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Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯

Did Usopp write this post

TalesFromYourServer: Table of 10 in tears.

I served a family of 10 tonite, two sets of grandparents, 2.5 sets of thier adult children and one 9 year old. One of the sons wives had just died, like just on Monday, and they were coming to eat after the funeral bc it was where the couple had their wedding reception four years ago. No one told me this.

I head to my 10 top in good spirits, “Hey yall Im D. Big group, we celebrating anything?” Man from the youngest couple responds – “No.” And my cache response is, “Thats okay! Just celebrating life then!” You can only imagine how many tears that brought. 5 minutes in and Ive managed to make half a table cry – but Im completely clueless as to why??! So I back off on the jolly sever routine and just take a bar order and let them settle in. Observing body language, I can start to see that everyone is paired up except one man, whos sitting with his arm around an empty chair - and then it dawns on me that someone - his partner- has died!

Well when the food comes out, the food runner doesnt realize he should skip the empty seat in the seat count. Really, its not his fault, the widower guy ordered a martini and a glass of wine for his wife – who would never ever drink it – and even had her purse slung over the chair. It was odd. The foodrunner must have asked if anyone was sitting in the chair, because everyone was in tears over their steaming steaks and lamb chops by the time I was able to rush over and sort the delivery out.

By the end both grandmothers had gotten drunk enough to call me over and apologize for being a group of mourning lunatics. Their daughter had only been sick for 6 months that they knew, and then passed away from ALS Monday. They both asked me about my wife and family and made me promise to never fight with them or hate them.

They all fought over the bill, but the main grandfather had given me his card before anyone even arrived – 110 on 560 but It could have been 5$ honestly. That was the saddest table of my life.

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Is frisk blind? Thats why they go all time with closed eyes and why they had a stick? Maybe chara narrates everything for them to help em kinda? Or frisk may even see through chara's eyes since frisk and chara are connected bc of the dt thingy?

(undertale spoilers)

Frisk is not blind. While their eyes appear closed all the time, this is a rather common character design. (See “Eyes Always Shut” on tv tropes.)

(You noticed there was a blue switch behind the top pillar.)

You manage to tear your eyes away from Ice Cap’s hat.

(The sight of such a friendly town fills you with determination.)

(Do you want to beat it up?) [Yes / No]
(You stare into each other’s eyes for a moment…)

You stare deep into the eyes of the Lost Soul.
He remembers the gaze of humans past…

(You didn’t notice before, but there’s something like…)
(… mummy wrappings at the bottom of it.)

(Noticed you received a text from Toriel.)

From these quotes, it’s clear that Frisk is able to see. Furthermore, the idea that Chara constantly narrates to guide a blind Frisk wouldn’t work well. It would be both exhausting and impractical, especially in combat. Chara’s inhabiting of Frisk’s body shouldn’t change the physical capability of Frisk’s eyes either. 

While Frisk has eyes that appear closed, the dialogue in the game indicates that they can see. The design is merely a part of Frisk’s stoic appearance.


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good times were had. I had david sign the part of the play where he has an orgasm on stage (see top left). because why the fuck not. 😁 he was in way too much of a rush to notice, anyway. but it amuses me. I have his signature on plenty of tickets and other stuff, so this was a spot of self-indulgence.

the pic is shaky but he is handsome as ever. I very much enjoyed watching him be a debauched lech tonight. 😘👌

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What is the garlic bread au???

i think of this goddamn au everytime i even SEE garlic bread smh.

Basically it started with me and sven joking about what if Lance had a nightmare about never being able to eat garlic bread again and woke up in a cold sweat and calls Keith at like, 4 am before hanging up and calling Hunk for more sympathy and leaves Keith filled with rage and hunger for garlic bread for hours and he loses sleep over it.
The most memorable things about this au though, is that somehow we got to where Pidge eats garlic bread with peanut butter on top and threatens to eat it in front of people to get what she wants (((the threat doesnt phase Keith because lbr he probably eats weird food combos too))) ((Shiro and Matt are unfazed due to exposure of Keith and Pidges Nasty eating habits)).

anyways thats the garlic bread au and why every time i see garlic bread i think of peanut butter and pidge.

Request 28- Accent

Turning back to face the sink I was reminded of the piles of dirty plates that seemed to be living on the work surface.
I’ll wash up love, you don’t need to worry about it. You can get home and be stress free .
Fucking bastard. I took in a deep breath as I closed my eyes and counted to seven, then four, then eight. I repeated this pattern until I could feel Dan next to me.

Slowly I turned to look up at him. Still in his sweats with his hair full of curls. It was way past 5pm and he still looked like he did when I left the house at 8am. In a quick attempt to calm down I adjusted my breathing.
“Dan.” I breathed. “What was the last thing I said before I left this appartment?” I watched as confusion formed on his face. “To wash up Dan! I asked you to wash up.” His lips formed an ‘O’ shape and he caught sight of the breakfast bowls from yesterday that sat amongst other dirty items.

His hand ran through his hair and rested on the back of his neck; his eyes transformed to apologetic pools of hazel. “Y/n, I’m sorry, I've  ju-”
“You’ve been rushed off your feet?” I snapped knowing an argument was to follow. “ I've  been rushed off my feet.” I’d had enough, this was the third time this week I’d come home to washing up and god knows how many times I came home to Dan being in sweats and doing nothing.

“Dan, I’ve been at work for nine hours, what have you done?”
“Rhetorical question.” The control I had over my words had vanished into thin air. “Y'know when you’re snacking on shit from the fidge?, why the fuck don’t you stop and wash up? The sink is there!” I was yelling more than usual now. My mind was unravelling with every word I said.

He was giggling. Why the fuck was he giggling.
“Why the fuck Dan?!” Thats when I heard it. “Dan its seri-” his arms wrapped around my shoulders as he pulled me into his chest.
“You’re adorable” He laughed rubbing his chin across the top of my head.
“Why? Because I’m 5"3 and have an accent when I’m mad?” I asked pulling away from his chest
“Thats exactly why” I screwed my face up at his words.
“Fight me” I smirked as my last attempt of sass.

The next thing I knew our lips connected; the taste of coffee lingered on his lips. I felt his chapped lips grow into a smile. After breaking for air his hands rested behind my neck. “Sorry y/n. I’ll try to remember next time” his smile began to fade.
“Don’t worry love” I replied. Butterflies gathered in my stomach as I watched the smile and dimple return to his face.

The Signs as Things My Psych Professor Said
  • Aries: You keep should-ing all over yourself.
  • Taurus: Go ahead Becky: rip my heart out. Go ahead and break the friendship bracelets we made when we were five too.
  • Gemini: At that moment, my first two instincts were to rip off my shirt and punch myself in the face. And I did. So that's why I have new glasses.
  • Cancer: Who the fuck is Martha?
  • Virgo: He (his month old child) makes noises to let us know its time to go to brunch.
  • Libra: You guys can go early, I have to argue with my wife on the phone.
  • Scorpio: Imagine all the brothers and sisters you could have had that ended up in the trash.
  • Sagittarius: Nah man, do it. Be an asshole.
  • Capricorn: Just take your poptarts and netflix and live at the top of a mountain.
  • Aquarius: And I let the dolphin embrace me.
  • Pisces: Through the vigorous act of love making, I infested my wife with a parasite.

Hey there everyone!

First off, I’m so sorry about the lack of updates! 

My dog very literally ate my tablet pen and I had to wait for my new one to come in.
On top of that I got caught up in another Homestuck project (aka a lyricstuck) that I’ve been working on that I wanted to release on 4/13, which I had borrowed Miss Mew’s tablet for until my pen came in.

So neither of us have been able to do anything for here ;w;

Please take these lovely gems that Miss Mew drew before everything piled up as a gift 

Asks should resume its progress here soon!

– Mun T ))

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Interesting photos/comments re: Emma's costumes. My own opinion is that costumes/hair/makeup (ie, the pros who actually know about this stuff) have surrendered & are letting her do whatever she wants. There comes a point with some actors where it's easier, safer, & less stressful to just let a powerful actor do whatever they want & look like crap. IMHO that's why Eduardo so pointedly said how involved she is (& which awful choices were hers). It's passive aggressive, but doesn't get you fired

Yeah that’s kind of what I figured.  She was recently wearing a top that she had worn in a personal photo shoot last year and some of us wondered if it was her top or if she borrowed it from wardrobe but either way it speaks to how her personal style and Emma’s style are merging.

I really do think it’s interesting how Lana practically waved her hands this weekend and said the writers are her bosses and she discusses things but in the end they’re the boss and similarly that she leaves Eduardo to do the work and her input is mostly things like “can she be a little more lounge-y in this scene.”

Which made me chuckle because she referenced the velvet dresses which a lot of us in fandom have been calling Evil Queen lounge wear for a while.

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I'll never understand why some of this fandom is so intense with their "phil tops!!!" belief, it's like they've never heard of switching and besides, why do they care so much? Sorry for this but I saw a post that bothered me and had to rant to you lmao

the top/bottom rhetoric is tiring and confusing! it paints a really generic and genuinely incorrect picture of mlm relationships. not only that but it pushes heteronormative formulas on sga relationships? really the entire idea of a constant top/bottom in dan and phil’s (or really any) relationship is weird because no one should really care and thats not how relationships work. the obsession with top phil is ,, not great

so my boyfriend and i went to the twenty one pilots show in richmond last night. he likes their music a lot, but just got into them and doesnt know tyler joseph or josh dun. he went to the bathroom and he came back and said hey, whos josh dun? and i was like the drummer in top why??! and he said he had just shook hands with him in the bathroom. i showed him a picture of josh dun and he said no, thats not him. he had a round face, short hair. so i showed him a picture of tyler and he was like thats him!

my boyfriend met tyler in the bathroom at the venue. didnt know who he was. i guess tyler knew that so he said he was playing in a band that night and introduced himself as josh dun.


The    Invisible    Man    (1933)  (American Cinematographer, written on 1934 by the head of Universal’s effects department John P. Fulton):  

We used a completely black set-walled and floored with black velvet, to be as nearly nonreflective as possible.

Claude Rains was garbed from head to foot in black velvet tights, with black gloves, and a black headpiece rather like a driver’s helmet. Over this he wore whatever clothes might be required. This gave us a picture of the unsupported clothes moving around on a dead black field. From this negative, we made a print, and a duplicate negative which we intensified to serve as mattes for printing. A second route of optical printing added the moving clothes, and the composite final negative was painstakingly retouched by hand, using opaque dye to eliminate visual imperfections.

A scene in which the invisible man stands before a mirror and removes his bandages was exceptionally complex, requiring four separate negatives, [and was perhaps the most elaborate composite shot ever attempted in Hollywood, rivaled only by some sequences in King Kong, also released in 1933]. First, there was a shot of the wall and the mirror, with the mirror itself masked out by black velvet: next, a separate shot of the opposite wall of the room, as reflected in the mirror; thirdly, the shot of the invisible man, from the rear, unwrapping his bandages, and lastly, the reflection of him, from the front, doing the same act. The black suited-scenes were especially difficult. In some of these scenes, it was possible to leave small eyeholes in the helmet, through which the player could see: but in others-especially the close shots of the unwrapping action-this was impossible, and the player had to act ‘blind’. Air had to be supplied through tubes, as in a diving suit- but the tubes were concealed, usually running up a trouser leg. Midsummer filming, coupled with the intense heat of arc lights, made the work especially uncomfortable. On at least one occasion [Rains] fainted in the middle of a scene. Had he not been in splendid physical condition, I doubt if he could have survived the strenuous ordeal of working in such a costume, under such conditions.

In nearly all of these scenes, it was difficult-sometimes impossible- to direct the actor, for the helmet muffled the sound from the outside, and the air-tubes made a roaring rumble in his ears, which drowned out any sounds which might filter through the padding. When I used a large megaphone, and shouted at the top of my voice he could barely hear a faint murmur. Accordingly, we had to rehearse and rehearse- and then make many takes; as a rule, [by] take 20 of any such scene, we felt ourselves merely well started toward getting our shot.

i know its four in the morning and no one is around but i need to get this off my chest

why did hollywood decide that every cop show and movie will collect evidence and put it into a plastic bag???? that’s not what they do??? anywhere?? it causes mold growth???? there is not a single piece of evidence that you could ever collect that would be good to put into a plastic bag??? they use paper???

and on top of that? why would these cop shows ignore forensic experts they probably hired for information about this? why are plastic bags more glamorous than paper bags? i don’t get it??? why make a deliberate choice to use plastic instead of paper??? its so aNNOYING

especially when i see bullshit fake posts about people saying they had things collected as evidence like their cellphones or some crap and trying to pass it off as real like bitch i see you. i know the truth. thats some fake ass story you got since nO POLICE AGENCY USES PLASTIC BAGS TO PACKAGE EVIDENCE EVER


my top 10 bending scenes of korra in book 1

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So I was brand new to reading fic in early 2015 and chose to filter a03 based on hits or kudos. This brought up the more "iconic" fics because they had been read the most. Maybe that's why they are mentioned more? I'm thankful for people like @nottooldforthisship for including more recently written fics like yours. It allowed me to switch to reading works by an authors I liked rather then what the vast majority were reading. I will admit that my interest is waning a bit due to fandom fatigue.

This makes a LOT of sense actually. I first started reading fics through ao3 - not knowing fic recs were a thing - and I would sort it by “top hits,” because I assumed they were the best of the best. Of COURSE the well written fics (and some not that well written…) from many years ago will pop up first. There were so many readers back then. The numbers between now and then can’t compete.

And thank you @nottooldforthisship for always updating and being on your game. This anon appreciates it. And so do I 😌

  • Gon: Hisoka, could you please pick those cookies? The ones at the top of the cupboard. I can't reach them
  • Hisoka: But of course ♤
  • Gon: Thank-Ey! Don't eat them!
  • Hisoka: Why? You've only said I had to pick them, not to GIVE them to you ♡
  • Gon: They are mine!
  • Hisoka: Ok, I'll give you the cookies back... But only if you can take them ♧
  • Gon: That's cheating! You're taller than me!
  • Hisoka: Keep trying, you've almost reached them ♢
  • Gon: You're an asshole!
  • Tali: We need to talk.
  • Garrus: Erm, ominous. But okay?
  • Tali: We need to settle this once and for all.
  • Garrus: Is this about Liara and Javik, because I am totally pro that.
  • Tali: No! What? You think...?
  • Garrus: Hell yes! All that yelling? Totally hiding something there.
  • Tali: Because you're an expert?
  • Garrus: Hey, I know my way around...
  • Tali: The Thanix cannon? Yes. Women? I was there when you asked Shepard if she wanted to 'calibrate' your gun. I've never seen her run so fast. Wait, we've gone of topic here, this wasn't about the Prothean or your flirting prowess.
  • Garrus: It's a Turian thing alright! And shame about the other two, they would be adorable together.
  • Tali: Keehal, drop it. This is serious.
  • Garrus: Fine, what is it?
  • Tali: Who is Shepard's best friend, you or me?
  • Garrus: What kind of question is that, me obviously!
  • Tali: How is that an obviously?
  • Garrus: She tells me everything! I've seen her naked!
  • Tali: Pffft. Amateur, I know things you wouldn't even dream of!
  • Garrus: Like what?!
  • Tali: Like details. Juicy details...
  • Garrus: Spirits, she told you about the thing didn't she?
  • Tali: That would be telling!
  • Garrus: Look, it was one time, I was experimenting... I am not proud of it...
  • Shepard: *walks in* What's happening?
  • Garrus: I cannot believe you've told her about the nest, it was all for you. I thought I could trust you!
  • Shepard: I actually didn't...
  • Tali: Wow. Yeah, no she told me that Kaidan once owned an animal print rifle because apparently it brought out the beast in him... You built Shepard a nest?! Out of what precisely and why?
  • Shepard: My room mostly. Pillows, clothes, my hamster... That's also why the Destiny Ascension model is missing a wing.
  • Tali: You told me you dropped it.
  • Shepard: Correction, I said it was dropped. I did not specify by whom, or that it was from the top of the cupboard where Garrus was perching.
  • Garrus: *swear in turian*