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Dear Merlin, I am telling you now, because I’m afraid that it might be too late one day if I don’t: This was the most fun I’ve ever had. You’re next to me in my life. You’re the best person in the world, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Please remember me, even when I’m not there anymore one day to pick on you, and laugh at you, and call you names. You said I made you feel special. Well, you are special. And I would spend centuries with you if I could. I fear that the universe would rip in half if we went further apart than this, but I don’t think we have a choice. It’s not fair, but none of it ever was. Whatever the future holds, though, I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you. Let’s make it the best life we can. Love, Arthur. 

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Rescue Me by Bradypop

Lexa’s job as a small town deputy didn’t come with a lot of excitement or intrigue. Between wrangling up Mr. Bennett’s cows on the regular and getting the high school seniors to stop trespassing on the water tower, Lexa was helplessly bored. That was until an alleged domestic abuse case fell on her desk and suddenly Lexa was going out of her way to save Clarke and her daughter before it was too late.

Protective af cop!Lexa AU with mother!Clarke and asshole!Finn

Incredible commission by Turtleduckie. Check out more art and commissions by this talented artist here.

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I Need Some Help


I really hate to ask yall this, as I always do, but I need help.

My tablet pen is gone, and they no longer make a replacement pen for it it seems. So my tablet is basically useless now.

I apologize in advance because until I have the money to buy a new one, I won’t be able to make nearly as much art as I did.

That being said, I’ve been meaning to make a post about it for some time, but I am taking commissions.

I was hoping to save up for an interactive pen display but it’s like $400 and a bit out of my price range so I’m hoping to buy like an $80 one (and then try to save up for the next one eventually) so I’ll probably need about $100.

Icons: $10

Sketches: $15-$20

Flat color: $25 (+$3 for shading)

Full Color: $30-$40

Paintings/Posters: $40-$50

Prices or anything I haven’t mentioned can be discussed more via messages. If interested either contact me here on Tumblr, or send me an email at

Thanks yall

Tbh Y'all

I feel like the first time Bucky has sex after seventy years, he’d cum so quick, but it would look so beautiful.

Like imagine his chest rising and falling, covered in a layer of sweat. His lips red and swollen from kissing and biting.

And the sound he’d make when he orgasms would be somewhere between a cry of ecstasy or a long “fuuuuuuck” I’m not sure which but I’ll take both.

And I have a feeling it would be so intense it would bring tears to his eyes and that’s so hot.

I need Christ.

  • what forced heterosexuality means: when two people who are well developed characters on their own happen to be male and female, their stories are often forced to center around one another as romantic interests, even if there are other relationship dynamics or parts of their story that could be better explored. the problem is not that the couple is straight, but that by virtue of being a man and a woman, they are expected to fall in love, and their stories suffer from this expectation. much in the same way that a man and a woman being friends often means they MUST want to date, even though many straight men and women are annoyed by this trope, and thus unknowingly annoyed with forced heterosexuality. "forced homosexuality" doesn't exist because society has a different set of tropes and conditions surrounding gay people's existence on a whole that lends to the OPPOSITE effect, wherein two people of the same gender with great romantic chemistry and teasing are ignored as a potential couple because they aren't straight.
  • what straight people think it means: being straight is bad

dirty little secret: i’m a bitch for mythology

*I’m not even kidding I was the only person at my school to take the only mythology class we had twice and I finished with a 100+% each semester.*

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we got 3C with victor how about consider this....3C with yuuri. He'd probably be sooo embarrassed ;;;)

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Track-By-Track Guide to 'How To Be A Human Being'

“Life Itself”
This one actually started off as a dark, slow, moody track. Quite insular. But eventually we realized there was a cheekiness to the lyrics that we hadn’t really explored, so we injected a sense of optimism into the music. The character that this track is about is a sci-fi obsessed dude who spends most of his time alone inventing strange things and writing stories about ray guns or looking for aliens on Google maps. We made him a website. But that’s what the chords and sound effects were inspired by. Old sci-fi films/series. I also got a bit obsessed with Lollywood music (music from Pakistani films), and thats where the idea for the drums came from.

The idea for this one came from a story someone told me once. They were telling me about their child, and something awful had happened to them. She was crying—but at the same time the memories that they had from that previous life made her so happy—so she was also smiling. That combination of emotions kind of made me feel like my heart was being ripped apart but also optimistic in a weird way. She had found a way to see happiness in this awful thing that had happened to her. That combination of emotions is what this song is getting at. Have a look at this character’s website, too.

“Season 2 Episode 3”
Everyone knows someone like the character from this song. If you don’t, then it’s you. But there are lots of references to different psychedelic cartoons in this one—sonically and lyrically—including Adventure Time. That show is crazy.

“Pork Soda”
I heard a homeless man talking to someone once and say ‘pineapples are in my head.’ In retrospect, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually those words, but I thought it was at the time, and it kind of stuck with me. The opening of the song is meant to sound like you’re outside on the street, and you can hear a group of people chanting this song. The drum sounds are made from old bins and trash pieces of metal I found around the studio. Kind of like those street drummers use. All that is meant to set the scene for the story.

“Mama’s Gun”
I don’t use samples very often. I only like using them if they bring something to the table, aside from just music—a context and a further depth to the actual meaning of the song. This song is mainly about mental health, and I remembered this song by The Carpenters called “Mr. Guder.” It fit the atmosphere musically, while the song “Mr. Guder” itself was about an odd character of sorts, and then on top of that, Karen Carpenter’s story added another dimension to the lyrics. if you don’t know the story, you should look it up. It’s important and very sad, and it started a general social dialogue about mental illness which is to this day still a subject matter that we avoid far too much.

“Cane Shuga”
This is the only track on the record that didn’t start with lyrics and vocal melody. It started with the beat and the heavy drums. I let the beat spin and wrote stream of consciousness lyrics through a vocoder for this one to try to capture a certain mentality you might have when you’re a bit fucked up. When you start speaking what seems like gibberish—but maybe that gibberish is actually quite revealing.

”[Premade Sandwiches]”
This is a spoken word interlude. My favorite word in the album is in this: “McFuck.” It’s something that someone’s gotten at McDonald’s. Here it is used in a sentence: “What the McFuck are you eating?”

“The Other Side Of Paradise”
This is musically my favorite track on the record, I think. The chords are quite bizarre, and there are some mad arrangement and structural things going on. And the beat was super fun to make. It’s gonna be fun live!

“Take A Slice”
This track is about someone with a lot of lust. It’s as sleazy as I’ll ever get in lyrics. But everyone has that inside them somewhere, even if it’s only a tiny bit. And it comes out from time to time. For some people, it’s out all the time.

“Poplar St”
This song is meant to open with a kind of musical/lyrical image of a place. A little guitar hook and a floating vocal line that all seems quite peaceful, but things get more and more twisted as the song goes on. The guitar starts doing weirder things, the music builds tension, and then the whole thing flips on it’s head at the end. And you find that maybe that place isn’t what you first expected it was.

As soon as I started writing it, I knew it would be the album closer. This is my favorite song on the record. And the saddest song I will ever write.

When Ginny saw that Luna felt particularly like an outcast at school, she created a super complex secret handshake with her and they would do it whenever they ran into each other, such as passing in corridors, during shared classes, and beginnings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Luna felt much better.