thats what they called me in high school

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in the library
  • Eric: "Get up!"
  • Dylan: "GET UP!"
  • Eric: "Stand up right now or we'll blow your fucking heads off!"
  • Dylan: "Fine I'll start shooting then..." (shoots Velasquez) "Woohoo!"
  • Dylan: "All jocks stand up... white baseball cap"
  • Eric: "Pigs are here..." (begins firing out the window)
  • Dylan: (shoots Hall, Ireland, Steepleton) "Yahoo!"
  • Patti Nielson: "our father... who art in heaven.. hallowed be thy name"
  • Dispatcher: "ma'am, you need to forget about praying right now. What's happening there?"
  • Nielson: "They're in here.. they're killing kids... I have to go." (drops phone)
  • Eric: (kills Curnow) "Die! Motherfucker!"
  • Dylan: "WOO!"
  • Kasey Ruegsegger: (after being shot by Eric) "Oh!"
  • Eric: "Stop your bitching! It's merely a flesh wound,"
  • Dylan: (laughing hysterically)
  • Eric: "Peek-a-boo" (kills Bernall)
  • Dylan: (shoots Ireland) "Die! ...down on the floor!"
  • Dylan: "REB?"
  • Eric: "Yeah?"
  • Dylan: "hey, man... there's a nigger over here."
  • Eric: "shoot him"
  • Dylan: "SHIT YEAH!"
  • Shoels: "!"
  • (Shoels and Kechter killed)
  • (CO2 bomb detonates)
  • Valeen Schnurr: "oh my god... help me..."
  • Eric: "do you believe in God?"
  • Valeen: "no..yes..."
  • Dylan: "Why?"
  • Eric: "God is gay."
  • John TOmlin: "Don't... done enough?"
  • (shots fired)
  • Dylan: "You think we've done enough?" (laughing)
  • Eric: "nice glasses" (shots fired.. sounds of a scuffle.. shots fired again.. Mauser killed)
  • Dylan: "was he trying to jump you?"
  • Eric: "Yeah"
  • (shots fired... DePooter killed)
  • Dylan: "Look what we have here..."
  • Eric: "What?"
  • Dylan: "just some fat fuck"
  • Dylan: "give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you."
  • Evan Todd: "I don't want to get into trouble"
  • Dylan: "Trouble! You don't know what trouble is..."
  • Evan Todd: "That's not what I mean... I don't have a problem with you guys..."
  • Dylan: "I'm going to let this fat fuck live... little fat fucking piece of shit... you can have him if you want."
  • Eric: "Let's go to the commons"
  • Dylan: "One more thing" (sound of something smashing)
  • Dylan: "Reb, ya ready?"
Dear Evan Hansen characters as things I heard in high school theatre class
  • Evan: "No offense, but if you don't stop apologizing I'm gonna punch you in the fucking throat."
  • Connor: "Welcome to 'That's What I Call Emo' Volume 7"
  • Zoe: "No, I don't have any brothers." *brother screaming in the background* "He isn't real."
  • Heidi: "No offense, but stop trying to fix my mental health when yours is a disaster."
  • Jared: "You look like you drink bubble bath."
  • Alana: "If you're not gonna respect me as your director you can put on your own damn show"
  • Cynthia: "If you like boys, that's fine. Just stop kicking my door."
  • Larry: "Wait who died"
  • MC: Can I help you?
  • Yoosung: Well, we don't want to pry but we heard you broke up with Zen.
  • MC: Yeah, that's true.
  • Yoosung: We think you made a big, big mistake.
  • Jaehee: Big mistake.
  • Yoosung: Quite enormous.
  • Jaehee: He's a real catch and you should take him back.
  • MC: Ok, thank you. Is that all?
  • Jaehee: No. No, that is not all. Let me tell you what real life is like. The men dry up, and the nights get lonely. The only calls on your machine are for collection agencies about that pair of motorcycle boots you never even wore. You stalk your old high school boyfriend online, go to his daughter's soccer games, and make a scene. You buy a diamond ring for yourself, wear it on your right hand, and tell yourself, you're all you need. One day, you're alone, tired. At your feet, a dying bird. But where did it come from? Why did you kill it? Is it because in some strange way it is you?

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the us school system is nonsense and horseshit and you are right to disregard it

thanks for ur validation

my nicknames for The Boyz™
  • sangyeon: old boy
  • jacob: bellybutton boy, toronto boy
  • younghoon: bread boy
  • hyunjae: fashion boy, sing boy
  • juyeon: honey boy, dance boy
  • kevin: doodle boy, vancouver boy
  • new: MATH BOY
  • Q: dimple boy, giraffe boy, My Boy
  • haknyeon: pig boy, jeju boy
  • hwall: stretchy boy
  • sunwoo: high school rapper boy
  • eric: pink boy, rubik's cube boy

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you've been best friends with your girl for 15 years and together for half of that omg that's the cutest thing? (also goals) do you mind me asking what your story is?

Lemme give u… the Sneakest of peaks….I feel like if I take out 2 many of the details it starts 2 sound mundane,, but if I put Too many of the details in i start 2 publicize what’s private,

lez see… we met when we were 11 (fudged the timeline a BIT, we’ve known e/o for 13 yrs, not 15..but I believe firmly in the power of rounding up). my mom was running a program in the projects next door 2 where my girl lived. my mom introduced her 2 me one summer day n then after that we just sorta became friends. our whole friendship feels spelled out by summers for some reason.. remember her stealing quarters from her mom so we could amble over 2 the corner store n split a freezie..walkin backwards 2 the shitty apartment complex near where we lived n sitting on the hill there talking about all kinds of nightmarish things. Hangin out at the nearby playground where she had school, I remember her ripping the knee outta her fav skinny jeans, her eyes rubbed all black from eyeliner. every secret we Ever told e/o happened either on that playground or msn.

the summer she turned 15 we were Probably already in Luv. Codependent as anything, I spent a weekend at her grandmother’s trailer n we slept out in a tent on her lot. In rained so much that weekend n the water leaked into the tent. the notebook I brought got all water stained. I still have it 2, written in the last page is the date we finally got together, exact time n everything, but that was Later. that nite etched in my brain, our faces real close. Tracie says all she was thinking about was kissing me. The inflatable mattress we were on kept losing air, it was like we were on some ship taking in water, so that by morning everything was wet with dew n rain. That weekend we tried 2 walk to the nearest city in the dead of the night, an hr in n terrified n delirious, all the houses seemed like Death traps. Every time a car came by my girl would shield by body, from prying eyes or who knows what. it was taut w/ danger n adventure, but we ended up turning back. That morning our feet aching but no1 knew we were ever gone.

that same weekend I was telling tracie she couldn’t move away. Her family trying to move on to another city, escaping some kind of real or imagined injustice. she didn’t go, moving in with her uncle for a short time & then moving in with me, at my mother’s. We started going 2 the same high school & then spending every Second together. It was in the living room at my mom’s that I kissed her 4 the first time. n then in her room where we kissed sum more.

NEWAY it was the summer she turned 17 that we finally made it official. Everything b4 that was all me n my big fears. 16 n telling her I wanted 2 marry her someday, but scared cuz I could see plain as day that this thing was Forever. Imagine being 16 n seeing FOREVER emblazoned in front of u like that! We had a plan that once we left the city, moved 2 toronto, thats when we would b together for real. Didn’t want to hide in high school or at my mom’s house. It got real messy for a while, been 17 n in love n in a bad Place, I tried asking her earlier, real cool like: what would you do if I asked you now? N she told me No. A couple months later after a big fight, hanging up the phone, in the bed at my dad’s house n Furious. She called me back, voice softer than I Ever heard it: remember what u asked me forever ago? What if I changed my mind?. All the anger pouring outta me just like that. I told her, I’d say yes. N then I Mean, that was IT. Woke up the next morning smiling, those words printed in my notebook on a beautiful blue slant.

  • School admin 1 : Hey, I got a great Idea
  • School admin 2 : Yeah?
  • School admin 1 : Let's require this course that is necessary to everyday life, but useless after the basics. It's extremely difficult and no one likes it.
  • By the way, we'll tell students that their intelligence is marked by their performance in this subject and failure in the class results in failure in life.
  • School admin 2 : THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! WHAT IS IT CALLED?
  • School admin 1 : Math.

“I felt like i needed to repost this cause i want the truth to come out. Im a bisexual and proud to be a bisexual” When I was around 6 years old I knew i didn’t fit in with society, I knew I was different I felt different. Girls my age started to talk about boys how cute the boys were.for me yeah I thought they were cute but I started thinking how cute this girl was in my class. I kept thinking about how I could I think that a boy & a girl was cute I was so confused. When I was 9 I will struggling to find out what was wrong with me so I went to the only person I could trust my older brother. He was practicing his new dance routine with me when I just shouted out that I like boys & girls, he stopped to look at me I was literally crying I was so confused I hoped he could help me. My brother just wiped my tears and said I was struggling with my sexuality he told me that I might be a bisexual and that its normal no matter what people say. When I was 15 I was in high school its had been 3 years since I lost my brother he was the only one who knew my about my sexuality he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone till I was ready to tell people. During my high school I was really trying to just like guys but it was hard when you have a crushes on girls as well. On July 7th 2015 age 17 @shanedawson came out as bisexual now he was the reason I came out he was my idol I looked up to him. So I decided to tell everyone I told my friends on Twitter first cause I knew they would understand but them came the worst part telling my family. At the time my parents weren’t divorced they were in California visiting family I was at home in Illinois I decided to Skype them. My parents & siblings understood me and loved me at least that’s what I thought. A week later my parents divorced I was currently living with my mom when she came home drunk and started saying that my faggot ass needed to leave that I was the reason she was divorced & why she has cancer( Now before you hate on my mom we made up she said she sorry we are all good). The worst part was my mom side of the family & my step dad they were very mexican christen people they hated me & the fact that bi. As for my father and british His family they loved me and they supported me. Yeah having one side of the family support while the other side doesn’t hurts. As for high school they found out cause words spreads fast some supported me while some will push me & call me names like worthless fag. The worst part of high school was senior prom age 18 I was asked by a guy who I currently liked when I went to prom he & his friends organized paint to dropped on my head when I took pictures all I heard was laughter & “my date” say look at the faggot she crying. After prom I just kept to myself and graduated high school thinking I’m free. So here I am today 18 almost 19 year old Angela sitting here telling you my story about how I came out as a bisexual & I’m so happy that I’m finally me after years hiding I’m finally free to be me. I love you all & thanks for reading my story “If anyone has a problem with me being bi please feel free to have your opinions, call me names, unfollow me, im not going to be mad about your opinions thats not how i roll so i dont care what you do im happy for being the real me” -love Angela

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I walked into my class to grab my longboard so i could ride home and my teacher was confused while reading my Who Killed Markiplier shirt. I just said it was a thing, and someone in the back of the dark room said “oh he’s one of those”. What does that even mean? What’s wrong with the shirt? Fight me, random kid.

introducing me!

ok so i’ve had this blog forever- but i decided to revamp here we go :))

-im lacey, but my friends & fam call me lou

-im 15, coming up on my junior year of high school (i skipped sophomore year)

-my favorite things include: pink, glitter, unicorns, harry potter, cats, studying, and reading

-im a christian (but i love and accept everyone! thats part of being a child of God!!)

-im currently in summer school to help better myself

-i love netflix, im currently watching heartland :)

-im an aspiring vet student (thats why im graduating a year early)

-ttu has my heart <3 #gunsupredraiders

 -i love to bullet journal, and make pretty notes (thats what got me into studyblrs)

some of my favorite studyblrs are @thegrangersapprentice @studyquill @studyblr

if youre a studyblr, reblog or like this so i can follow you! id love to become a part of this great community. :))

Today’s Performance rundown

(Side note: I’m stage manager if that makes a difference)

-Show started 5 minutes late, unfortunately common.

- there was a box light on for the whole first scene, even during a blackout. It was quickly changed

-mics started losing battery rapidly left and right

-oh hey, the trees are still on…… wHY ARE THE TREES ON

-okay so thats fine, this set has trees now.

-the booth insisted that the batteries needed to be changed, we have no new batteries.

-actors argue that the batteries shouldn’t be running out twice a show for everyone

-the booth keeps on telling me that the actor’s batteries need to be changed, despite them just putting in batteries that we have (not the best)


-Actors put in supposedly deas batteries. Booth says that they have full bars.

-I become the messenger between an unstoppable force (Actors) and an unmovable object (the booth)

~End of Intermission~

-Okay there’s sticky stuff all over the stage now, awesome.

-okay scene 4, the last scene, lets do this. Only 30 more minutes to go, we’ll be fine

-actor sits down in chair and it breaks

-well hey, at least he’s able to pull it off and the chair is back together! (Its a foldable chair)

-someone came in at the wrong time and now vital information to the audience is lost.

-sound board was messed with by the freshmen and everything is screwed

-hey, the chair broke again.

-great, more liquid off the ground we have to mop. Can the actors maybe keep the fake alcohol off the floor

-well of course they can’t


ID #79403

Name: Tessa
Age: 18
Country: The Netherlands

To the outside wordl, I am very social, I have many friends. Although I mostly stay at home. (I do invite my friends to come over) People often think I am really secure about myself, and that part is true. So, embrace yourself, because this ego is coming your way!
People also think I study a lot, but I actually procastinate 99% procent of the time people think I am studying.

What many people don’t know about me is that I think a different way than many people do. I recently found out I have synesthesia. Synesthesia is when you combine colors with words, letters, days, feelings. Not like angry is red, like in comics etc. Angry is yellow for me. The feeling of thinking another way than most of society gives me pleasure. It’s nice to know my mind is different. I’ll give you another example of my mind being different. I think a lot about conspiracy theories. My mind wanders off in class and I make up my own conspiracy theories about everything.
I can also say aloud the alphabet backwords without hesitation. If you didn’t notice yet, I love talking about myself and my interests.
Some of my hobbies:
-watching tv series (favorites now are: supernatural & Death Note. I watch a lot of other shows too, like jane the virgin, orphan black, ouat. Tvd, doctor who, the originals, and many many more.)
I am open for talking aboit tv series, but I probably forget everything that happens in tv series and the character names.
- films (my favorite genre is horror, but all the other genres will do. I like films in general)
- cuddling with my dog
- hating sports
- writing stories (mostly fantasy)
- forgetting things
- being funny
- trying to be sarcastic, but failing miserably
- watching youtube (only buzzfeed & dan and phil. I’m open for suggestions, but I might not listen to them.)
- memes

Next year I’ll be in my last year of (high school?? I dont know what its called) and in 2018 i’ll probably start university. I want to study forensic psychology and maybe work in a prison or a forensic psychiatric hospital.

Well i am sorry for the long text. I hope you liked it and liked me! Thats more important.

Preferences: - Preferably (is that correct?) someone between 16 and 20.
- someone who can bare my ego and can take offensive jokes about everything
- Any country will do.
- someone who is not afraid to be honest!! This is the most important one. I don’t like my butt kissed. Just be honest with me



So, in middle school she knew this girl who was as flat as her but as they moved into high school she just watched this girl get really big boobs and she said, to quote, “it made me feel really gay but also WHY didn’t I get boobs what the hell”

Ok so like same for lapidot highschool au, they knew each other in middle school and it’s not like peridot has big boobs now but Lapis just. is. flat.

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the entire host club trying to explain the hickies/scratch marks that his SO gave him the night before? Sorry if it doesnt make sense!!

don’t worry about it, I totally get what you mean! thanks for the prompt ♥ also I’m so sorry this took so long I’ve been in like a writing slump

Hikaru: “Hey Hikaru, what’s that on your back? Did you get jumped or something?” When Kaoru comes in to his brother’s room looking for his phone charger, Hikaru’s in the middle of changing his shirt. His back is covered in thin red lines, and there’s what looks like a bite-mark on his shoulder.

Hikaru blushes and throws a pillow from the bed at his brother. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it. What are you here for anyway?” Kaoru leaves after getting his charger, but Hikaru hardly notices, lost in thought about the way it felt when you were clinging to him last night.

Kaoru: “Kaoru what the hell is all over your neck?” Hikaru passes by just as Kaoru is getting out of the shower. His neck is covered in a myriad of purple marks, standing out against his skin made red by the shower. 

Blushing, Kaoru moves a hand up to cover his neck. “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” He turns and walks away, only for Hikaru to call out, “Are those scratches on your back?” He walks a little faster and blushes a little harder, but once he’s inside his room, he gently runs his fingers over the marks on his neck - the marks you put there, he remembers fondly.

Tamaki: When the club takes another trip to the beach, everyone’s excited to get out into the water. But when Tamaki takes his shirt off and suddenly a lot of the girls are screaming, it causes quite the commotion - but not in the usual manner. “Tamaki, are you alright?” “Tamaki! There’s scratch marks all over your back!” “Tamaki, did an animal attack you?”

His face would immediately flush, putting his hands out to assure the girls that he’s just fine. “It’s nothing to worry about, ladies! Please don’t worry over me in such a way, you should be enjoying your time here by the sea!” And even though he’s surround by girls, all he can thank about is you - and the way you looked in his bed the night before.

Kyoya: While the Host Club is preparing for one of their themed meetings - a Victorian Tea Party this time - and the lot of them are changing their clothes, Tamaki happens to look up and see a dark mark where Kyoya’s neck connects to his shoulder. Immediately concerned, he runs over to inspect it, only to be held at arms’ length. “But Kyoya, it looks bad! Did someone attack you? Do we need to find them and -”

“Tamaki, please stop talking. It’s not of your concern.” After assuring Tamaki that really, it wasn’t anything to be worried about and making sure the mark was covered, he smiles to himself, thinking about the way your lips felt on his skin.

Honey: When Honey comes into class and there’s a dark mark staining his jaw, Mori sees it and he rushes over in alarm, asking, “Mitsukuni, what happened?”

Honey looks up at him, smiles and says, “Nothing bad, don’t worry! I’m perfectly fine, Taka-chan!” And he is - especially when he thinks about you, and the scratches on his back, and the way it felt to know how much you were enjoying yourself.

Mori: “Takashi, are you okay?” When Mori takes off his shirt during a spar session with Honey, hoping to cool down, he doesn’t register what his cousin means at first.

Until he looks down at his chest and sees the long, thin red lines and bruise-like marks that are littered across his chest and shoulders. Blushing, he would remark, “I’m fine, Mitsukuni. Let’s continue.” But he’s a little bit distracted now - thinking of you, and what you were up to the night before, and just how he got those marks.

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Okay so here is Sbj’s (the author) summary: There is no way I can make this sound original, ever. An attempt to write a believable RrB/PpG in high school fic. Rated M because teenagers use terrible language. “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” - Camus


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bts ships

Anonymous said: hi! i’m fairly new to the bts fandom and i was just wondering what are the ships in bts and the most popular ones? thanks for answering if you do!! love you and your blog!!!

ANON UR SO CUTE PLS OMG THANK U ILY TOO but anyways this post isnt about me…. its about the beauty of ships…. now this is gonna be long…. i dont know the most popular ships really but ill just tell u my personal favorites (with an *)! gifs are not mine!!

*NAMJIN (namjoon x jin):

Originally posted by namjinkiss

also known as my parents. namjoon taking on the manly father role whilst jinnie is the loving mother to bts and me. they are married and no one can tell me different just look at how he’s looking at him in the gif im screaming and they even have the same last name. you know who shares last names? married couples and family but theyre not family bc theyre married and meant to be together forever

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blessed tag

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People I wish to know more about- @peppermintclown24 and @pinkoftheclownfuckery but they already did it haha and @thebean-doodles @alexscarleth3030 @lucythecat250801 @babyboibry @alittlewickedbitch @hoe-for-daddywise @dick-me-down-sewer-clown @ohhh-pennywise

Name: Nathália (everybody calls me Nati)

Gender: female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 160 cm

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpaper: on my phone i have a picture of Cate Blanchet, on my laptop lock screen i have a picture of my little sister

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher: yes, onde teacher from high school, lots of my colleagues and my husband haha

What was the last text message you sent: “awwn, thats exactly what i thought”

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: at my house, drawing, watching tv with people i love

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: right here

What was your coolest Halloween costume: a La Catrina, the santa de los muertos

What was your favorite 90s show: Friends

Who was your last kiss: my husband

Have you ever been stood up: no

Favourite Ice cream flavor: vanillaaa

Have you ever been to Las Vegas: no

Favourite pair of shoes: my sneakers, always sneakers

What’s your favorite fruit: orange and bananas

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done:i think im always being stupid at the way i talk cause i dont think first. I can tak about sex with anyone and suddenly im flirting and omg i went too far

What’s your favorite book: Harry Potters, IT

What Loser (from IT) is your favorite: Beverly and Richie

  • Len: I can't believe Mick broke up with me. This is humiliating.
  • Barry: What? That's nothing.
  • *five minutes later*
  • Barry: and one time, when I was in high school, a girl's mom called me and broke up with me for her
  • Barry: There was another time where I was on a date and I tripped and broke my kneecap. And then the guy said he wasn't "feelin' it," so he left and I waited for an ambulance.
  • Barry: One time I was dating this guy for a while, and then he got down on one knee and he begged me to never call him again.
  • Barry: One girl broke up with me while we were in the shower together.
  • Barry: Skywriting isn't always positive
  • Barry: Another time, a guy invited me to a beautiful picnic with wine and flowers, and then, when I tried to sit down, he said, "Don't eat anything.Rebecca's coming." And then he broke up with me.
  • Len: Who was Rebecca?
  • Barry: Yeah. Exactly!
  • teacher: and let the good times roll-
  • me: iN CASE GOD DOESN'T SHoOoWW [rises up out of seat]
  • entire school: oNE NIGHT AND ONE MORE TIME
  • me: [breaks a window] THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES [throws ex-boyfriend out the window] EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN'T SO GREAT [throws backpack at student] HE [body slams same student] TASTES LIKE YOU
  • entire world: ONLY SWEETEERRRRR
  • Reita: continuing is the most difficult but also the most immportant thing. to finish and accomplish something makes you grow a great deal, more than anything.
  • Reita: of course I also have a lot of setbacks. 9 out of 10 times I fail. but achieving even one of my goals gives me confindence and leads to motivation for the next one. one step at a time. failure is natural. but I think, when you catch hold of one of your goals the world changes.
  • Ruki: *meeeltiiing*
  • Ruki: Rei-Chan is saying some serious stuff
  • Ruki: one thing I've never failed at would have to be the band, I guess
  • Ruki: being in a band is associated with so many things, but to keep going is what matters, you know
  • Ruki: something I failed at?...well, I failed but I didn't feel frustrated about it at the time so I don't remember.
  • Ruki: rather than failure it's stuff like mistakes and regrets that make me feel like I'm gonna lose it 🙉
  • Ruki: thoughts like "I should have done this, I should have done that" stay with me even after 10 years have passed and I can't turn back time.
  • Ruki: that's exactly what LIVES are. an endless series of "this is frustratig, I could have done more", one after another
  • Ruki: I'm writing all these serious things
  • but my head is melting away 👥
  • Ruki: the LIVES are fun! but it's something completely different to think whether I could or couldn't have done more.
  • Ruki: for example, sometimes you sing at school or something, right?
  • how did you feel about that?
  • Ruki: well, how about Karaoke?
  • Reita: let's totally go to Karaoke!
  • Ruki: let's all go and do a newsletter story on it, lol
  • Ruki: singing without Karaoke is awesome, huh lol
  • Ruki: singing in public is fun! sad songs and stuff at Karaoke.
  • apart from that, do you have those times when you listen to your favorite music and suddenly those lyrics are all about yourself and apply to your own life?
  • Ruki: you do, right? performers are those few steps ahead and write down their own uncontainable feelings and thoughts and present them on stage. that's why it's fun! but more than that it's about being able to express my lyrics well enough. it's important for me to be able to put my feelings into them.
  • Ruki: in my 2nd year of junior high school I was standing in the rain without an umbrella, getting wet and I listened to X and looked up at the sky, that's why I'm sure the work I'm doing now is my calling.
  • Ruki: when people who are in a band go to Karaoke they start with a soundcheck #stuffthathappens
  • Ruki: we're on tour soooon? what should we play?