when that place is your home that you’ve lived in your whole entire life, yknow?


Thanks for tagging me @notfobsessed like do you even realize how much i love these?? THANK YOU

A- Age: 16

B- Biggest fear: im afraid of a lot of little things but not really of one specific big thing. Like im afraid of drowning, of spiders, scary movies(like thats why ive just seen like two), im afraid of clowns(but just the american ones, the mexican ones are actually FUNNY) and im afraid of making phone calls or talking to cashiers. Does that mean i get paralyzed with fear? No. I still go swimming, i try to take the spiders outside, i still enjoy my cousin’s birthday party, and i try to make that phone call…even if i have a shaky voice the whole time

C- Current time: 10:00 am

D- Drink you last had: Raspberry tea

E- Everyday starts with: what time is it? what time is it? what time is it? Am I late?? Follewd by me realizing its barely like 6:45 am

F- Favourite song: Right now im listenng to a lot of old school Shakira.. so like Gitana, Antologia, Te Dejo Madrid, Donde estas Corazon…..but my favorite song of all time is Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle know know? something to get me dancing? xD

G- Ghosts, are they real: Well im still debating on this, cz I think there should be a rational explanation for most things…and like why would ghosts be haunting us if they couldu just chill in the afterlife? Theres not really too much that we know about ghosts. Now ask me about mermaids of dragons and ill tell you why i DO believe they either exist or existed 

H-Hometown: Nope im not gonna answer this one. xD you have to unlock a certain level of friendship for that one xD

I- In love with: the stars and the sky, the smell of rain and Diney movies, my friends, all of the flowers, and the butterflies

J- Jealous of: IDK …a lot of people i guess.. people who dont have to try too hard to be good at anything, people who had the patience to learn how to draw, those who could actually make phone calls without shaking…but then I realize that theres not really anything i should be jealous of.. i mean i live a pretty good life and if ever wan to do any of those things i can just work hard to achieve them, just like those people did.

K- Killed someone: Do my dreams count?

L- Last time you cried: Yesterday night

M- Middle name: i actually dont have one xD

N- Number of siblings: 2 brothers, 3 sisters

O- One wish: for there to be no hate in the world.. can you imagine? There is so much beauty in this world but we never take the time we dont take the to notice because were always fighting with each other.

P- Person you last called/texted: my best friend telling her i wanted a tattoo of the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” and how we should get a matching tattoo when we grow up

Q- Questions you’re always asked: Are you always this weird? the answer is yes, yes i am xD

R- Reasons to smile: Ooh theres lots of things!!! Telling youre friend a corny joke, that last packet of cookies that youve been saving, you otp finally getting together, reading a good book, beating youre friends in a video game, making a new friend, buying yourself discount chocolate after the holidays, dancing around in youre room, watching a funny tv show, looking up at the stars. Theres plenty of things to smile about! But only if you take the time to appreciate them. 

S- Song last sang: For the dancing and the dreaming from How To Train Your Dragon 2

T- Time you woke up: I woke up at 6:30 then went back to sleep until 9

U- Underwear colour: Purple

V- Vacation destination: Japan, Italy, France, Cancun, Puerto Peñasco, California and just about any place that has a Disneyland  

W- Worst habit: not eating breakfast everyday.. that cant be healthy right?

X- X-rays you’ve had: the only x-rays ive had are the ones you get at the dentist

Y- Your favourite food: I love flautas and mole and tacos and pozole and milanesas, carne asada, papas asadas, and just about any type of potatoes

Z- Zodiac sign: Libra


Toxictale was the AU I wanted to share but I didn’t know if I should have-

But I’m doing it anyway so here we go-

Also, WARNING, this Au contains dark themes, disturbing/creepy imagery, and is all together a little messed up :) you have been warned.

Sorry for such a nasty text blog haha

Alright, so a month or two ago I had a small, fleeting thought about an AU I could make. I really enjoyed the Fallout franchise, and I still really loved Undertale. I thought that a crossover AU or mix between the two would be really cool. Thus, this idea was born!

Sadly, a Fallout x Undertale AU does already exist, and it is also called Toxictale(coincidence? Yup). However, the Fallout x Undertale AU follows the plotline of the Fallout games; like waking up in the machine, escaping the vault, meeting new people and salvaging supplies, etc.

The idea of radiation fascinated me, and so, this idea was born again, but improved!

Instead of following the Fallout plotline, it would follow a completely different story.


In the late 1930’s, scientists began to try and find places to dump nuclear waste that wouldn’t affect the major populace. Since Mt. Ebott rarely had visitors, and those who did visit never returned, they decided to begin dumping the radioactive waste into the hole on the mountain.

By this point, monsters had now become subjects of fairytale, and mostly no one remembered they existed. The humans were unaware that the monsters were under the mountain, and that the waste had devastating effects on Monsterkind.

Follow a human child who wanted to explore the fabled Mt. Ebott, and the horrid, terrifying creatures that existed beneath the mountain.

Humans try to fix things; severed relationships, hardware, illnesses… But in the end, they mostly make things even worse.

So…yeah, that’s the idea ^^;;

Thanks for listening!

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I'm afraid that since she defeated him in the saber duel, and he's going to finish his training (plus he might get stronger through the dark bec of his hatred and anger bec of defeat), he might actually end up killing (or fatally wounding) luke :(

Honestly, I would roll my eyes if they had Kylo kill Luke. I’m serious. It would be the lamest, most tensionless fight scene I would ever watch. Why? Because we already got the shock of Kylo killing an OT character with Han. Why should he get Luke or Leia, too? Plus, narratively it would be really lackluster if Luke’s just…killed off right after they spent a whole movie looking for him. No thanks.

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If Seri and Izumo got married and had a baby together, and Saruhiko and Misaki somehow ended up babysitting them together, how would it turn out? Would Seri and Izumo trust the two of them to take care of their baby?

I think there might be some initial discomfort with the idea of Fushimi and Yata handling a baby but Kusanagi and Awashima discuss it a bit and figure it can’t be that bad, since after all Yata has younger siblings and Fushimi handled the Strain baby from DOB fine so they both should be pretty decent at taking care of babies and there’s probably no other alternative anyway. So Awashima and Kusanagi go out for a nice romantic dinner or something and leave Fushimi and Yata behind to babysit. I think the two of them might be kinda cute with the baby at first, I feel like Yata would be all playing with the kid and having fun because after all it’s Kusanagi’s kid so it’s like part of the family right? Plus again with the having younger siblings Yata’s probably good with babies and he’s doing a surprisingly good job keeping the baby happy and playing with it and all that. Meanwhile Fushimi is a lot more reluctant on that end, I think he’d complain that he’s only doing this because Awashima didn’t trust Yata to look after the kid alone but don’t expect him to do anything because ew babies. But he keeps sneaking little glances at Yata and the kid like he wants to go over and play with the baby too, he’s just secretly super nervous that he’ll mess something up or ruin the baby somehow. Then the baby starts crying and even Yata can’t get it to stop, he hands the baby off to Fushimi so he can go get some milk from the fridge and when he comes back the baby is sleeping peacefully in the arms of a totally baffled Fushimi (because even babies probably love Fushimi). Yata’s slightly jealous that the baby likes Saruhiko better than him. They probably manage mostly okay until maybe the baby needs its diaper changed and then Fushimi is immediately like on the opposite side of the room and staring at his PDA all ‘I’ll let you handle this one, Misaki.’ Yata’s annoyed at being relegated to diaper-changing duty but he thinks it’s funny that Fushimi is so frightened by just a dirty diaper and he’s trying to dangle the kid in Fushimi’s face just to tease him. Fushimi throws a knife and Yata’s like what the hell Saruhiko there’s a baby here (“I know, I wasn’t aiming for the baby, idiot”). Still, all in all things go pretty well, at least until Awashima comes home and checks on her baby and is like “…Fushimi-kun. Could you please explain why my child is sucking on the hilt of a knife?” “…We lost the pacifier under the couch. The kid liked the knife better than the alternatives.” “We did at least disinfect first?”

Obviously, he’s a star in the soccer world, showing such skill and kind of grace when he’s out there on the field. So he’s fun to watch.

I know he’s a basketball head. I saw him dribbling two basketballs the other day trying to mimic my two-ball routine. I told him I appreciate that and he doesn’t want to see me with a soccer ball, because I wouldn’t know what to do.

It’s pretty cool to know we’ve got fans all over, and obviously it’s inspiring what he does on the soccer field.

—  Stephen Curry on meeting Neymar [05/06/’16]

Sirius sent Harry letters using tropical birds, and people say it’s because he was “using discretion, haha, dramatic ol’ Sirius.” The birds were what he had. It’s not his fault. Sure, he could have gone some place less tropical to “lie low”, but I think I know why he did what he did:

Two reasons. The first, is because Sirius needed to put as much space between himself and Britain as possible. Everyone and their brother was looking for Mass Murderer Sirius Black, it makes sense to get away.

The second, is because Sirius needed healing. I don’t think he and Remus were at a point where they were comfortable with one another again, not yet. And Remus is, for lack of better words, stuck in his grey lifestyle. And Sirius did not need grey. Sirius just spent 12 years rotting in Azkaban. He has been miserable and depressed for 12 years, unable to get out of that torture. Anyone who has truly suffered deep depression knows that this was agony. And studies show that depression literally make the world look, to your eyes as well as your mind, dull, grey, dark… I can personally verify this, and tell you that yes, this is absolutely true.

Now, I propose that Sirius could have gone somewhere else “far away.” Greece, somewhere to the East… But he went somewhere tropical. Somewhere we as a culture idealize as peaceful, a true getaway. Sirius went and took what we laugh at as a tropical vacation, to say it bluntly. But I think that it was more than that. Britain is described a lot as “grey”, with lots of rain, etc. Sirius had been through a thousand lifetimes of grey. Sirius needed color. He needed to REMEMBER color. So Sirius did what passionate, emotional Sirius Black does, and he chose on impulse to go to the tropical region, where there is so much vibrancy and color that it is inescapable. Sirius went there to hide, because no one there knows about a scary Grimm, or about a certain Mass Murderer, but he also went there to try and begin his healing process. It was not just for fun.

Lets just take the whole relationship thing off the table for a moment. This episode more than anything has shown us truly how wonderful that Clarke and Lexa’s dynamic is.

The fact that as a whole Lexa truly respects Clarke. She can spit on her, hold a knife to her throat, basically tell her to go fuck herself, and yet Lexa still BOWS TO HER which both is so beautiful and just so fucking powerful man.

They’re not just two strong leaders who feel deeply for one another but they’re a partnership with mutual respect. I believe after everything Clarke still respects Lexa and always will.

Making that choice at Mount Weather was not easy for her; she’s made it clear. Thats why Clarke’s people are the thirteenth clan, so she never has to turn her back on Clarke again. It speaks so many volumes and the writing is just amazing. I haven’t had such love for a show in my life so this is beyond amazing.

so an interesting thing. Fusions have the combined color palates of their parts, but the forced fusion just had jarring stripes…jasper is not a pure gem, its made from many other rocks. Jasper’s design has stripes all over the “skin” part. Jasper maybe isn’t a fusion of two gems, but could be a forced fusion, which might be why she treats fusion as “just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger” because like. Thats what happened to her and she isn’t understanding of how Garnet’s fusion works as a consenting relationship? Like Garnet’s design also has two full gems, but the forced fusion has one messed up gem, and I think Jasper’s gem is noticable different colors/shades?
Regardless of whether Jasper is a forced fusion or not, the episode explains her view of fusion.

the past two years have been an emotional roller coaster - i almost lost my brother in a car accident that took the life of his best friend, lost my grandfather, switched my college major, dealt with the disappointment of my mother because of that change, struggled with coming to terms with my body and my body image issues, discovered i have anxiety and panic attacks, and had my heart broken. but i’ve also discovered a career path i’m extremely passionate about and am excited to pursue, cut out the toxic relationships in my life and found some of my closest friends, accepted the way i look and continue to embrace it every day, love myself, developed an incredible relationship with my brother that we never quite had, became independent, discovered a love for writing, pursued my fitness goals and achieved a body i wanted for myself and not anyone else, and ultimately, i became happy. and i really do have liam to thank for a large portion of that. he inspires me to be stronger, to be a better me for me and not anyone else. he makes me strong. (metlife, august 5th, section 8 row 7)

About the Seventeen Showcase,,,


“Are you kidding me?  Why do you have to do that there?”  Nico asked as she reentered her room.    She let out a huff when the two girls making out on her bed continued to explore each other’s mouths.  “Hey!  I’m talking to you.”

Nozomi lifted herself up from where she had Eli pinned to Nico’s bed.  “Took you long enough.”

“I was gone for, like, five minutes.”

“You know I get bored easily.”

“And you.”  Nico glared at Eli who was entranced by Nozomi’s open blouse. “What do you have to say for yourself?”


“… Why am I stuck with you two?”

25 Days of Solangelo

Day 6: Old

Nico had no idea why he had let Will drag him out of their dorm at ten o'clock at night. Sure the two of them didn’t have any early classes the next morning but he didn’t know why or how he had Will coax him into going outside in the frosty December air, cold on the ground and everything. But he had because for some reason Nico was head over heels in like with his roommate and it was hard to refuse his face when he was being so genuine and innocent looking (even though Nico knew Will Solace was anything but innocent).

“Come on Nico you got to walk faster!” Will called from in front of him. Like hell Nico was walking faster. He was tired and cold and would much rather be in his dorm binge watching Netflix. 

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[ thxmpthumpthump​ ]

they saw each other every day for a whole week. it had to be the best week of his life hands down. what her father didn’t know woudn’t hurt him, and when he got done work he quickly said his goodbyes so he could see her. today was different. her father was making him work overtime which meant less time with her. he couldn’t help but grumble under his breath until he heard the back door open and let out a little happy sigh. “why is your dad making me do all of this?” he said with a little chuckle as he stopped cleaning and slowly walked over. “i’d rather spend time with you then trying to get bugs out of your pool.”