thats the place that isnt the internet

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What did fine bros do? Explain

they copyrighted reaction videos ._.
you can get sued
for doing
a reaction video
in “their style” ._.

just look

im pretty dissapointed because i actually really liked the fine bros but this is just beyond stupid :/

if theres one thing amusing out of all of this it’s being able to watch their subscriber count drop in record time


WELL THEN, they actually explained themselves and it seems to make a bit more sense now

so turns out what they meant was more a reaction video in the format they do, like, step for step?? stuff like having people watch a thing and then followed by a series of questions and some facts im assuming? im still not all that certain on it but thats what im getting out of this. so reaction videos as a whole are safe and people can still do them but reaction videos done like how the fine bros do it, is copyrighted, and if you want to do reaction videos with their help or something, you can join.

that being said, the damage has been done and the internet isnt a nice place u-u so this is probably going to hurt their channel for a while (especially since they waited like, 4 days to explain themselves)

im still not all too sure on whats really going on, but it doesnt seem so bad anymore