thats were i found this gem

SU theory

I do no know if this has already been done but, :P

So you know in the episode (Adventures in Light Distortion) where Steven and the gems went to go get Greg from the human zoo and they are all in the ship. and thats where we found out there were mini gems?

and then in recent episodes (Jungle Moon) it was revealed who Pink Diamond was and that she was actually small

what if the reason there are ‘mini’ gems is so Pink Diamond could feel tall and powerful like the other Diamonds? :3

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You know, looking at your recent post for the gem au, if someone were to come across it and have no idea what Steven universe is. They would just think they found some sort of baby and lance got really emotional when it smiled. And thats kind of a funny thought.

i mean. That’s pretty much what happened xD


this is lavender diamond. shes my baby and i love her

she’s a diamond who came out smol. she and peach diamond were originally only supposed to be one diamond, to replace pink diamond. but they had come out as two small diamonds.

lavender went to earth one day, wanting to explore the planet. she then noticed the clothing that all of the humans were wearing. she looked at her own outfit, not liking it. she had found some clothes in a bin outside of someone’s home. she took the bin back to homeworld, and tried the clothes on. once she found an outfit she liked, she refused to change back to her original outfit. the other diamonds and the gems in her court were disgusted, but she still refused to change.

and thats the story of my baby    i love her with all of my heart

i love how lavender and peach diamond were originally made just for a little rp      but they just turned into full on gemsonas lmao

im gonna upload a speedpaint of this later bc i still need to edit it

update: its here m’friends

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I had a dream not too long ago where I was like in this queerplatonic three way relationship with Ruby and Sapphire and we were at a grocery store and I lost them so I went around looking and I found Ruby in this cart playing with a DS with this smol crowd behind her and I just like fucking picked her up to ride on my shoulder while we went to go look for Sapphire and it was hella hard to find her because there APPARENTLY was a shitload of Ruby and Sapphire cosplayers in the store for some reason. So I check my phone and apparently Sapphire went off with Amethyst and Pearl to help them fight a gem monster or something and Me and Ruby were like aww man and then thats when I woke up

both my best and weirdest dream tbh


ok, this my theory about why i think peridot is a fusion

ok, so we all know peridot is green right? if not, you can look at this picture

what other gem that we know of is green?

thats right, centipeetle

“but how can it be centipeetle? we know she retreated to her gem!” i hear you scream into your monitor

well, that was only one centipeetle, i think they were mass produced, in a kindergarten

thats why she needed to restart the kindergar-EHHHH

“but centipeetle is only one gem! wheres the other?”

while doing more research, i realized it wasnt just the fusion of one gem, it was the fusion of multiple gems.

which gems you say? doritos, and mtn dew

“but those aren’t gems!”

well neither is rose quartz so stfu

i think a centipeetle found a love for mlg gaming, and thus doritos and mtn dew, they all fell in love, then the centipeetle fused with the dorito, making a centirito

then, they fused with mtn dew, to finally form peridot

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So in Steven's Birthday, we found out Greg was 22 when he met the Gems and that Steven is 14 years old. In a tweet one of the Crewniverse (I can't remember who) said Greg was in his early to mid 40's. That means (if I can math) that Greg and Rose were together for 4-10 years. I think that's a pretty significant amount of time for them to have a child together, meaning they didn't just know each other for a few months, like some people say.

Yeah that is important to remember! I know we’ve heard from quite a few people who seem to think or have previously thought that Greg and Rose’s relationship was very quick, but that’s not the case at all


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i thought it was interesting to find out that the gem monsters are specifically targeting the cg. i always thought they just caused mindless destruction, and garnet used her future vision to prevent them from hurting any people. but apparently the monsters are going after the gems in particular? and i guess they're all concentrated around that area, since that's around where the war took place. this is all very interesting.

It was interesting, although I always kind of assumed the monsters targeted the Crystal Gems. Way back in “Gem Glow” the Centipeetles were in Steven’s room and Pearl says they think they were trying to get into the temple. I also always found it interesting that the Glow Worm in “Bubble Buddies” “eats bright stuff” when a Gem’s gem glows brightly whenever its activated (as if the Glow Worm was specifically designed to seek out and eat Gems)

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About Amethyst being an "overcooked runt". My theory was that the other gems from the kindergarten were finished faster/sooner, and probably shipped back to homeworld or used as troops in the war, while Amethyst "overcooked" and didn't come out of her hole on time for some reason. Maybe Rose, Pearl, and Garnet showed up later (probably even years later) to make sure that the kindergarten was entirely shut down, and that's when they found Amethyst hanging out with her rocks.

Yeah, I can see that especially considering what details we got of the kindergarten space from Amethyst’s time there it seemed like she was never with anyone but the rocks till Rose and the others found her.

Maybe Amethyst was unknowingly left behind.