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Oh my god that tag about the feathers potentially tasting like garlic made me think of the part in Iron Man 2 when Tony "Ugh, that tastes like coconut... and metal". Now picture that with a magic-eating vampire licking one of the feathers (and if you don't know what I'm talking about here's a 19 second youtube clip of the scene /watch?v=T2RDIzbQiVY)

I haven’t actually seen Iron Man 2 so I’m glad you included the link! That’s pretty much exactly the face I was imagining. A+ accuracy.

well i just shotgunned a beer for the first time. i literally stabbed the bottom of a pbr with a knife and drank the whole thing over the sink. so thats some life experience

*screams for ten years*

you can say what you will about hyper-positivity being idealistic or ‘annoying’ but you can’t tell me that the ‘stay hydrated go for walks eat fruit and appreciate your friends’ culture isn’t a thousand times healthier than the culture of sarcasm and cynicism and binge eating junk food bc being unmotivated and antisocial was cool

Things About Draco Malfoy That People Seem to Forget Aren’t Canon
  • He’s very smart, and probably the second best student after Hermione.
  • He’s handsome.
  • He’s a “Slytherin sex god” whom every girl wants. 
  • He’s popular outside of his group of Slytherin friends.
  • He suffered from childhood abuse. 
  • He returns for an eighth year at Hogwarts, despite actually attending his seventh. 

If you think that I’m wrong, give me a citation from the books. 

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DUDE did you see the underwear oh god that slip made me all giddy can't he just make a video without them


linstead appreciation week day seven: free choice
“because you don’t know a good thing when you see it.”