thats what will happen

EoS spoilers are out, hate is being sent to SJM, the fandom is losing its damn mind, and I’m trying to avoid all of these spoilers while also freaking out over WHAT COULD’VE HAPPENED TO CAUSE ALL OF THIS…

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Show me someone who looks 100% after leaving a hot, sweaty, packed club drinking alcohol and having fun. Plus larries found the photos in which he isn't smiling or being silly in so good job tricking the public.

Like I joke about the whole “#Larries don’t understand the 3D world” thing not just about how they don’t seem to understand how 3D bodies work, but because it’s so obvious some of these people have never experienced much outside their bedrooms.

It’s like the photos of Briana with Louis from a year back that they love… who uses a photo of someone drunk at the end of a night as a reflection of what their face always looks like? I want Larries to post all their drunk photos from nights out. I want to see how many of them claim those expressions/faces represent their best favorite selves.


Right. I have a few more little travelling adventures coming up soon, but first up I’m actually off to Romania from 10th September. WiFi is very difficult to get ahold of where I’m going (and DEFINITELY no 4G!) so I’ll be having to sign off.

My idea is that you guys could send some drabble/headcanon requests in the next couple days which gives me time to write as many as possible and then queue them to post while I’m away! My inbox will be open for requests until Monday 29th August (ie you have the whole weekend!)

So, send me a number or two and a character (Absolutely anything Marvel or Supernatural!) and I’ll queue it for sometime when I’m away!

1) “I found it like that!”

2) “Where the hell are you?”

3) “Every girl’s handbag should have a [object of your choice here].”

4) “I’ll take a double shot.”

5) “What was that!?”

6) “It’s the only way.”

7) “In my defence- Okay, I have no defence”

8) “Does it come in black?”

9) “Raise a glass…”

10) “Fair warning, it’s sharp.”

11) “Do I even want to know?”

12) “Just keep smiling.”

13) “What’s the worst that could happen?”

14) “I’m not threatening, I’m promising.”

15) “That must’ve hurt.”

16) “Just pretend. Quickly.”

17) “I thought you two were an item.”

18) “Funny story… it’s gone.”

19) “Is that the best you could come up with?”

20) “Shut up.”

21) “Well would you look at what the cat dragged in.”

22) “I’m going to need at least 50 showers.”

23) “Karma’s a bitch.”

24) “Do you remember me?”

25) “You’re such a dork.”

26) “I did not need to know that.”

27) “A one-way ticket…”

28) “I was worried sick.”

29) “You have no idea.”

30) “Why are you in my bedroom?!”

[ i had a dream that I bought search merchandise at a convention for cheap… it was a game called “shut up search!” and you had to like… use the correct face plates on your game piece to win over the person who’s search was talking

it had a bunch of cute chibi search’s all in alternate colors like… there was the default, but then there was a yellow, blue, and orange search. it was so cute and i only bought it in dream for $14 ]

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Here a fanfic idea: SpongeBob and Squidward secretly dating about three months. At the Christmas party Sandy bring her new invention - mistletoe that makes a barrier if lovers stand under it and they cannt leave until kiss. So thats obvious what will happen next (that can be an accident or SpongeBob can bring Squidward under it on purpose).

This was longer than expected but I hope you enjoy it anyway! I’m worried I might’ve made it a bit too sappy but here you go. Thanks for the prompt!

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Did Gavin say he got dissociation often? I thought it was just something that happened one time when Meg was out of town?

nah he was saying that it had happened multiple times, or at least thats what i thought he said. that it happened occasionally when walking around and stuff

Phoenix’s transformation into the person we see in Apollo’s time didn’t happen overnight - or at least, I don’t think so, anyway. He didn’t just fold the suit away some time after adopting Trucy and choose the least professional looking set of clothes from the back of his wardrobe, going ‘ah, yes, this works’.

That’s not how it works. How a progression of depression and stubborn will to keep going makes you not able to stop, but care less and less about anything other than the end goal works.

We can safely assume that he’s still wearing his suit, more or less, in the MASON system trial run. Perhaps it looks a bit more worn than most times - perhaps he’s simply had so much going on he hasn’t had it dry cleaned in those two weeks, or maybe he’s starting to realise that he needs to be more careful with money than ever, or maybe it’s a mix of both. But he’s still acting in investigation mode, and people still recognise him as Phoenix Wright, Attorney, and aren’t suddenly saying ‘why are you dressed like that’.

It starts off small. 

At first, he tries to keep the routine up - he wakes up, he washes, shaves, and dresses in something presentable enough.  He goes out looking for new clues, new evidence.

And when nothing comes up, he gets a bit demoralised, but it’s nothing he can’t handle.

His body language starts a subtle shift; when he goes to Trucy’s new school to pick her up, people recognise that blue suit, even if it is a bit more crumpled than they’d see it back when he was in the papers. Even if he isn’t bothering with a tie any more. His eyes shift away when he notices the stares, and when he knows Trucy isn’t looking, he hunches a little, making himself smaller. Unnoticeable. Unimportant. Nothing to see here.

He still hasn’t got the hardness in his eyes yet, and that won’t come for a while yet, it comes in spurts and stutters of a new understanding of how harsh the world is, and how easily the world can turn its back on you, and how much of a slog it is to work against the system and nothing is working.

He goes to the Borscht Bowl Club in response to an advert in the paper asking for a piano man in the suit, and when they see him (even with the creases and the crumples and the dark under his eyes from stress and lack of good sleep from making sure Trucy sleeps well, and wondering what they’re going to do about bills this time) their eyes light up, because they remember this man, this man who could play poker like the devil himself, bluffing like the best of them, and they suggest a proposal of sorts, not caring that he can’t even really play piano.

He’s uneasy about it at first. After all, it’s a little too close to the line on whether it could be considered ‘gambling’ or not, this idea of playing poker for the club, as long as he wins. For a while, he wonders if it’s the right thing to do, if he should go ahead with it, or call in, saying that he’s had second thoughts. 

He doesn’t immediately tell Maya or Edgeworth, worried about what they’d say, and when they do find out, they’re worried about him. But knowing that he has his suspicions that if he stays there, he might find more leads… they can’t tell him not to.

For the first couple of weeks, he plays bad piano and good poker in his blue suit, although the tie gets forgotten after a while. There’s a notable absence on his lapel that he keeps putting his hand to no matter how much he tries to break himself of the habit.

Then one day, the suit gets stained. Maybe it’s borscht. Perhaps it’s someone’s spilled drink. It could have been a compete accident - or, someone might have no love for him, and decided to play a prank, just to see his face as the last vestiges of his previous life gets dirtied, and he has to try washing it out in the bathroom, to no avail.

The suit is in the wash still the next day, still getting cleaned up, because he can’t not have the suit, just in case he needs it, so he has to find something else.

The first things he puts his hands on are a pair of sweatpants and a plain t-shirt.  The hoodie comes when he remembers how cold it gets down there.

He’s still wearing his shoes, though, and his face isn’t quite clean-shaven but it isn’t covered in stubble just yet. 

He’s halfway there, running down the street and not looking quite one thing nor the other. 

He finds it funny how he feels like he fits in more with the crowd he’s mingling with now that he’s not able to look like a lawyer at all any more, and that night he realises that he’s started to cry, without even realising it, because he’s lost something, and doesn’t quite know how he’d managed that when he’d thought he’d already lost it all.

He damages his shoes by stepping on broken glass one day, and narrowly missing the sharp shard slicing his foot. He sighs, and knows that it’d cost far too much to repair or replace them, and he isn’t going to ask for help on this - it’s his problem. Besides which, why bother with new shoes when he’s got a pair of old sandals that’ll do just as well that’re hanging around in his room somewhere?

With the sandals comes even more change to body language - posture that used to be more upright starts to become more slouched, and there’s a new shuffle to his walk that wasn’t there before, that starts because he’s not used to wearing sandals all the time, but never truly goes away.

He’ll shamelessly ask any of his friends or relatives for financial help when it comes to Trucy, because she’s the light of his life, she’s his kid, she deserves the best, deserves everything he can’t give her, but when it comes to his own welfare, his own clothes and ability to look after himself, he leaves everyone tearing their hair out, frustrated at how his answer is always that he’s doing just fine, there’s no need to worry, as long as Trucy’s okay, then he’s okay, and shouldn’t that be enough?

Trucy makes him his hat as a personal project, because she has her magician’s top hat, and that keeps her head warm, but her Daddy doesn’t have anything like that, and she gets worried that in the cold weather and the freezing temperatures of the club, he’s going to catch cold again - like he already has, several times; winter is the worst, because there’s no warm weather to thaw out into when you get upstairs and outside, it’s just cold all the time, and it’s left him under the weather more than once. 

It doesn’t help that the heating gets cut off more than once, either, and he still has to go to the club to play piano and poker, has no choice but to win through whatever means he can, be it using Trucy or other methods, because he has to provide for her and make sure they’re both earning something at least.

After a while - months, perhaps, years, maybe - he stops looking at the suit, stops wondering when he might next need it, stops fingering the spot on the lapel where his attorney’s badge used to be, because he knows that each time he’s done so, it’s just made the loss hurt more than ever. Especially with how long it’s been, and who knows how long it’s still going to be. 

He stops looking at his old cases, and his old photo albums, unless it’s for Trucy, or Maya, or Edgeworth, because for them, he’ll do anything, but if they aren’t around or the subject of the past isn’t being brought up, then he pretends as though this is normal, that this is the way things are, and that it’s alright.

And the more he tells himself that things are okay like this, for now at least, the more he starts to believe it.

So by the time the ghosts of the past reappear, and Shadi Smith offers him a challenge… he likely wouldn’t think of himself as having changed that much. 

After all, it’s just a natural progression of events, right?

Remember all the possibilities for close friendships in HoO that were either dropped or pushed aside for romance?? Me too

[more rough trans] basically hobi waved and screamed “goodbye” and jimin was like “your leaving? your gonna leave like that?”  

JH: you wanted to do the live… (cant read the tone here sorry)

JM: you wont eat food?

JH: I have food in my room

JM: *mumbles* dont go…. *mumbles more* dont go

JH: *grumbles stuff i didnt hear…fill in the blanks man*

JM: leaving? your just gonna leave?

JH: *intensely looks at camera and whispers* jimin-ahhhh~~ jimin…ah… (wtf man)

then he just leaves his phone with jimin, oh come on man!!