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Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯



these were from the expression meme thing

ok first of all i have no idea how top right yuuri became yandere yuuri but it did and honestly it felt so weird drawing him like that yuuri no

and the bottom left wanted sick and flirty victor but i had no idea how to draw him flirty while sick so i just drew him sick

if you want you can use these is icons  With Credit but dont repost them please

also the bottom right one wasnt asked for but i wanted to do an even 4 so i just did that one lol

so my boyfriend and i went to the twenty one pilots show in richmond last night. he likes their music a lot, but just got into them and doesnt know tyler joseph or josh dun. he went to the bathroom and he came back and said hey, whos josh dun? and i was like the drummer in top why??! and he said he had just shook hands with him in the bathroom. i showed him a picture of josh dun and he said no, thats not him. he had a round face, short hair. so i showed him a picture of tyler and he was like thats him!

my boyfriend met tyler in the bathroom at the venue. didnt know who he was. i guess tyler knew that so he said he was playing in a band that night and introduced himself as josh dun.

Teen Top 6th Anniversary - ✨Congratulations✨

July 10 2010 and counting!!!!!


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Implyin’ I wasn’t the one who hurt him in the first place

scorbus hcs - youtuber au (kinda)
  • Albus had just turned 20, was in his second year of the curse-breaker program, and was top of his class
  • he was also publicly know as the Slytherin son of the Hero of the Wizarding World (he didn’t like that title much tbqh)
  • and he liked wizternet, a global system that connected wizarding computers and was obviously based off muggle’s internet
  • he specially liked watching videos on both muggle’s youtube and wizards’ youfloo
  • one day, after he watched a video of his cousin Fred talk about wizarding life in Russia (he was travelling around the world, the lucky git), youfloo recommended a video titled “SCORPION KING BURNS THE HOUSE”
  • on the thumbnail there was a blond guy who wore silver-wired glasses and a turquoise jacket next to a dark-skinned girl with short hair who looked oddly familiar
  • he decided to watch the video
  • it was so funny, the girl (Alex Zabini, Albus recognised, daughter of Blaise Zabini and Albus’s godfather, Neville Longbottom) was talkiing about how Scorpius had tried to bake a cake for his father’s 46th birthday and ended up almost burning the house. Scorpius was pouty throughout the video, but he couldn’t help and laugh at some remarkable points.
  • Albus decided to subscribe to Scorpius’s channel
  • he had to admit the boy was so damn cute, with his crooked smile and silver glasses and septum piercing. his wavy and white-blondish hair, the freckles on his nose and cheeks. and his french accent.
  • Albus wondered if his godfather would think it weird for him to visit out of the blur. He also wondered if Alex and Lily were still good friends.
  • then he decided to let it go bc there was no chance he would ever get to date Scorpius, even if he was also gay (Albus knew that bc he had seen all of his videos, including his coming out one), that didn’t mean he would be interested in Albus.
  • almost two months after he found out Scorpius’s channel, Albus met him
  • he had just left Gringotts and decided to look up some books on Flourish and Blotts
  • arriving there he found his father arguing heatedly with a blond man around his age
  • from what Albus could hear, it was a discussion about cooking methods.
  • old people, he sighed before getting closer to his dad
  • “dad?” he said and as Harry turned to him, his expression softened.
  • “Al!” he hugged his son, “good to see you here,” he said before turning back to the man he was arguing with, he frowned for a moment before reluctantly saying, “this is Draco Malfoy,”
  • “Albus Potter,” Albus said, offering his hand for a shake.
  • Draco Malfoy looked at it, then at Potter, then at Albus, and shook it.
  • two piles of books came floating towards them
  • “dad, I think I have all the books I need, and I also picked some more because, well, you know how I am with books”
  • Albus almost shivered when he heard that voice
  • Scorpius Malfoy appeared from behind the book piles and opened his mouth to say something again when he realised his father wasn’t alone.
  • “Scorpius,” mr. Malfoy said, “this is Harry Potter,” he nodded in Harry’s direction, “and Albus Potter, his son”
  • Scorpius smiled happily and shook both Potter’s hands, lingering a bit at Albus’s.
  • “Nice to meet you,” he said and Albus bit his lip to stop himself from saying something stupid, like, I’ve seen all your videos or I like the way your hand feels against mine
  • to stop himself from ogling Scorpius, Albus looked around and focused himself on the books Scorpius was going to buy
  • they were mostly about science and technology, but there was a m/m romance in there too
  • “you like that?” he heard Scorpius ask next to him and he thanked his self-control for not jumping.
  • “seems good,” he said mildly, his mind now focused on the fact that Scorpius smelled like honey and something citric
  • “mhm,” Scorpius hummed, “our parents are having a staring contest right now,” he muttered in Albus’s ear, his voice sounding amused
  • Albus closed his eyes and turned to face the two men who were almost on their 50s act like they were first years.
  • “unbelievable,” he shook his head, “dad is usually nice when he meets old classmates, I guess him and your father must have a heavy history”
  • Albus turned to Scorpius then, to find out their faces were only inches apart.
  • “must be it,” Scorpius said and for a moment Albus stared at his lips, feeling his throat dry up.
  • “do you wanna grab a drink?” Scorpius asked
  • Albus swallowed and licked his lips before nodding.
  • “Sure, now?”
  • Scorpius glanced at mr. Malfoy and Harry, who were now arguing again.
  • “Now sounds good,” Scorpius smiled shyly at him. “Lead the way,”
  • Albus put his hands in his pockets and they walked side by side to the pub a few blocks away.
  • months later Albus would talk about how he found Scorpius’s channel and was instantly enchanted with him, and Scorpius would talk about a Daily Prophet article he read right after moving to London that featured the picture of the cutest wizard he had ever laid eyes on
  • they’d make videos together and be very loving and gay for all wizarding world to see.

anonymous asked:

hey!! i use the same staedtler pens as you and i was wondering if i should order mildliners or if they will smudge my writing? ive had bad experience with certain highlighters smudging my writing so im just wondering about your experience! take care lil bat

hello! mildliners will smudge staedtler pens (i find that most things do)- staedtler pens are very smudgy i think! i often put a strip of highlighter down first, wait around 10-15 mins + then write on top of the highlighter! (thats why in my planner pics you can sometimes see pages that are untitled lol)

obviously this might not be practical if you’re highlighting your notes in class or for homework! hope you have a lovely day!

lavasplashin replied to your post “I just wanna talk about trans hunk and trans lance or any gender hcs…”

TRANS LANCE!!! i hc that he started binding around 12 and eventually got t and top surgery around 16. I think he still had a pretty binary idea of gender for a while and thats why he was shocked by pidge saying shes a girl ( i hc trans pidge also) because shes not typical femme presenting.

lavasplashin replied to your post “I just wanna talk about trans hunk and trans lance or any gender hcs…”

And now he could be rethinking gender and may or may not consider himself nonbinary now!!


BIGBANG Reaction: Their GF having a wet dream about another member

T.O.P/Seunghyun: Jagiya, why have you had a racy dream of Seungri? That’s the wrong Seunghyun, you’re not supposed to be having a dream like that about him, I’m Seunghyun 2.0: The Official Pimp

G-Dragon/Jiyong: You had a dream about Youngbae, about what?  Oh just dancing thats not that ba- in bed..okay well I suppose it can be wors- oh, naked. Ah wow, no more Good Boy performances for you, Jagi

Taeyang/Youngbae: Ahh Y/N, you were dreaming about having your hands all over Daesung’s body? *you shyly shake your head no* Yes you did, you talk in your sleep. Y/N, you did, I heard his name come from your mouth last night

Daesung: Seunghyun hyung or Seunghyun dongsaeng? Ahhh T.O.P Seunghyun, have you been watching Tazza 2 again? I have no chance with that man, Jagi. Do you know what T.O.P stands for?

Seungri/Seunghyun: *scoffs*  So you had a dream about Jiyong hyung and not me huh? Well, I can’t blame you, I’ve had a few dreams about my hyung as well and they were pretty risque if i do say so myself, jealous? #nyongtory

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-Admin Koko

this is one of those moments where i am actually kind of glad his nickname is bread. its perfect for this absolute bullshit. 

meet Handy’s cyborg captain and fearless leader, Peo!

she had a large portion of her left side blown apart in a mechanical accident, including her hand, lower leg, eye, and a number of teeth and bones. so she built herself robotic replacements (including an eye with rotating lenses, each with a different function, controlled by the touchscreen on her head)

I’m pretty happy with how the crew is coming along! :D

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You guys seem to always say his name whenever you want to point out how cold Hera is {Which is true, thats why I adore her} but let me ask you this: WHY DID HEPHAESTUS SAVED HERA? After the second olympian civil war Hera was imprissioned by Zeus in top of tartarus and guess what the fuck did hephy did…. HE SAVED HER Why? She tried to kill him!…..what if she apologized and tried to be a good mother to him? What of she tried to repair her mistake? What if she…idk…GREW UP? Hera was technically still young when she had hephy so what if she tried to be good mother? Now you can make the argument that Hephy is a big teddy bear {He isnt, he is a male Hera, thats why I love him} and tried to be like vin diesil and save her cause “THEY ARE FAMILY NOW”….this is I have this contra argument…. HE DIDNT SAVE ARES, WHEN ARES WAS CAPTURED IN THE VASE HEPHY LET HIM FOR DEAD! But always there will be a different version takes of any myths, this is just my opinion and always remeber, Tia dalma if you would…

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I love this (first pic) camera angle. When they use it Bucky appears to be standing fairly close to Steve or at least right up behind him even though he isn’t. He had been standing with the others until he changed his mind and joined Steve; knew without even looking at him that he was nervous and even though he is too, he doesn’t let Steve know. He brings up a happy memory instead. And the bottom picture proves that he was correct; Steve turns to look at him before entering the hallway as if he needs confirmation that it’ll be okay and hes making the right move in gradually entering rather than rushing through. He may be Captain America who appears to be all business in front of everyone else but around Bucky he’s Steve who is very much terrified and out of his element. Bucky knows what he’s feeling without looking; a skill probably learned in childhood when Steve would tell him he was fine and he knew he wasn’t; listening for every hitch in his breathing or creased forehead because he has to protect him at all costs.

I’m honestly sick of people like Peter Brown and Jordan Parhar saying Brittnee was a terrible player and laughing when Loveita mentioned her as one of her favorites. Not only did she make it further than them, she managed to find an actual ride or die that never betrayed her, meaning she had good intuition and great judge of character from the start. She won more competitions than both of them combined. Both of them easily got played by players better than them. And she doesn’t have a spot in the top 10 dumbest moves in Big Brother Canada history. The only reason these two nerds feel like they can talk and make fun of others so easily is because of their arrogant and cocky know-it-all attitudes that got them evicted in the first place. These guys literally lack so much self awareness they can’t even see how they’ve practically become the actual definition and BBCanada poster boys for mediocrity. 

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