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Your literally so fucking amazing. It's so cool how you can be so chill and post your art and not worry about people you know seeing it. That's kind of why I send YOU my art so people on my page don't see it and recognize me. Anyway, I hope you have a swell day and I can't wait to see more of your Tumblr. Your art is amazing. Cars is fan-fucking-tastic. Your the bees knees. Peace. Hugs and kisses(not really. Just, like. In a friend sort of way. If we are friends?? I'm not sure I'm weird.))

Ohwowowow, this message made my day! And I def can understand why you’d be nervous posting Cars stuff, but thats okay! Share your art only if you feel comfortable, and if submitting it to me helps, than go for it! I love seeing art in my inbox tbh, it makes me happy knowing I’ve actually been one of the reasons some people made blogs and entered the fandom <3 This is admittedly a side blog, but at this point im pretty sure everyone knows I love cars haha XD 

I hope to keep creating content for you guys as well! As long as the fandoms active and thriving, I sure will be as well! 

Thanks again for such a nice ask ! 

If the Big Hero 6 Characters were in the Mean Girls “Burn Book”

“I heard that the reason Hiro is so smart is because the car crash he survived when he was three did something to his brain. Not only did that make him smarter, but he won’t get taller than 5 feet due to a slight concussion he got.”

“I heard that the reason Honey Lemon is nicknamed Honey Lemon because one time she put honey on a lemon to see if the combination of sweet and sour would taste good together. She threw up directly after eating it and got honey and lemon juice in her hair.”

“I heard that Wasabi spilled wasabi on his shirt more than one time. He just says it was that one time to make himself feel better because he’s so OCD that him doing something out of that zone makes him embarrassed.”

“I heard that Gogo has a whole closet filled with nothing, but her chewed up pieces of bubble gum and she only goes in there to either add another one to her collection or whenever she’s stuck on something.”

“I heard that Fred lives under a bridge, but not always the same bridge. He usually picks a new bridge to live under every week, but he ends up going to the same bridges as before when he can.”

“I heard that Baymax is in fact a walking marshmallow and that small children have bitten him before. They were not satisfied with their care afterwards.”

“I heard that Aunt Cass stress eats because it’s the only thing she can do to avoid accidentally strangling Mochi.”

“…wait, why is Tadashi in the burn bo-OH THAT’S RIGHT.”

your email address actually said a lot about u like

mine was to start off with and literally the only reason it was that was because one of my friends was brisoup like as in bri soup but i misheard hers and i thought she said bri super so i was like hey i will copy her but i spelt it supa because thats when it was cool to shorten words and then 72 came from nowhere i remember mum saying ‘why 72’ and me being like BECAUSE I WANT 72 WHY DOES IT MATTER anyway so thats how my email came about, because i wanted to copy someone but i couldnt hear them properly so i fucked up and made an email address that didnt make sense and had nothing to do with me at all which is a representation of me as a person - confused and doesnt make sense 

then there were people that were just like



or pretty_britty

and then there were the deeper ones that would always have lyrics as their personal message and their email was like innocence_is_fake666 or like demonic_princess88 

then there were people that had no real care for what epople thought and just loved havin fun like bingobop or hellothisisgod

then there were the guys that had no originality and they were like v8_supercars_rox and like surfer_jarrod84 or footy_is_my69life

omg then a girl moved from england to my school and i remember her giving me her msn because like the first thing you would wanna know about someone was their msn it was pretty much like closing in the deal like 'ok were friends now’ anyway her email was so long and so unheard of it was like xx_hottie_gabz_crazybabe_luvs_u-xx and she wrote it down and i was like omg im so proud that is so long she must be fun so we became friends

your msn name/email address were your brand, it represented u and it said a lot about u. like if you look back on your friends email addresses im sure youll find a few that represented them so well