thats the real prop

I really love your art and Circus Au a lot. Especially Yoongi

woah!! this looks so cool!! i love how you did his eyes∑(Φ ♡ Φ)♡♡

Effervescent squirrel

con/cosplay aus

because i am trash and so are you

  • i have to take public transit home and there’s no one else in cosplay here, you’re really cute but PLEASE don’t ask why i am wearing this embarrassingly flashy and revealing costume au
  • you proposed to me in cosplay when we went as two halves of a ship, but wait no come back i actually want to marry you au
  • you told me your tumblr url and…….oh crap you’re the one ive been stalking for months i thought i recognized you au
  • you’re a really cute artist and would it be better for me to buy all your prints/buttons all at once or come back again and again or would that be creepy im so sorry i like your face- I MEAN ART au
  • usually i hate the character you’re cosplaying but…………please step on me au
  • ive been here since 6 am and my last event is at ten at night, i almost fell asleep in the hallway but you offered me a redbull, thank you jesus au
  • someone wanted us to kiss for a picture and i thought you were gonna stage kiss me w/ your thumbs in the middle buT NO OH MY GOD THATS……………..THATS A REAL KISS WOW OK au
  • my giant-ass prop just hit you in the face wow im so sorry are you ok au
  • your cosplay just fell apart in the middle of the showroom and i’m the only one around with any sort of emergency kit that will handle this disaster ok hold still while i fix you up (and try not to be too awkward because this thing is difficult and wraps all around your body) au