thats who ray is

The crew didn’t dare touch Ray’s room. But there was a spare one next to it. And that’s where Jeremy sleeps. Well, at least attempts to. He swears to them he could hear an Xbox turning on and off at night. Or muffled sounds of a video game. And no one believed him. Until one night he records evidence; sounds from the computer in Ray’s room. “Let me out… Let me out!” playing over and over on a loop.

And Michael’s petrified. It’s Ray’s voice from an old prank video they recorded years ago when he and Gavin shut Ray in the closet of the old base.

The Lads want to perform a seance. Geoff want’s to move, right now immediately. Jack gets her way, and so they finally crack open their late friend’s room and begin packing his things. Nothing of Ray’s is to be left in the base.

Months go by until Jeremy is able to sleep peacefully again. And soon the crew forgets about the whole incident.

Until, that is, Gavin drops a quarter in the hallway and it rolls under the door into Ray’s room. And without thinking he busts into the room and is startled to see it completely empty. Completely, except for Ray’s purple Nintendo 64 sat upside-down in the corner of the room.

“Must'ved dropped it,” he thinks. And he reaches for it. But instead of taking it to Jack he’s lingering with the thought of bringing it to his room. His broke a long time ago, and Ray always kept things in working order.

So it sits in his room until the weekend when he’s free. He dusts it off and hooks it up with all his old wires. He clicks in Ocarina of Time, and bloody hell, it works!

But hold on, did Ray ever play Gavin’s game? There’s a profile in the load screen titled “Ray”, and he’s not going to lie, it’s a bit eerie. He wants to tell Michael, but what good would that do? He’ll just tell him to quit it and throw it out.

He enters the profile and it takes him to the naming screen. He hasn’t played for years, but he knows that’s not how it works. The cursor moves without Gavin touching the controller. And it types.


My mom came into my room and told me that my uncle was in the hospital. So i got all freaked out and asked her which uncle it was and then she said it was Uncle Greg.
AND THEN SHE SAYS “so yeah hes in the hospital right now but ray is with him.”
And naturally i ask “whos ray?”
And she says thats his HUSBAND.

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Do you have any headcanons about how Gideon interacts/communicates with the Legends differently?

You know what I like this a lot because I’m really starting to like Gideon as her own character

  • I think I came up with this talking to @the-bastard-jon-snow, but I really like the idea that the AI’s pick up mannerisms from their captains and Gideon picked up the British accent to match Rip.
  • Gideon loves Rip more than everyone else on the ship combined, which is why anyone she sees as trying to fill in for him (like when Ray was in the captain’s seat) is going to get some shit.
  • Snart is hands down the person most likely to get lethally sassed just because Gideon feels like it, and her sense of humor is constantly evolving. The second time Len tried pulling the “Bone me” joke Gideon responded with an upbeat “Preparing to bone”.
    • Sara almost pissed herself. If she could have given Gideon a high five she would have.
  • Mick and Gideon don’t get along, because as far as Mick is concerned Gideon is just a nosy computer who won’t get off his ass. “Blah blah you shouldn’t play with a lighter in your highly flammable bed, blah blah Captain Hunter doesn’t like you standing that close to the stove” and crap like that.
    • Mr. Rory has used up the hot water… again,” Gideon announces just as Mick arrives in the kitchen for breakfast. The rest of the crew groans. 
    • Mick grunts, irritated. “Hey, Rip. Your computer’s getting unplugged if it doesn’t stop snitching on me.” 
    • Rip shrugs and takes a sip of his coffee. “There’s nothing to unplug, Mr. Rory, but good luck with that.”
  • Sara and Gideon get along great, even though Sara also does a lot of nag-worthy things. (“Miss Lance, are you aware that those are Professor Stein’s leftovers?” “Sure am, Gideon. Be cool.”) But Sara likes Gideon, and talks to her nicely (“Good night, Gideon,” she says sweetly, walking back to her room in a towel after her shower. “Good night, Miss Lance,” Gideon says back brightly). Whenever Sara can’t sleep and goes wandering the ship Gideon politely asks if she wants a sedative, which she doesn’t, but it’s the thought that counts. 
  • Ever since Jax read the almighty instruction manual he’s been reminding Gideon that he could disable her voice if she gets too sassy. Gideon ran the numbers on that and doesn’t think he’d actually follow through, but it’s become sort of a running joke between them now.
  • Ray likes to talk to Gideon when he’s working in the lab, because it’s a lot more fun than talking to himself. “Gideon, if I’m right about this, I’m a genius. Well - a bigger genius than I already was.” “Gideon, what are the odds I’m right about this? No, scratch that. I want to be surprised.” “Gideon, this is going to be cool. Are you watching?” “I have no choice, Mr. Palmer.” 
  • She doesn’t take quite as much pleasure in sassing Ray as Len, but good god he’s an easy target.
  • Stein and Gideon are business colleagues; he doesn’t get chatty with her but he listens when she’s saying something important and doesn’t question her too much. Gideon would give him a solid 5.
  • It takes Kendra a long time to stop feeling self-conscious about talking to a disembodied voice, especially when she was alone with Gideon. But she’s always polite and says “please” more than anyone else in the crew, so Gideon’s nice to her. 

the ob finale was perfect except they didn’t mention beth, tony and krystal didn’t show up, oh and, cosima should have hugged sarah instead of delphine

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That's the good long answer I was waiting for. And Ray who came to Mick with a burger, I mean, he obviously wanted to check on him, but he also wanted to talk. And who he came to? Mick. Of course.

Okay friend you better strap in because I have so many headcanons about Mick and Ray and their relationship around food:

Mick hates the terrible music from the 80s but boy oh boy does he miss the terrible fast food you could get back then. AND THE CEREAL. 80’s cereal was pure sugar and had all the coolest shapes and that was when you got all the neat free toys.

Ray, who knows where Rip kept ALL THE VINTAGE cereal, overhears Mick talking about a time when him and Len used to steal cereal because it was the easiest thing to lift and they’d be happy just eating sugary goodness for days. After their first official mission together as “partners”, Ray brings Mick a bowl of Pac-Man cereal to celebrate the occasion. No, Mick is not getting emotional over a bowl of cereal, what the hell are you talking about?

Mick demands to know where this secret stash is but Ray won’t tell him because he knows how much of a sweet tooth Mick has, he’s not going to be the reason Mick gets cavities in space.

However, Ray starts bringing him a bowl of cereal after every mission, and Mick hates himself for getting excited every time he sees Ray with a pair of bowls, but goddamnit, there is no sugar in the future, he needs this. Ray is all too happy to have the company, and also someone to share in his love of vintage cereal.

Ray, who believes that everyone should have a balanced diet, continues putting vegetables into everyone’s lunches, but makes sure to leave the sprouts out of Mick’s stuff since he only specifically said he hates sprouts and there’s no way someone can hate every vegetable right?

Mick absolutely HATES vegetables and makes sure Ray knows it. He lets Ray believe he throws them out of his meals during the missions but really he eats through the pain because a) Ray made the food with love and b) Mick was in prison for years, he knows the value of good food and not to let it go to waste, even if he hates it. Although sometimes when Jax isn’t looking, he’ll sneak it into Jax’s meals instead.

Ray becomes determined to find a vegetable that Mick likes and starts shoving just all sorts of vegetables into Mick’s meals and waits for the verdict.

…The closest he gets is potatoes, and only if they’re fried.

Mick is really starting to get tired of all the green that’s covering up his glorious red meat. At least Ray knows how to cook meat.

“I’m not a rabbit haircut!”

“Why is there fish instead of steak on my plate” “Mick you can’t always eat just red meat” “GIVE ME. MY STEAK”

Ray eventually starts just blending the vegetables into meals where he can. Sometimes Mick catches them, sometimes he doesn’t. Ray realizes the easiest way to hide vegetables is in a burger.

…Ray starts to wonder if he can get Mick to consume a veggie burger.

“…This is a veggie burger?” “Yes sir, 100% greens, no meat” “…How the hell did you get it to taste like bacon?” “I cooked it in bacon grease!”

“…Mick no, bacon grease is not a salad dressing!” “Says who, Ray?” *proceeds to cover his salad in bacon grease*

Ray eventually has to figure out how to make bacon flavored salad dressing. Mick covers ALL HIS FOOD IN IT and doesn’t share, no matter how much Sara pouts at him.

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Why would you like olicity together when oliver does shitty things? And then you call Ray problematic?

Ignoring your barely veiled attempt at calling me a hypocrite, let’s examine the facts. Your try to compare both characters is feeble at best, and here’s why:

Asshole* moves Oliver pulled on Felicity [three seasons]:

  1. made her his EA without asking first;
  2. told her he loved her as part of a ploy and didn’t tell her whether or not he meant it until roughly nine months later;
  3. broke up with her and then kept telling her how much he loved her but then reminded her he couldn’t be with her (which made it nearly impossible for her to move on);
  4. told Felicity her head wasn’t “in the game” because he was jealous and started behaving like 5-year-old kid whose toy had been stolen.

* the asshole factor can be debatable for some items

Asshole moves Ray pulled on Felicity [eight episodes]:

  1. used her to get Queen Consolidated away from her and Oliver without her knowing;
  2. completely disregarded her refusal of his job offer (notably bought the store she worked at because then lol she’s his employee anyways but that’s not creepy at all now is it?);
  3. pinged her phone;
  4. again;
  5. and again;
  6. and again;
  7. honestly I lost count at this point;
  8. showed up on Felicity’s doorstep in the morning on her day off totally unexpected and uninvited to discuss a matter that could have been settled over email (but it’s not like he owns a tech company or anything) which is honestly a totally gross invasion of privacy but you know;
  9. insulted Donna within seconds of meeting her;
  10. emotionally manipulated throughout all of 307 - which also happens to feature Ray’s philosophy of No Means Yes and Manipulate Until She Agrees Because You Know She Wants To;
  11. used his sad poor white boy story (that features his fiancée being fridged, props to Arrow writers!) to justify his crappy behaviour towards Felicity;
  12. after having grossly pushed to get her to accept the job, now he’s pushed her to agree to help him on his Atom project;
  13. add some more emotional manipulation, sprinkle with a healthy dose of stalking (pun intended) and you’ve got Ray in a nutshell;

Here are a couple more posts detailing what I said above, and adding to that never ending list.

As you can see, comparatively with the crap Ray has pulled in eight freaking episodes with Felicity, Oliver’s dick moves are nothing - in terms of frequency and enormity.

You seem to think I believe Oliver an angel that has no fault - but that couldn’t be more untrue. Oliver is flawed, he says or does things sometimes that got me side eyeing him. But he’s a freaking human being, okay, and human beings make mistakes. And considering the heavy baggage Oliver’s dragging because of the hell he’s been through, it could honestly be worse.

Ray’s behaviour is not a mistake.

A mistake is something that happens once. A mistake is something you do without thinking and end up feeling guilty for, end up apologizing for, end up trying to fix. When has Ray ever apologized to the way he treats Felicity? When has he acknowledged how out of line he had been with her? When has he tried to make amends for using her like one uses a Kleenex?

The answer is, he hasn’t.

Besides, when has Oliver ever used Felicity like she was a doormat? All of Ray’s actions towards Felicity were driven by a self-centered motive, aka get her help on the Atom project. His entire behaviour with her has been shady from the start, and he never is straightforward with her.

When has Oliver lied to Felicity and grossly tried to manipulate her? Sure, he tried to “drop some fairly ridiculous lies on [her]” (direct Felicity quote, in case you were wondering), but she knew they were lies, he knew she knew they were lies, and they left it at that. But not once did he stalk her, or manipulate her to achieve his own means. He always treated her with respect as a person - and if Ray gave Felicity a nice job, and values her skillset, he apparently seems to believe she is the human equivalent of a doormat. Don’t let those flirty lines he threw at her fool you, the whole “you deserve everything in the world” grandiloquent act he pulls - because that is nothing more than his way to get her to do what he wants.

So don’t, for one second, believe you can compare Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer. They are nothing alike.