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Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯

Did Usopp write this post

so my boyfriend and i went to the twenty one pilots show in richmond last night. he likes their music a lot, but just got into them and doesnt know tyler joseph or josh dun. he went to the bathroom and he came back and said hey, whos josh dun? and i was like the drummer in top why??! and he said he had just shook hands with him in the bathroom. i showed him a picture of josh dun and he said no, thats not him. he had a round face, short hair. so i showed him a picture of tyler and he was like thats him!

my boyfriend met tyler in the bathroom at the venue. didnt know who he was. i guess tyler knew that so he said he was playing in a band that night and introduced himself as josh dun.

“Danny’s enormously talented. Working with someone like him makes my performance better.”

“I’ve learned so much while working closely with Danny Miller- its all been an absolute pleasure!”

“We seem to have great chemistry on screen, which is a blessing.”

“I love working with Danny!”

“Danny’s a great actor and I’m very lucky to work so extensively with him.”

“We get on very well and he’s very grounded. We share a lot in common and we’ve got a great rapport.”

“It has been a gift for me to work with him and the fact we get on as well makes it easier and a lot more fun.”

“I’m very pleased to see Robert and Aaron together and happy. It means that Danny and I get to work together a bit more.”

“Ryan says he feels blessed to be working alongside Danny Miller.”

“My favourite storyline of the year was Danny’s [prison sl]. I think he handled it fantastically. I thought his performances were incredible.”

“We both enjoy working with each other and we have chemistry so I hope there’s a long future for the relationship.”

“It was pretty uneventful until I met Danny at the screen test and I guess things just clicked!”

“I’ve been very lucky that I was paired with Danny because not only is he a great actor but I’ve learnt so much from him.”

“I’m really lucky working with Danny. Not only do we get along but we amuse and entertain each other. We’re able to really knuckle down when it comes to it and that makes coming to work so much easier when you have that with someone.”

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{Long live Ryan Hawley… The #1 top fan girl of Danny Miller}


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this is going to sound strange but whenever you write something i'm always convinced that's how it actually happened. your tags and your answers to questions. and so i want to know, what did isak do for even's birthday?

well, Noora helped Isak bake a cake yesterday, then left him to decorate it by himself. he started out quite ambitiously, making icing from scratch and everything, but then got lazy and didn’t measure how much space he actually had, which is why on top of the cake it now says happy birthday bab instead of the happy birthday baby he was going for. Even still thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever seen in his life ever, then asks him, bab as in kebab? and Isak tells him no, bab as in shut your beautiful face because I tried.

Family Vacation quotes
  • Lunafreya: If you think my grown ass isn't going to try and squeeze into that Princess Stroller, you got another thing coming! Hold my shoes!
  • ~~~
  • Gladiolus: If you keep being this way, I will show up to your wedding in flip-flops and socks.
  • Me: Try me, big guy! Don't think I won't kick your ass in a wedding dress!
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: He looks like a gods damn unsalted peanut! Get out of my face!
  • Prompto: I'm offended for him, geez Iggy, calm down.
  • ~~~
  • Noctis: Where ya going, I'm still mad and sad.
  • ~~~
  • Gladiolus: The fact I can quote the Lion King from memory means everything to me.
  • ~~~
  • Ravus: If you hand me an Oreo thin, I'm gonna punch you in the face, double stuff all the way.
  • ~~~
  • Noctis: I am a grown adult, I can do whatever I want, and don't need help with shit!
  • Gladiolus: Your shoes untied.
  • Noctis: What Ignis! Help!
  • Ignis: We got you Velcro after the last incident.
  • ~~~
  • Noctis: If you hand me that tofu I will throw the largest adult tantrum Eos has ever seen. Don't test me!
  • ~~~
  • Prompto: I woke up at 2 am and she was just eating a pickle. I figured that I'd let her have her moment.
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: She didn't have a plate she was just eating the cake like an apple.
  • Gladiolus: She does the same with pineapple, it's both beautiful and horrifying.
  • ~~~
  • Cindy: Sorry got distracted by my own boobs, what's up?
  • ~~~
  • Lunafreya: Do you think I should ask her out?
  • Ravus: You've been flirting with her for 10 minutes maybe.
  • Lunafreya: Hey! You wanna go out!
  • Ravus: I wouldn't have yelled it across the park but you do you.
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: *notices a child screaming* Soon they will learn to do this inside, I'm still waiting for Noct and Prompto to learn.
  • Noctis & Prompto: Not likely.
  • ~~~
  • Araena: We don't know anyone who is straight, hell this morning you told me you'd trade your doughnut for a kiss from Prompto.
  • Prompto: Aww that's so...wait what kind of doughnut?
  • Noctis: Sprinkles.
  • Prompto: Aww you do care.
  • ~~~
  • Me: *Muttering to myself* You useless lesbian.
  • Prompto: Aren't you bisexual?
  • Me: Yeah but the lesbian side is winning today.
  • ~~~
  • Ravus: Come over here so I can hit you.
  • Ignis: Why are you going to go!
  • ~~~
  • Gladiolus: How many cups did you have today?
  • Ignis: That's none of your damn business.
  • ~~~
  • Prompto: Noctis broke up our friendship last night because I never cried at him dressing fancy, but I did at that Chocobo dressed in a top hat and tie.
  • Noctis: I looked better!
  • ~~~
  • Prompto: None of us deserve a big toblerone.
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: Where were you?
  • Gladiolus: Had to stop and take a picture of a dude with two turtles fucking on his shirt.
  • Noctis: That's a good a reason if any.
  • Prompto: Can...can we see?
  • ~~~
  • Ravus: *to Noctis* You can't talk to her right now because I'm talking to her right now.
  • Noctis: I can talk to her whenever I want!
  • Ravus: No you can't, she's the Princess.
  • Lunafreya: Rae...
  • Ravus: She's the Princess.
  • Lunafreya: *looks to Noctis distressed* I'm the Princess.
  • ~~~
  • Hakuna Matata starts playing
  • Gladiolus to Ignis: Don't you start!
  • Ignis: *muttering* Damn lazy people.
  • ~~~
  • Me: All Frogs carry guns and knives.
  • Ravus: Why must you be this way?
  • ~~~
  • Me: *laughing at myself after getting emotional about explaining FFXV* This damn game has ruined my life.
The Signs as Things My Psych Professor Said
  • Aries: You keep should-ing all over yourself.
  • Taurus: Go ahead Becky: rip my heart out. Go ahead and break the friendship bracelets we made when we were five too.
  • Gemini: At that moment, my first two instincts were to rip off my shirt and punch myself in the face. And I did. So that's why I have new glasses.
  • Cancer: Who the fuck is Martha?
  • Virgo: He (his month old child) makes noises to let us know its time to go to brunch.
  • Libra: You guys can go early, I have to argue with my wife on the phone.
  • Scorpio: Imagine all the brothers and sisters you could have had that ended up in the trash.
  • Sagittarius: Nah man, do it. Be an asshole.
  • Capricorn: Just take your poptarts and netflix and live at the top of a mountain.
  • Aquarius: And I let the dolphin embrace me.
  • Pisces: Through the vigorous act of love making, I infested my wife with a parasite.

good times were had. I had david sign the part of the play where he has an orgasm on stage (see top left). because why the fuck not. 😁 he was in way too much of a rush to notice, anyway. but it amuses me. I have his signature on plenty of tickets and other stuff, so this was a spot of self-indulgence.

the pic is shaky but he is handsome as ever. I very much enjoyed watching him be a debauched lech tonight. 😘👌


my top 10 bending scenes of korra in book 1

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heeeyyyy so i was wondering if you had read any fics where one of the members comes out?? whether its gay or bi and ace or whatever and maybe it's a hurt/comfort or minor angst sorta thing? ik that's super complex so ignore me if you want:)

I will obviously not ignore you!! omg why would i

take it or leave it by mianderings [Namgi, E, 40k]

on top of a hill by xiajin [Yoonkook, T, 6k]

My Heart Is (Beating Fast) by milestofu [Yoonkook, T, 1k]

White Chalk by g_odalisque13 [Taegi, E, 72k]

all i know is how to love you by softjoonie [Yoonkook, E, 6.2k]

Figuring It Out as We Go by peppermint_wind [Jikook, T, 4.2k]

let me know by wowoashley [Taekook, M, 24k]

a procession of seasons by shikae (39smooth) [Yoonseok, E, 21k]

Love You For You by astwrid [Taekook, T, 4.8k]

All of these except the last one are coming out as gay/bisexual ! :)

-Admin Nana

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What do you think of Firefox/Mixen? I personally think steel and vixen was very rushed and kinda out of nowhere. Mick and Amaya had a relationship building between them for the entire season. That's just what I think.

Do I love it? It’s in my top 5 for Mick and my favorite ship for Amaya. I’d love to see it actually happen on the show, especially if slow burn development as opposed to whatever Nate/Amaya was.

(It felt like the first couple of episodes the writers were pairing Amaya up with everyone to see who fans liked her with best.)

That said, I think there’s several factors why the show went with Nate/Amaya and seemed to drop Amaya/Mick after a few episodes.

First Issue: Extension of the Season. LoT got an additional 4 episodes after season 2 had already started. I honestly went “oh no, that’s going to screw things up” when I saw the news. When you have a show as plot driven as LoT was in season 2, suddenly adding significant length to the show requires serious rewriting. I feel a lot of ideas for the season got cut as they reworked the season.

One of those ideas was probably a love triangle between Nate, Amaya, and Mick. Looking at the mid season break sizzle reel and episode previews I had the impression Mick was going to fall in love with Amaya and then get his heart broken when he finds out Amaya is in a sexual relationship with Nate. I thought it was going to be one of those elements that would complicate Mick’s decision to hand the spear over to Len (and the Legion).

(And honestly that dynamic of Nate being the boy next door/sexual interest to Mick’s bad boy/romantic interest would have been a love triangle I would have been ok with. Like LTs are so overused anymore but I would have enjoyed the dynamic of that one if done right.)

Second Issue: Nate’s underwhelming reception. As @coldtomyflash has pointed out. It’s pretty obvious PR thought Nate was going to be a big hit with fans instead of us going “oh look, Ray 2.0”. So I think the writers chose to cut back on Mick/Amaya to try to promote Nate through Amaya.

Third Issue: I don’t have any evidence of this but I suspect there is tension between Dominic Purcell and the creative/directive/productive people in charge of the show. Dominic Purcell has said he found the initial description of Mick Rory when he picked up the role to be silly (memory is fuzzy but I think it was “like a raging inferno trapped behind a door- which I thought was ridiculous”) and he’s admitted he’s found a lot of his lines to be dumb so he’s done his own take on the character. Actors aren’t really supposed to have that much autonomy with their characters and Dominic doing so might have grated. That could be why Mick Roy’s role was significantly reduced even though him and Sara seemed to be the two major leads of the season in articles before it aired. (As well as why Mick seems to have gotten dumber between seasons, to be frequently seen eating/drinking, and generally mistreated by the rest of the team. Aside from the ableism that seems to exist on TV in general).

Now as to how Nate/Amaya was portrayed on the show: it was so bland. Not good, not bad, but very cliche. Seriously the ship shakes they bump into each other and make bedroom eyes at one another? They have sex after cuddling for warmth naked? I wouldn’t call their relationship fake but it was very contrived. Also, Nate seems to have this magical ability to make everything bland and boring. Which is sad because as @crimsondomingo pointed out recently, Nate had the potential to be interesting and yet isn’t.

  • [back in their KGB days, Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes are carrying a dead body]
  • Natasha Romanoff: You didn't fall down the fucking hill, did you? Did you fall down the hill?
  • Bucky Barnes: I had, like, two, three drinks, tops.
  • Natasha Romanoff: Yeah, that's why you can't walk straight.
  • Bucky Barnes: Oh, excuse me. I'm carrying a dead body and I have his schwantz in my face. So, I'm sorry I'm not Bakishnarov.
  • Natasha Romanoff: You can't even say Baryshnikov.

Request 28- Accent

Turning back to face the sink I was reminded of the piles of dirty plates that seemed to be living on the work surface.
I’ll wash up love, you don’t need to worry about it. You can get home and be stress free .
Fucking bastard. I took in a deep breath as I closed my eyes and counted to seven, then four, then eight. I repeated this pattern until I could feel Dan next to me.

Slowly I turned to look up at him. Still in his sweats with his hair full of curls. It was way past 5pm and he still looked like he did when I left the house at 8am. In a quick attempt to calm down I adjusted my breathing.
“Dan.” I breathed. “What was the last thing I said before I left this appartment?” I watched as confusion formed on his face. “To wash up Dan! I asked you to wash up.” His lips formed an ‘O’ shape and he caught sight of the breakfast bowls from yesterday that sat amongst other dirty items.

His hand ran through his hair and rested on the back of his neck; his eyes transformed to apologetic pools of hazel. “Y/n, I’m sorry, I've  ju-”
“You’ve been rushed off your feet?” I snapped knowing an argument was to follow. “ I've  been rushed off my feet.” I’d had enough, this was the third time this week I’d come home to washing up and god knows how many times I came home to Dan being in sweats and doing nothing.

“Dan, I’ve been at work for nine hours, what have you done?”
“Rhetorical question.” The control I had over my words had vanished into thin air. “Y'know when you’re snacking on shit from the fidge?, why the fuck don’t you stop and wash up? The sink is there!” I was yelling more than usual now. My mind was unravelling with every word I said.

He was giggling. Why the fuck was he giggling.
“Why the fuck Dan?!” Thats when I heard it. “Dan its seri-” his arms wrapped around my shoulders as he pulled me into his chest.
“You’re adorable” He laughed rubbing his chin across the top of my head.
“Why? Because I’m 5"3 and have an accent when I’m mad?” I asked pulling away from his chest
“Thats exactly why” I screwed my face up at his words.
“Fight me” I smirked as my last attempt of sass.

The next thing I knew our lips connected; the taste of coffee lingered on his lips. I felt his chapped lips grow into a smile. After breaking for air his hands rested behind my neck. “Sorry y/n. I’ll try to remember next time” his smile began to fade.
“Don’t worry love” I replied. Butterflies gathered in my stomach as I watched the smile and dimple return to his face.


Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 1 835
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends , but both of them are keeping something from the other.
* not my gif


Y/N and Kai sat on the top row at the mostly empty movie salon. She had no idea how he had convinced her go see this movie with him. Her life was scary enough with all the vampires , witches , hybrids , travellers and … the devil himself , she didn’t need more fright in her life yet he somehow always managed to get her to do what he wanted.
“Hold these.” Y/N said , passing him the large popcorn while she got their coca cola’s. “What’s the movie about again ?”
Kai looked amused at her , as she tried to walk , carry the drinks and check the seating on their tickets at the same time. He reached for one of the cups , taking it from her hand , before answering.
“It’s about some ghost from World War II that comes back to haunt relatives of the survivours from the war in gruesome ways… OH and we are sitting at the top row , sweetheart. It’s the best place to sit at the movies.”
“Right … ”
They walked into the movie salon and climbed up to the top row , Kai walking a step behind her watching her sway her hips. She was his best friend , the only one who had stood up for him since day one convicing everyone to give him a chance. Defending him after every screw up and putting herself in danger sometimes just to save his ass. He didn’t know when or how exactly but he felt drawn to her in a ‘more than friends’ way.
Y/N reached the top row , sitting on the left side tossing her bag on the seat next to her. Kai sat on the other side passing her the popcorn , their hands touching for a second. She pulled her phone out of her pocket , turning the volume down , stopping for a moment , thinking.
“So , when do I see this ‘super secret’ photography project you are working on?” he asked curious , pinching playfully her cheek with a smile on his face. “You never say anything about it or what it is from or anything about it really.”
“It’s top secret , thats why. ” she winked at him. “You’ll see it very soon.” she said smiling , taking a picture of him before he has had time to realise what’s happening. “OH I love this one.” she said, going into settings to change her phone wallpaper.
Kai glanced at the screen seeing a picture of himself all smiley and happy with that longing look Damon said he always has around Y/N, and snatched her phone from her hands.
“No! Don’t delete it , please.” she said suddenly scared. When Kai didn’t like the picture he’d delete it straight away no matter on who’s phone it was. Instead he leaned in towards her , saying ‘Smile.’ before snapping a selfie of them together changing her phone settings so the picture he had taken was now her wallpaper.
“I like this one better.” he said smiling , just as the lights started to go dim in the salon. “It has you in it..”
Y/N looked at her screen , the picture he had taken absolutely perfect , and she smiled. They looked cute together , pain hitting her in the heart at the thought they could only ever be friends.
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him a little.
“You know , you can hold my hand if you get scared.. I’ll protect you, always.” he whispered to her as the movie started. Y/N turned her head towards him , placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.
“I know , but it’s just a movie. I’ll be fine.”
He sighed , a look of disappointment on his face and started to move his hand from her shoulder but she stopped him.
“I didn’t say I didn’t like that.”
“Could you two shut up?” the guy from two rows in front of them called out. “I’m here for the movie not to listen to you two love birds.”
Y/N pressed her lips together trying not to laugh at the tone the guy said it with. Kai however tensed and nearly jumped off his seat and she had to put her hand on his chest to stop him. A few minutes later Kai had calmed down , or so he thought. Her hand was resting on his lap , creating a distraction like no other for him. Thoughts he had been pushing away returned into his mind , stronger than ever. Kai turned towards her , her gaze locked on the screen. He placed a gentle kiss on her head , seeing the corners of her mouth twitch. He didn’t move her hand and neither did she try to move it either.
Y/N tried to focus hard on the movie and not think about Kai’s arm around her , how right it feels for it to be there. She tried not to turn around and kiss him in a surprise attack. In moments like these it was harder than ever for her to push away her feelings towards him.
The movie went on and on , not as scary as Kai had hoped , at least until the point where the ghost suddenly jumped up out of nowhere interrupting an very calm scene and Y/N screamed grabbing at his shirt , hiding her face in his chest , while their popcorn went flying in the air and spilling onto the floor. Kai could hear her heart racing from the fright attack and he tried not to smile. He took her hand in his holding onto it.
“Oh-kay …” she whispered , taking a peek at the screen a few minutes later thinking it would be all OK this time , but there it was again. Y/N jumped up in her seat squeezing his hand a bit tighter. Kai pulled her closer to him , his excuse for them to watch a scary movie working out just the way he had wanted. He could hug her any time he wanted , but never like that and for this long. The next time she screamed , instead of burring her face into his chest she nearly jumped onto his lap.
“I’ve had my parents walk in on me making out with a guy , seen the Devil and spent an entire week tortured by Katherine but … this movie is by far the scarriest of all.” she whispered to him as he snacked his arms around her.
“If it’s too scary we can go..” he trailed off.
Y/N shook her head. She didn’t want to go because it would mean Kai letting go of her and that’s the last thing she wanted.
“Why would I want to go when I have you to protect me ?” she turned her head towards his , finding his face closer than she had expected. A small smile spread across his face as she intertwined their fingers together. Kai leaned in and for a split moment she thought he might kiss her . Her cheeks flushed and her heart beat was off the radar , so fast it was a miracle her heart hadn’t burst. Then he turned away , clearing his throat for a moment.
The rest of the movie passed too slow. Y/N she wasn’t paying any attention to what was happening on the screen at all anymore. All she could think about was Kai’s arms around her , his plump lips and his eyes piercing into hers every time she turned towards him. He appeared to have the same problem because Y/N could feel his eyes on her the entire time. Her feelings were on over drive and suddenly the movie salon seemed too hot with all the walls closing in on them. Y/N jumped up with no warning , taking her bag running down the stairs and out of the salon , stopping the moment she was outside, resting her back against the wall next to the door.
Kai was behind her , with 3 seconds delay. He opened the door looking around for her with a worried expression on his face.
“There you are.” he sighed , taking a step towards her. “What happened ? Are you OK ? ”
Y/N couldn’t meet his eyes , she didn’t know how or what to tell him.
Kai lifted her chin up , making her look at him.
“Maybe the movie was too scary after all…” he trailed off , his fingers stroking her hair trying to find a way to calm her down. Kai pulled her into a hug , fearing she’d get mad at him for making her this scared. A few minutes passed in silence , Y/N felt electricity every time Kai touched her. Y/N pulled away meeting his eyes which were bluer than usual and she found herself getting lost in them.
“It wasn’t the movie.” she said suddenly. “I … I …um…”
Y/N shifted nervously on her feet , trying to find the words except somehow they had all vanished , so instead she kissed him in a surprise attack , pullying away fast surprised by her own actions. What if she loses him completely after this ? Kai was her best friend. Before he had shown up , Y/N had closed herself to pretty much everything and everyone and then - there was him , knocking down the boundaries build around her heart as if they were made of glass instead of stones.
“I’m sorry .. I don’t ..” she said , starting to run away. Kai grabbed her wrist pulling her back towards him , his lips smashing against hers as he backed her against the wall nearby. Butterflies were flapping their wings in her stomach and she felt like flying , the whole world disappearing around her. All she could see , taste or feel was Kai - his hands on her cheeks , his body pressing against hers. He pulled away , a smile on his face.
“If only I had known … I would’ve done this weeks ago.” said Kai smiling , looking at her puzzled expression. “I like you Y/N. As more than a friend. Don’t know how or when it happened , but it did and I … I never want to be without you in my life.”
Y/N was trying to remember how to breath - it was a simple process but somehow she had forgotten all about it. It wasn’t just the kiss , it was his words after the kiss. She smiled her eyes darting all over his face - his eyes , his lips - as she processed his words. Everything seemed to be happening too slow and too fast at the same time.
“You … like me ?” she asked a hint of surprise , relief and pure happiness in her voice , Kai nodded. “W-why didn’t you say something before ?”
“Because … because I .. I was afraid I’d lose you, and I never want that to happen.” he said suddenly serious.
“You will never lose me , Kai. Never.” Y/N smiled lifting herself on her toes to kiss him briefly.
“C'mon , I’ll walk you home.” he said , his fingers stroking cheek for a moment before his hand snaked around her waist pulling her close to him. “The long way around …”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


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What is the garlic bread au???

i think of this goddamn au everytime i even SEE garlic bread smh.

Basically it started with me and sven joking about what if Lance had a nightmare about never being able to eat garlic bread again and woke up in a cold sweat and calls Keith at like, 4 am before hanging up and calling Hunk for more sympathy and leaves Keith filled with rage and hunger for garlic bread for hours and he loses sleep over it.
The most memorable things about this au though, is that somehow we got to where Pidge eats garlic bread with peanut butter on top and threatens to eat it in front of people to get what she wants (((the threat doesnt phase Keith because lbr he probably eats weird food combos too))) ((Shiro and Matt are unfazed due to exposure of Keith and Pidges Nasty eating habits)).

anyways thats the garlic bread au and why every time i see garlic bread i think of peanut butter and pidge.

i am so happy for nu'est fans like… i hate that it had to come to nu'est joining produce 101 as trainees and taking ten steps back but they are honestly doing so well. they r getting loads of screentime and literally millions of fans, kim jonghyun is being called “nation’s leader” and u can see their confidence rise with every episode!! OG nu'est fans must be thrilled af!!!!

5h Billboard Interview - Damn, I have even more questions now!

I was thoroughly confused during and after reading this interview because well, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was hoping to hear more about what we the fans care about…their upcoming album. I was expecting to hear about the vibe, how many songs they actually wrote, does it tell a story or is it more or less just different shades of their characters, did they play around with their vocal ranges, is it purely rnb, are they still including lame ass rappers in there, shit…at least how many tracks are there gonna be, SOMETHING! I love me something to bump in the car but I fell in love with these girls’ voices in their ballads and heartfelt stuff with some depth. I mean Dinah, you’re always killing me with your tone, ugh, love it. 

But instead, we got this weird bitter ass interview that left me asking what the hell did I read this for? I know they’ve avoided the topic for several months now but damn, you guys should have kept silent about it if this is what was going to be put out for the world to read. I did not like it at all and if it was heavily edited to death then Billboard did you guys wrong but if this was for real for real then 5h needs a new media/marketing/keepitstepping team because this was not it. It seemed very much against their personalities besides Normani because she’s quiet in interviews and thinks before she opens her mouth.

A lot of it seemed out of place like the part where my ray of sunshine was like “you can’t change people.” That seemed to come out of nowhere and doesn’t really mesh with the personality we’ve known for years from this little rosebud. Obviously, if you look at my blog I am a Camila fan but I wont hesitate to criticize a performance or something said in an interview, I’m not above it but after she left 5h, I was just confused. I think the messiest part of the breakup was the “farewell” letter from 5h. I think it should have been personally written by each girl from their point of view and not even a what happened but more of we wish her well, she’s gone, let move on but it seemed very management written and insincere and kind of cold.

When Camila clapped back with the “i was shocked” and of course they knew I was leaving, immediately split fans into she said/they said and really 5h statements weren’t adding up. They first said they were informed by her representatives like they woke up to a text message that morning or something. Then the second response was they knew she was unhappy in Nov…like which November? It couldn’t have been Nov ‘16 because you guys said you tried kumbaya for a year and a half…so… November ‘14…’15??? Whoever wrote that statement hopefully doesn’t work for the girls anymore because that is just weak af.

I was really confused that I missed a part of the interview because there’s more to this story we aren’t privy to. So the questions begin. Why did Camila want to leave? She said in interview that her creativity wasn’t being expressed and she wasn’t happy. Basically she didn’t wanna continue being a manufactured group and wanted to have input but the label said eh, no thanks. Lauren herself was “caught” on audio saying the label treats them like shit and they’re slaves that work for nothing. I’m assuming she’s referring to the amount of pay they receive. In this interview it’s mentioned how hungry the girl’s are for creative input so…okay. They agree with Camila or nah?

Next, in the official 5h statement they said Camila refused come to Jesus meetings which is more personal to their circle than the fans need to know in my opinion.If Camila felt like what’s the point in talking if nothing is gonna change then I kind of see her point but I feel like this was like a year ago, they were still in each other’s faces. You’re trying to tell me these girls are that great of actresses? The soundcheck interactions, being on tour together, being in each other’s faces, the interviews where they were joking and still somewhat sweet to each other but behind the scenes all this mess was happening? I think we’re missing a big piece of what actually happened. Part of what I think happened is that management from both sides couldn’t reach a resolution and it ended up a big mess.

Another weird ass piece was the legal stuff that I felt should have been left tf out. So, you trademark 5h early last year without Camila, obviously months and months before she left, knowing she wasn’t going to be a part of 5h but…she still continued performing as part of 5h because of her contract? Uhm…that doesn’t really look good on your part 5h.

And then it continues…there’s talk about 5h fighting the label with their chatty chatty lawyer Dina about how they signed the worst contract she’s ever seen in the music business and fighting the label for their rights but fans are still surprised Camila was like peace out the second she got? This is a job or should I say career this whole things is about shitty contracts and management who prey on artists etc etc. This was never about the personal relationships of the girls and that is quite obvious now…well, before this interview. 

Dinah really could have left the part out about not wanting to be in the studio 24/7 and wanting to enjoy life. That makes her look crazy to people who work on their craft for 24/7 just to reap the rewards later on. If you wanted to hang out then you should have found a hanging out profession. The entertainment industry is cut throat, just because you have an amazing voice doesn’t exactly afford you success. There’s hard work, there’s a team behind you, success, failure and compromise.That’s why a lot of stars have mental breakdowns…that shit is hard. It really undermined a lot of people who do give up time with their families to pursue this stuff. I didn’t like that part at all. I’m not sure if it was out of context but it was really weird and cringy to read.

I also don’t understand the whole solo hate. I’ve had a lot of 5h fans tell me that they think Camila is a snake because she didn’t tell them about her solo songs. Really? You’re telling me she tiptoed in all black and a ski mask to the studio to make IKWYDLS in secret? First, she would have had to have management approve such an undertaking then she would have had to go to the studio to record it.You’re trying to tell me that these girls that spend pretty much their working schedule together on top of each other had absolutely no idea she was offered a chance to record a song? Oh and what, Dinah just happened to have caught on and was in on the secret being the only one to ask her to listen to it? C’mon people.The girls should have just been like we didn’t want to hear that shit and moved on. I respect real shit not this whole Dinah was the only one who asked to hear it. For real? I want the whole truth.This is supposed to be your sister! I would have been at her performances like that’s my mf bitch right there in the front row screaming on camera embarrassing my bandmates, just like i would have been there for Ally and Lauren and knocking people down cheering for Normani killing it on DWTS. That’s how you support your sister or at least thats how i support my friends.

What I don’t agree with is the newfound solo bug the girls’ have caught. If they had such a problem with solo music outside of 5h why praise Lauren for her collabs or Ally or Dinah? It doesn’t make sense. And I, as a fan, don’t appreciate solo music outshining 5h work like don’t accept work if it’s going to be dropped practically on top of 5h’s huge debut single after Camila left! That shit made me raise my eyebrow and also Ally dropping music at the same time. You should be dropping music on the off season of 5h’s music like that doesn’t make sense and I don’t understand how management okay’d any of this. But then again I don’t understand their management period. I mean fans can do a better job of managing 5h promo right about now. They dropped Down and then left it there. Disappointing.

I just wished the interview would have said she’s happier being solo and we are happier being together and we are gonna make great music and we wish her well. Boom done. Now, it just makes 5h look crazy as hell stuck in shitty contracts and leaving thirsty fans wanting more music and not random drama. Covers, vlogs, hell even just sitting in front of a video camera looking pretty, anything! Drama can only take you so far. And dammit we need more production in their MVs no more of this seedy motel room pseudo brothel nonsense.  I need the ladies blinging and running shit like real queens! Damn how hard is that?!