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♥ D-13 until VIXX-OTPS’s fourth anniversary: 10 reasons why Leo and Hongbin fans love them so much ♥

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

basically, two years ago i spent a ridiculously long amount of time on this (ttotd to last christmas):

and i had almost eradicated it from my memory, but then i found it on my desktop and remembered that i had actually written everything down for s9, and all i had to do was thors, for tonight we might die and doctor mysterio, and i was very bored yesterday so i thought ‘eh, why not’

turns out i could have just copied and pasted the script, since wordle gets rid of common english words anyway. i changed my rules about 20 times in this about what words count as common words and what don’t fml, which is why ‘hello’ is so small but still there. ah well.

might add s10 on too when it comes out, because i know i can copy and paste the script now. yay.

some voltron future season predictions for literally no other reason than potential gloating rights a year and a half from now: 

  • each of the voltron lions were forged on different planets and made from unique materials.
    • ala black lion = guardian of the sky; came from a meteor that crashed on the Galra home planet 
  • one of the lions will be badly damaged and they have to take it back to it’s home planet for repairs
  • haggar has a strong personal grudge against allura (or alfor) and thats why she turned against altea
    • possibly also an evil aunt, just saying
  • keith’s dad is not only still alive but hiding out somewhere in space, I would put money on him showing up in person in future seasons.
    • this would also go along with the ‘keith’s dad left him’ theory since he might have literally just been carried off into space. 
    • he’s probably still kinda an asshole tho
    • i don’t trust him
  • another one of the original voltron paladins is alive, possibly a recluse in some far corner of the galaxy
    • possibly one of those crazy wise old people that teach life changing lessons to those they encounter.
    • i hope it’s the blue paladin and lance
  • alfor survived the attack on altea. we didn’t see him die so in my book, he ain’t dead. at the very least the time between when alfor put allura in the pod and when altea was destroyed is important and what happened there will be revealed to us before the end of the show.
    • he even says ‘if all goes well i will see you again soon’ to allura right before he knocks her out !!! that man had a plan !!!!!!!!!!!
    • coran was probably in on whatever alfor did bc he was put into the cyropod after allura, likely on alfor’s request to watch after her.
  • Hunk is going to go through some kind of heartbreaking tragedy that becomes his will to fight
    • I say this because Hunk is the only one of the paladins who doesn’t have a Reason for doing what he is doing yet. (Shiro = revenge on zarkon, keeping his team safe, + just being the kind of good person who literally wouldn’t rest until he knew the galaxy was safe. Lance = his desire to protect earth and to return home to his family. Keith = his quest for knowledge about himself and his past, Pidge = her need to rescue her missing family members, ect.) so maybe his Reason™ is actually going to happen real-time, all the more heartbreaking.
  • Lance and Keith will get stuck alone together somewhere and have to work as a team to make their way back to the ship. 
    • it will be gay.
    • they will bond and lance will actually remember it this time
  • Lance will attempt to sacrifice himself for one of his team members
  • A paladin (probably Keith) will run away and then proceed be tracked down mercilessly by the rest of the team and there is a heartfelt reunion scene where at least 2 people cry (not including me)
  • somebody important to Keith dies. likely his mom or dad. because he’s tragic like that.
    • listen the fuck up it better not be shiro because i will FIGHT
  • Pidge will find Matt but not her dad. they have to team up to save him.
    • alternatively: they find Matt but he doesn’t remember anything about Pidge or himself (just like how Shiro still hasn’t regained all his memories but Worse)
  • Lance accidentally commits some kind of grave alien cultural offense and gets thrown in space jail, the team has to spend the rest episode working to save him before he’s executed. 
    • Lance befriends his cellmate who turns out to be the Important Person the team came to find in the first place.
  • Keith gets attached to a cute, tiny alien pet and immediately risks his life for it
  • Kaltenecker returns, she lives in the castle in her own grazing pasture. Lance takes care of her and has full on conversations with her daily. like a living cow diary. 

that’s all tune in next season to see if i bathe in the fountains of glory or return a Fool to my people

James Potter head canons

Doesn’t like labels

Yes he made out with Sirius, no he isn’t gay

Yes Lily is his girlfriend, but is he straight? dunno

Is actually very smart, but school bores him so he doesn’t try too hard

Remus tells him thats a stupid reason, but James responds with - “Why should i put effort into something that will only ruin the love i have for the thing itself?”

Sirius calls him a philosophical shit

Gaining his friendship is very easy, but his trust? not so much

Contrary to popular belief, James has no ill-will towards all Slytherins

He only hated the ones in his year and above because he grew up with them

But with the younger students he’s very helpful and kind because he believes they are still children who have yet to be messed up by their house

Such a charmer that one i swear

Always talks in class! he’s the kid that either makes you laugh or the one you want to throw a book at to make him shut the fuck up


Hates crying in front of people because he thinks he always has to be happy and optimistic and tough for his friends

Also because he thinks his problems are small and insignificant compared to theirs

Is a flirt, but a subtle flirt 

With Sirius you know right away that he’s flirting with you, but James?

Is he flirting or being nice? Did he purposefully graze your hand or was that an accident? Did he just say an innuendo or do you just have a dirty mind? the world may never know

Knows Remus has welsh in his accent but doesnt say anything because Sirius still doesn’t and watching him get frustrated amuses James

His favorite color isn’t red! shocker yes, but its actually pink! it reminds him of the flowers him and his mom used to garden together when he was little

When he gets older he not only wants to be a part time quidditch star and part time Auror, but a stay at home dad!

He remembered growing up and wishing to be just like his mother, and even into his teen years James still thought that raising a kid was the most hardcore job you could have

Wants a family so big it could be its own quidditch team. He would compete against molly (IF HE WAS STILL ALIVE!)

Can crack his wrists so goddamn loud! it makes lily gag

Makes dad jokes but everyone calls them mom jokes because once again, mother hen

Tried eye contacts once, still shivers over the memory of touching his own eye ball

Always touching somebody (with consent of course)

A arm over shoulder, hand on thigh, fingers in hair, and more. He’s just so affectionate (and he knows that the other Marauders are hella touch starved but too awkward to ask for affection) 

Will fight

His trash talk is killer, but has awoken the boys in the early hours of the day to exclaim that he has an even better comeback

for what?

for what Severus said to me, obviously Moony!

you mean during that fight that happened hours ago?

yes! Now shut up!

And then he says it and it makes no sense because he came up with it while he was fighting a dancing duck in his dream

Doesn’t drink coffee because his mom said it would stump his growth when he was a kid, so instead he has a intense knowledge about different teas

When he cares about something you can pry it away from his cold, dead hands

My boy can draw! Just stumble into the common room to only witness Sirius in a ridiculous pose while James potter sketches away

Its usually shit because watching Sirius’s face morph into one of offense cracks James up

Sarcasm sometimes just completely flies over his head

Remus is the mediator when it comes to pranks and dumb shit they like to do, but James is the mediator with emotions and relationships

Is the person who gives wise advice, which no one believes until James potter is sitting next to them giving them this worldly speech and they think, Sirius was right, James is a philosophical shit.

 Thats all i have for now!

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Name: Nilamtika -*piip* (lastname is a secret)

Nicknames: Nilam, Nii, Nagi

Gender: Female

Starsign: Aries

Height: 156 cm / 5′1

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts house: ???

Favorite animal: Cat, fury fluffy animal ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Average hours spent sleeping: 6-9 hrs

Dogs or cats: cat … wait, why not both? so both മ◡മ

Number of blankets I sleep with: only one, even if i easily get cold

Dream trip: Germany, Japan, or Ireland

When I made this account: May or June…? 

Why I made this account: ‘cause of UNDERTALE FANDOM. And i want to see and interact with amazing artist. tumblr had so many amazing artist, srsly.

#of followers: 800+ where do you guys come from?? How did you guys found my weird boring blog?? (◯Δ◯∥)

Reason for my URL:  ‘Cause thats my artist name…? i don’t have any idea of nam when i make this acc. And im not really creative with name. Look at my artist name, the different just ‘i’ ‘ii’ with my real name ;w;


Requested: No.

Kind of winging it. Enjoy.


A shaky breath was soon released from my body as we awaited for the tattoo artist to return. My body was shaking with nerves and nothing was seeming to calm me down. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before, even after claiming for years that I always really wanted one.

It’s just always been something that I’ve procrastinated upon and held back - always seeming to make up an extremely lame excuse as to why I couldn’t get a tattoo any time soon but really, I was just nervous.

But here I am, standing directly in the center of a tattoo parlor with a pounding heart and shaky hands. The only reason I actually had the guts to drive down and be here right now was because Justin practically begged me to come and get one.

I disagreed at first but it wasn’t long before he was sending me his famous smirk and offering me a deal I was willing to accept. If I got a tattoo, he would get one as well. Or rather - another tattoo. He’s already gotten many before, so I don’t really understand why it made me feel better that he was recieving one wih me. But it did.

So thats how I got stuck, being a nervous wreck in the middle of a well decorated Tattoo parlor.

“Relax baby. Don’t be nervous.” Justin assured from the tattoo chair besides me.

In an unconvincing gasp of a high pitched voice, I managed to squeak. “What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Justin only looked down on me as if I were a child who had missed the obvious point, “For one, you’ve sighed around 15 times. You keep tapping your foot on the ground and when your nervous your voice gets higher.” He pointed out.

Damn, why must my boyfriend know me so well.

I sighed, soon shutting my mouth with wide eyes when he threw me a pointed stare. Make that 16 sighs.

Finally Justin fell acomb to defeat - finally realising that maybe I was a little more nervous then he anticipated me to be. “Babe, It dosen’t hurt that much.” He sympathetically granted me a lopsided smile.

Though only two words seem to stick in my head, “That much?! ” I exclaimed.

Justin blew a sigh of his own. “Yes Y/N. I’m not going to go ahead and start ranting about how painless this is and that it dosen’t hurt at all because then I would just be lying.”

Well that’s a great thing to say to a person who’s just about to get a tattoo, already fearing for there potential life ahead. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but still - really Justin? Thanks for the pep talk.

Mental eyeroll.

Though he continued. “But its nothing you can’t handle. Believe me. I wouldn’t force you to do anything I didn’t think you couldn’t handle.” He assured. At the sweet words, I smiled at boyfriend, nodding my head.

Thats when the tattoo artist returned from wherever he had gone, a few items in hand. One being what looked like a cloth and the other being a gauze roll.

I pointed towards the roll. “What’s that for?” I asked.

The bulky tattoo artist who was seemingly sheeted in tattoos himself, flicked his eyes towards me and grinned sweetly. “Gotta wrap it up in something when we’re done. Its stops the blood from seeping into your shirt.” He explained.

My eyes shot towards Justins in a split second, feeling my heart sink further into my chest “BLOOD ?!”

Justin’s face fell amused, and he let out a strangled chuckle. Yeah, well, I was going to strangle him. “Relax baby girl.” He smiled

The tattoo artist laughed heartedly and seeped his eyes over to Justin’s, a finger extended to point back at me. “First time?”

Justin sighed. “You have no idea.” I pouted and he smirked at my expression.

The man laughed and made his way over to my seat, where he then proceeded to place the items in hand on a metal table besides him. The table extended out to a bulky looking machine, I presumed to be the tattoo gun and at the sight of the monstrous looking device, I gulped.

My eyes subconsciously trailed over to glare at Justin, realising that a woman who I assumed to be another tattoo artist had approached him and began asking questions about the tattoo he wanted to get. Thankfully, Justin and I had already discussed this topic.

“So, what can I do for you today?” The artist asked in a deep southern accent.

I slid a hand in my pocket, pulling out the sketch I had drawn and handed it over to the man.

His eyes flickered over it a few times, nodding in appreciation at the work. I did take an art class or two. Okay thats a lie, I’m an art major. “Does it have a meaning?” He asked.

“There isn’t too much meaning to it, but it represents him,” I pointed towards Justin. “And nobility.”

“Nobility?” He nodded. “I like it.” The tattoo artist smiled. “Wheres it going?”

“Just below my left collar bone.” I answered

He smiled. “Alright, you don’t have any problems with needles or anything?” He asked.

“….I don’t think so.” I hesitated.

“Alright, well if the pain gets too harsh to handle, just tell me and we can take a break.”

Thats when the flicker of the tattoo needle sounded, a light buzzing sound filling my ears as I watched the man pull the needle nearer and nearer to my skin until finally, it made contact with the thin layer of flesh by the bone.

I hissed, squinting my eyes as the man continued on with the tattoo. I’ll admit, it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated it to be but It definitely was no walk in the park either.

Slowly but surely, managing to do so without moving my shoulder to much, I looked over at Justin who was just starting on his tattoo as well.

The artist wiped the last bit of blood off with the folded up cloth as he finished up the tattoo, turning off the machine. I sighed in relief noticing that the session had come to an end and opened my eyes which were glossy with tears.

With the back of my hand, I managed to wipe away the tears scattered across my eyes quick enough before the man could notice and thats when I heard him say. “Alright sweetheart, all done. Take a look.”

I slowly but surely shifted my neck to crease down at my newly tattooed skin by my collarbone. And at the peice of ink scorned permanently across my chest, I quealed. It was amazing, just how I imagined it. I smiled, looking over to the artist who was admiring the masterpiece he had created on my chest.

“Its amazing! Thank you!” I exclaimed.

“No problem. Wasn’t too bad, was it?” He asked.

With the squint of my eyes, I shrugged. “It hurt, but not as much as I was expecting it too.”

He smiled, nodding his head. “Would you do it again?” He asked.

Would I? “Yeah. I mean, I love tats. I’ve just always been too afraid to come and catually get one. But now that I’ve done it and I know that its not as bad, yeah. Definitely.” I smiled.

“Good. Lot of people get turned off after there first tat.”

“Well, not me.” I laughed.

“Good to know.” His eyes shifted over to Justin, “Well, looks like your boyfriend’s done.”

I followed the man’s eyes over to where Justin sat, also looking down on his freshly completed tattoo. A smile adorned my face in admiration of my boyfriend, just as the tattoo artist began wrapping up my tattoo, which may I say sat quite awkwardly, considering the position it was in. But soon enough, we had paid for the tattoo’s and left the parlor.

The next morning

Justin and I stood around our friends, smiling as they all eagerly watched and waited. We haven’t really taken our bandages off since we received our tattoo’s so this was really a surprise for everyone. All our friends were here. Ryan, Chaz, Hailey, Kendall, Maejor, my best friend Avery, Justin and I’s parents, even Justin’s manager - Scooter.

“Ready?” We both smiled.

Everyone nodded.

Justin and I shot each other a quick glance before slowly beginning to remove our own bandages off, finally revealing our settled tattoos. My smile fell so wide at the look of my own, and I was quick to jot over and glance at Justin’s. It was perfect and I don’t think we could have chosen better tattoo’s. Everyone stared in awe, wowing at the final result.

“They look so good!” Maejor yelled.

“They do look really good sweetie.” Pattie smiled.

“Thanks. I really like them.” Justin replied. “What about you?”

Looking down at our tattoo’s once more, I grinned wide. “I love them.”

They were perfect.

Fit for a king and a queen.

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9 with 2D? If you're only doing the pickle man that's fine tho

“Don’t ask me that”


You were taken aback quite a bit when you heard 2D let the shocking question “(Y/N), do you really love me?” Slip from his lips. You could tell that he was being serious, as if he were insecure about himself in your guys’ long term relationship with one another. It made a thousand questions race through your mind as you couldn’t put together a reason behind his wonders. “please tell me. I want to know.”

You only frowned at him. “Why would you want to ask me that, ‘D?” You inquired. You could feel your heart empty out a bit in rejection to the idea that he would even feel the need to ask such a question. “just why? What made you ask me if I love you?”

“I haven’t figured out exactly why you wanted to be with me,” he admitted, somewhat melancholy. “there’s nothing very special about me, y’know? I’m just like everyone els-” you couldn’t help but slap your hands onto his cheeks to squish them and make him stop right in the middle of his sentence. He didn’t bother continuing, but rather he just stared into your (E/C) eyes for as long as you would let him.

“God damn it, stop. Just stop belittling yourself. You’re special to me and that’s all that matters,” ever since the first day you met 2D, you had made an instant connection with him that would could never really explain. You had gotten close with him fast, becoming best friends and then eventually lovers with him. He was perfect in our eyes and it hurt you when he got so self conscious about himself.

"But do you really love me?” He repeated his question, slightly muffled.

You shook your head in disappointment and pulled him in or a nice, warm kiss on the lips. You could feel him slowly sink into the kiss when he accepted your advance. He kissed you back with effort when you loosened your grip on his face. You pulled back after a minute. “Don’t ask me that,” you ordered him. “I love you, forever and always. Please understand that. I really do love you.”

He let a small smile form across his face. “I love you too,” he relegated back to you and pulled you in for another kiss.

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but it's exactly like you said: putting a parallel between tony and peter also puts a parallel between bucky and ego. peter and tony's situations are entirely different because you can't blame bucky (unless you're a fucking asshole) but ego IS responsible on the other hand. like, you guys can preach about mental illness all you want, but none of you have an ounce of respect for bucky and you keep coming up with reasons why tony should have killed him. that's why no one trusts tony stans tbh.

???? Can you please take your prejudice and grudge away for one minute and actually read what my original post is saying, and what my previous ask is saying, before you jump to conclusion that I ‘victim blame’ bucky and ‘keep coming up with reasons why tony should have killed him’,

I made it nice and clear that I’m not blaming Bucky, have no ill will towards him, and the intention of that parallel gif set is only to draw ‘the parallels between the experiences of Peter and Tony and their reactions when they find out the truth about their mothers’ deaths’ [here read it again yourself] The parallel is about Peter and Tony and their mothers, their mothers were (one of) the closest things to their hearts and their whole lives, they believe it’s natural causes/ accident that took their mothers away, only to find out they were actually murdered, and the shock and fury and pain and the feeling of betrayal have them both react in a similar manner to the one who killed their mothers. This is what my gif set is about, it’s about Peter and Tony, and you can see in the gif set how I put the focus on them solely, and very little on Ego, Bucky or Steve, because they are not the parallel I want to draw, because that would be unfair, because I know even though Maria was killed by Bucky’s hand, Bucky is also a victim of brainwash, he was merely a weapon. I know this, which is the reason why I put the disclaimer in so that you will know that this gif set has no intention to blame Bucky. Can you hear me now??

And where in the world you get that idea of me/us keep coming up with reasons why tony should have killed bucky oh my god? No one said Tony should have killed Bucky??? You know while I know many Bucky stans like you hold a lot of grudges against Tony, most Tony stans I know have nothing against Bucky, we know he’s a victim of Hydra like Tony’s parents and Tony, and we wouldn’t want Tony to kill him lol this is just absurd? You know you can sympathise with Bucky while understand why Tony would lash out on him right? Because just put yourself in Tony’s shoes for once and for real, forget that you know Bucky, forget that you know all about his tragic backstory and how he wants nothing to do with any of this yet become the centre of the conflict. Because for all Tony knows, Bucky is a stranger he’s never met before, he’s on the government most wanted list and though Tony finds out Bucky was framed for Vienna, hence he’s here in Siberia to offer help, he doesn’t know the full extent of the brainwashing and the winter soldier. Throughout the movie Tony only knows about Bucky through Steve, who has thrown everything away to protect Bucky, including their friendship and the Avengers. So to say the least, Tony doesn’t have any emotional connection with Bucky, and he has no reason to trust him, he’s there in Siberia for Steve, not for Bucky.
So imagine you’re in a room with your friend Steve who you just had a big fight with, and his friend Bucky who you know not much about, who also kinda is the cause of the fight and he may or may not have some criminal records, and you are stressed and on edge and your own best friend Rhodey has just been severely injured, everything is falling apart, but for now, let’s put that aside and solve this winter soldiers mystery together. Bruh only to find out it’s a set up! And now not only you find out your parents death that has casted such a shadow in your life was an assassination instead of an accident, you’re also forced to watch the footage of your parents being brutally murdered in front of you, and what’s worse is that your friend Steve has known that for awhile and elected not to tell you because he needs to protect his friend Bucky, why? Because Bucky is the one who murdered your parents! Tell me you wouldn’t lash out on that very person who killed your parents right at that moment, brainwash or not, your parents were dead by his hands. You’d care for nothing but revenge, and you will want to hurt him as he’s hurt you. This is a very human reaction. Was Tony wrong to take it out on Bucky? Yes, because Bucky is also a victim, he was brainwashed. Can you blame Tony for reacting the way he did? No, unless you lack empathy, the guy just watched his parents being murdered in front of him and to rub salt to the wound his friend has betrayed his trust. 

If the reveal didn’t happen the way it did in civil war, if Tony was given time to process under different circumstances, he would be able to manage his emotions better and remember that Bucky is also a victim, and he would react more civilly. But you know what even though he’s fighting Bucky, he’s never really intend to kill, the iron man suit is a lethal weapon, all he has to do is aim at the fatal part of the body and shot bullets then he will be done with if he was so sure so set on killing Bucky. He’s fighting them to release his anger and give himself time to process, because the logic part of his brain still knows that the one who orders the kill is the one to blame, not the brainwashed weapon who does the killing. And so you see the later part of the fight his anger is direct at Steve more than it is to Bucky, because being mad at Steve for the betrayal of his trust, that he can have some sort of closure, because he can never have closure on the matter of his parents. Peter can end up destroying Ego, T’challa can end up bringing Zemo to justice, but Tony knows he can’t blame Bucky and he won’t because it’s not fair and just, and those who ordered the kill were either dead or god knows where. The reveal opens the wound but there’s no justice to serve, he can only let it bleed till it won’t hurt as much as before. 

And here I thought I could avoid going into the civil war discourse again, hope you’re happy now anon! The thing about civil war is that you can’t watch it with your black and white mentality, you can’t blame one side without also blaming the other, same way as you can’t excuse one side without also being understanding to the other side. And for the record, I truly hold no grudges against Bucky, maybe still a bit mad at Steve on Tony’s behalf, but I also see where he’s coming from and he’s only doing what he thinks is right and I can respect that. 

If the Big Hero 6 Characters were in the Mean Girls “Burn Book”

“I heard that the reason Hiro is so smart is because the car crash he survived when he was three did something to his brain. Not only did that make him smarter, but he won’t get taller than 5 feet due to a slight concussion he got.”

“I heard that the reason Honey Lemon is nicknamed Honey Lemon because one time she put honey on a lemon to see if the combination of sweet and sour would taste good together. She threw up directly after eating it and got honey and lemon juice in her hair.”

“I heard that Wasabi spilled wasabi on his shirt more than one time. He just says it was that one time to make himself feel better because he’s so OCD that him doing something out of that zone makes him embarrassed.”

“I heard that Gogo has a whole closet filled with nothing, but her chewed up pieces of bubble gum and she only goes in there to either add another one to her collection or whenever she’s stuck on something.”

“I heard that Fred lives under a bridge, but not always the same bridge. He usually picks a new bridge to live under every week, but he ends up going to the same bridges as before when he can.”

“I heard that Baymax is in fact a walking marshmallow and that small children have bitten him before. They were not satisfied with their care afterwards.”

“I heard that Aunt Cass stress eats because it’s the only thing she can do to avoid accidentally strangling Mochi.”

“…wait, why is Tadashi in the burn bo-OH THAT’S RIGHT.”

Turn loose the mermaids(Part24)

Here we go! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I had a week from hell last week. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

Btw guys, do you remember when you thought Chat was afraid of storms, back in chapter 9? Lol, as if. I wonder if any of you will figure out what that was about.

Anyway here comes the feels whaddup.

First l Next

One day, I will learn to listen to my fucking instincts when they scream at me, Chat thought bitterly, grabbing tightly onto a rope as another wave broke, the water splashing all over the deck and almost knocking him off his feet. Chat kept in mind to give Kim a raise for holding the wheel of La Coccinelle so well during a storm like this. Lightning struck in the horizon, making him clench his teeth. They needed to get out of these waters as soon as possible. Getting a better grip on one of the ropes, he shouted over the noise of the thunder.

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Name: Katharina

Nicknames: Kathy


Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5'1

Sexuality: guess heterosexual

Hogwarts house: Never tested but I’d like to think I’d slyther in the house of Slytherin

Favorite animal: dont really have a fave but bats are really cute

Average hours off sleep: 5 to 6 I guess

Current time: 8:51 pm

Dog or Cat person: both!

Blankets you sleep with: a fluffy one with blue, grey and white parts in it

Dream trip: currently to america but its only 2 weeks until then

When I made this blog: I dont remember

Followers: Just hit 50 recently

Why I made this tumblr: I wanted to reblog and like posts. I know, pretty lame but whatever

Reasons for my URL: none

Favorite Color: Red & blue (and black but thats not really a color)

I would like to tag! @the-deadly-donut @metalpuddingyt @acti-veg @xladymalice @stealthnerd

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Hello!!! I was wondering, why do you ship RinHaru??? Just wondering because believe it not, I haven't seen Free! -.- Though, from what I've seen, there is a lot of MakoHaru in the fandom... Soooo why RinHaru over MakoHaru??? Just curious.

hello @fatbat12 . Sorry for the late reply  ◄.►

For me, Free! has always been like: Makoto > Haru > Rin. 

For example, Makoto says that he wants to swim with Haru:

haru is just like: …..

later on different episode, Haru says that he wants to swim with Rin:

OH look, he is even blushing when he says that he wants to ‘’swim with Rin’’

After that, i have seen MakoHaru nothing but a beautiful friendship. The reason why MakoHaru is more popular is because of Makoto. He is like the number 1 character in almost every fucking poll. But popularity doesn’t mean anything, if my otp is popular, then thats just a bonus for me.

Anyways, that’s that. The main reason why i like RinHaru is because Haru is like Rin’s emotional supporter. He’s the only one that made Rin cry like a little baby after getting him out of his darkness. And on season two, Rin does the same thing. He takes Haru to australia and helps him to find out his dream.They are like yin and yang, Rin is like Haru’s sun while Haru is Rin’s moon. They are like each others ray of light, they help each other to move on. I just don’t see this with makoharu. 

doesnt this remind you of another pairing? *cough*ichiruki*cough*

and after Rin said this to Haru:

i just…

it’s very romantic…

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Finnish Japanese anon here. I agree completely. Speaking of, all of my friends IRL are "white" Finns. A sjw once asked me if they were racist to me. Only one of my friends has made a racist remark and I corrected them and they apologized. I regretfully told this to the sjw and they tried using that to say that all white people are horrible, disgusting beings. That's so wrong. People make mistakes and my friend is wonderful. And white people are not the enemy. Only idiots who don't think are.

Hello! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

The reason why I am uncomfortable with the way this website likes to say “all white people are horrible” is because it focuses on white people TOO MUCH. Yes, in the US and due to European colonialism, white people do benefit from the system of oppression created. But this excessive focus on them rather than keeping our eyes open as to WHO is participating in this structure is extremely harmful. It completely ignores how we non-white people are not only culpable in other serious forms of racism (Chinese govt oppression of Uighur minorities in Xinjiang province, Arab oppression of migrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa).

Because we actually CAN and DO reproduce systems of oppressions started by European colonialism. A very good example is how East Asians reproduce racist caricatures against black people- the extensive blackface used in KPOP. One show even had a Korean star with his face caked in brown makeup, an afro and eating a watermelon. I have had RELATIVES who never thought themselves racist carelessly repeat stereotypes like “black people are too heavy to swim”. I mean, one only has to look at patriarchy to see how often it functioned on using women to oppress other women- according to my grandmother, my great-great grandmother committed female infanticide. The same logic applies to how those of us who are so-called “POC”.

It is perfectly right to call out white people who engage in racist behaviour and say they need to be conscious of their privilege but I draw the line at this website treating those of us “POC” engaging in racist behaviour (i.e Nicki Minaj’s “Only”) with double standards or even thinking we can’t be racist, what we do can’t be harmful etc. Excessively fixating on white people to the extent you excuse “POC” is a failure to recognise racism for what it is- a structure, an ideology that operates through various proxies- not only “white” people.

Not to mention I feel this homogenisation of people as “white” in the European context is quite harmful erasure of various minority European ethnic groups who would often get racialised as “white” in the US but are heavily ostracised and institutionally discriminated against in Europe- even to the point of genocide. (E.g European Jewish people, Chechens in Russia, Bosnians in the former Yugoslavia, Irish Travellers in the UK). A flat view of how privilege works does no justice to recognising the variety of marginalisation going around the world.

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Omg Queenie was so cute, literally loved all the characters they were so well written

((OOC: I completely agree. I think that’s why I love Queenie so much. As soon as she came on screen I got physically anxious because I felt like she could have so easily been completely one-dimensional - she was beautiful, she was female, and in too many movies thats all a leading lady requires.

But instead, what we were given was this confident, intelligent character who despite having the ability to literally read minds, was only ever portrayed as honest (immediately telling Jacob she was a Legilimens) and kind (freely opening up her home to a muggle and a strange British wizard) and brave (not hesitating to go and rescue her sister and Newt, who likely wouldn’t have made it out of the MACUSA without her). 

I could write multiple paragraphs about all of the other characters and why they were so successfully written, but for this reason in particular, Queenie is one of my new favourite female characters.))

  • August 20, 2016
  • Do you remember that time I gave you a present to apologize for getting so drunk and not remembering having sex with you the next morning?
  • Or that time we went to your favorite bar and I spent the night caressing your face and your thighs in public?
  • And how less than a minute after we parted ways I called you to say I missed you already?
  • How about that time I made you a list of 100 things I loved about you? Did you know it took me less than an hour to finish it? That's how easy it was for me to think of reasons why you're the most amazing human being on Earth.
  • Do you remember when you said you're not sure if you could trust me, so I deleted my Tinder in front of you?
  • How about when I gave you my iPhone passcode so you could go through my messages and see for yourself that you're my only one?
  • Do you remember when I almost cancelled a trip I had been planning for a year, 'cause you asked me to go home with you to Morocco? Or when you changed your mind, and I told you very kindly and gracefully that I understood?
  • Can you count the times I told you how beautiful you were and how happy I was that you're in my life?
  • Do you remember how I never started a fight? And how whenever you'd get angry I'd apologize in an instant so it wouldn't turn into a fight?
  • Do you remember how I always replied to your messages? Didn't matter if I was in a meeting or a recording. Didn't matter if I was in the shower or asleep. I never made you wait, because fuck games. I loved you and I made sure you knew.
  • Do you remember when I said, "You don't have to love me back. Just let me love you." ...and you said "No."?
  • Did you notice that my love for you had no hint of pride, no trace of ego? That it was pure, strong, intense, passionate and completely selfless? I would've lied, killed and died for you if you asked me to.
  • Well, last night I finally realized that I could find someone like you. Someone with a pretty face and a six-pack. Someone with a killer smile and a voice that transports me to paradise.
  • But you, my love, you will never find anyone who loves like I do. And that's okay. 'Cause maybe at the end of the day, you don't deserve a love like mine anyway.

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Hello! I just wanted to point something out about the update. A lot of people are furious about it and they're lashing out on Cheritz saying thay they make plenty of money already, but that's actually not true. As a app developer I must give Cheritz kudos for their work so far. They have NEVER made any money from the normal players. Many might not have noticed, but Cheritz has never implemented advertisements into their game (1)

…Which means that the only money Cheritz makes is from players who paid for hourglasses, call card or VIP. I know many don’t realise this, but this is probably one of the reasons why they do not want people to abuse the system. Aside from that Cheritz had announced the trial period a LONG time ago, if one had paid attention to their messages they would have known. I feel bad for the people who paid and got banned, but they could send them an email without threats and hate…

Thank you, anon. I 100% agree. I think that in situations like this it’s easy to forget that this is a complete game that, while being possible to play through without spending money, also cost a lot of money to make – money they’re hoping to make back through their players.

This game is very inexpensive! Even if you just spend $3 on it, you can already buy back 20 chatrooms or call the characters 20 times or purchase 2-4 entire DAYS’ worth of chatrooms. $3! Most games of this quality cost upwards of $30 so I would say we’re being extremely spoiled here. Please support the game and all the hard work Cheritz has put into it, and try to be understanding of the new updates. We won’t ever see more games like this made if you get upset over it being slightly more inconvenient for you to spend zero dollars on such a wonderful game. 

Please be understanding of Cheritz, they’ve done a lot for us the players :)

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Anon asking about why Sans threw Frisk- OMG THAT'S SO COLD. But why is it that Core!Frisk never talks to him? You said it themselves it's not that they don't want to. And Sans guilt has made his own punishment, one long overserved by now.

It’s more angsty that way Mmh, I think that at some point Frisk would show themselves in their home timeline after they were forgotten. But it would have to be for a very good reason, and probably only to Sans. Just to stop him from beating himself up so much, to show him that they’re okay. Nobody else knows about them so there’s absolutely no point in introducing themselves to people… that would only cause everyone unnecessary pain. Imagine if a creepy black eyed child that’s somehow familiar showed up in front of you one day, claiming that you’re their friend and that you forgot about their existence.

But with Sans, who is aware that Frisk existed, maybe it’d be better if they do show up. But it might not. On one hand it might help but on the other hand it might just harm even more. Sans finally gets to meet Frisk, he finds out that they got a neat superpower and that they’re actually not unhappy with their situation and wouldn’t take it back even if they could. But he also practically kicked them out of their home and erased everyone’s memory of them, and forced Frisk into a kind of existence they never asked for in first place.

your email address actually said a lot about u like

mine was to start off with and literally the only reason it was that was because one of my friends was brisoup like as in bri soup but i misheard hers and i thought she said bri super so i was like hey i will copy her but i spelt it supa because thats when it was cool to shorten words and then 72 came from nowhere i remember mum saying ‘why 72’ and me being like BECAUSE I WANT 72 WHY DOES IT MATTER anyway so thats how my email came about, because i wanted to copy someone but i couldnt hear them properly so i fucked up and made an email address that didnt make sense and had nothing to do with me at all which is a representation of me as a person - confused and doesnt make sense 

then there were people that were just like



or pretty_britty

and then there were the deeper ones that would always have lyrics as their personal message and their email was like innocence_is_fake666 or like demonic_princess88 

then there were people that had no real care for what epople thought and just loved havin fun like bingobop or hellothisisgod

then there were the guys that had no originality and they were like v8_supercars_rox and like surfer_jarrod84 or footy_is_my69life

omg then a girl moved from england to my school and i remember her giving me her msn because like the first thing you would wanna know about someone was their msn it was pretty much like closing in the deal like 'ok were friends now’ anyway her email was so long and so unheard of it was like xx_hottie_gabz_crazybabe_luvs_u-xx and she wrote it down and i was like omg im so proud that is so long she must be fun so we became friends

your msn name/email address were your brand, it represented u and it said a lot about u. like if you look back on your friends email addresses im sure youll find a few that represented them so well

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The reason Disney hasn't made a "Tiana's palace" in New Orleans square is because it wasn't a big ticket movie. They only do major construction or additions like that for very popular movies, because they are all about making money. That's why it always looks like Frozen threw up all over the place and why they constantly cram Star Wars down your throat now that they own the rights. Princess and the Frog just wasn't a very popular movie.

Ah, you’re right. I mean, not like one of their most popular rides ever is not based on any sort of movie but an original idea based on a theme,a movie rendition coming much later.

Or even two of them

It’s not like movies that were technical FLOPS got rides and attractions

(Yes, Dumbo was technically a flop and barely scraped even in it’s initial release. This was due in part to the events of pearl harbor, but it still did not do well)

(Alice was a technical flop as well. It did not become popular until a while after it’s initial release in 1951 and even Disney himself commented it “lacked heart”)

Even Sleeping beauty didn’t make it’s budget back in it’s initial release, only getting popular later, but her whole castle is in Disneyland!

And they booted Ariel, one of the BIGGEST Disney Princesses, out of her Grotto for Tinkerbell when her movies sort of got popular.

My point is, popularity is a factor of course, but not always in the box office ideals. If it was, I’m pretty sure they would’ve changed Splash Mountain since Song of the South is hardly popular and causes a bit of debate in racial profiles, and I know maybe two other people who have seen Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride so that’s a pretty lesser known movie overall. They stick around because they’re classics now, but there was optimal time they could’ve overhauled them because they didn’t make the big bucks into new themes. New stuff that wasn’t a “money maker” gets added too, like the Fantasia show. Fantasia didn’t make back it’s production cost until A DECADE AFTER IT’S RELEASE IN 1940 AND MULTIPLE RELEASES, but it has a light show, sequel, and a following now, at least of some of the musical shorts.

I hear all the time people want MORE stuff with Tiana, and Mulan, and Big Hero Six too. Not just on here but in passing. I chatted with a girl at a Disney Store who said “Yeah, I get asked all the time where more Princess and the Frog stuff is, but there just isn’t a lot that hasn’t been out for a while.” The demand is there, Disney just hasn’t taken advantage of that in favor of the new hot thing like frozen. But a movie definitely does not need to be “popular” or a box office smash to still have a place at Disney parks. Further, a restaurant if run correctly will always turn a profit, and is cheaper to renovate and build than a “ride”.