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Overwatch heroes as friends
  • Winston: The big chubby friend who is full of love and joy and is A++ to cuddle with but do not hurt his friends because that love and joy can turn to wrath and destruction in .0 seconds
  • Tracer: The chatty extroverted friend who loves meeting people and going out even if it's just for a drive but she's totally willing to stop everything if you're hurt before dashing again to make you feel better
  • Mercy: The Mom Friend™, knows everything going on with everyone at all times, somehow knows exactly the right things to say and do to make everything awful seem OK again
  • Soldier 76: The Dad Friend™, older than everyone and isn't like a FRIEND per se but a very respected and admired elder who tries to keep the group out of trouble. The disgruntled grandpa.
  • Zenyatta: The spiritual friend who may be kind of a drag to be around when you're looking for a good time, but if you want to have a deep chat and have some deep troubles, he's the man
  • Genji: For some reason I have it in my head that Genji would be a laidback casual gamer friend. He's quiet and not 100% fun to be around but he's always down for some games with his pals, and he usually knows how to make their day better, or at least distract them. Knows martial arts and can drop a bitch if he needs to.
  • D.Va: Self-absorbed friend who means well but can be kind of a narcissistic jerk when they're not paying attention or checking themselves. Doesn't want to hurt people but just kind of does because of who they are, they always make up for it a dozen times over, though. Drama queen.
  • Torbjorn: That one friend who's always working in the garage. What is he doing in there all the time? Nobody knows, even though he talks about his projects all the time. A blast to be around just cause he's so funny and boisterous.
  • Reinhardt: Friend who takes things too seriously. Jokes all go over his head. But it's OK, he laughs along anyway. Not good with words but he's a big guy and if one of his friends isn't having it with someone, he will literally pick the offender up and put them elsewhere.
  • Hanzo: Also takes things too seriously, but doesn't have the humility and good nature to make up for it. Most people just avoid him cause unlike his brother he can never just chill. But he's still a good drinking buddy, if only because he'll have your back in case of a bar brawl or creeps.
  • Lucio: The music friend whose beats go hard as hell. Hosts raves and everyone's invited. DJ at all the get togethers. Unanimously elected the designted aux cord wielder on all car rides. Literally the most fun to be around, always funny, always looks out for everyone, no good in a fight but he'll take care of you, fam
  • Mei: Awkward shy friend who has a hard time getting out, but when she does she has a blast. Makes a lot of puns. Would prefer to stay in and watch Netflix.
  • McCree: Like Hanzo he lacks humility but he at least has a sense of humor. A bit quiet and broody but in a way that's respectful to others instead of being annoying. If he's having a bad day he tries to keep it to himself. Needs friends a lot and because of that he'll have their back if they're loyal.
  • Pharah: Kind of a mom friend but more laidback, so like an aunt friend I guess? Not as into taking care of everyone like Mercy but she manages to do it anyway. Mostly because people go to her with things they consider too crazy to spill onto Mercy.
  • Bastion: Literal cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Like Winston he is a big bag of fluff, unlike Winston he's kind of spacey and doesn't always pay attention. Usually just wants to go camping or something, usually the best and most fun ideas for the group. Drives during road trips because he never needs sleep.
  • Junkrat: Good-meaning friend but goes WAYYY too far. Sad? HERE'S A FIREWORKS DISPLAY! Great for events and parties and going wild but otherwise needs to tone it down an octave.
  • Roadhog: Big bag, but of grease. Not in a bad way though - he just loves working with stuff. Quiet, doesn't do small talk a lot but he's actually pretty well-spoken if you let yourself get past his humble vocabulary. Close to Bastion for most grounded and worldly friend
  • Symmetra: The artistic friend. Painting, sketching, sculpting, she does it all. Makes beautiful art for her friends and is really fun to talk to while she's working because she shares so much about art, both the technical and philosophical aspects.
  • Zarya: Gym friend. Probably diets a lot but for the purpose of bodybuilding. Knows a lot about nutrition and shit. Loves spending time with her friends and takes those who are interested to the gym with her. Responds to negativity against her friends with fists, sometimes a BIT too quickly.
  • Widowmaker: Sass Queen Supreme. Lead Roaster of the squad. She is the spitting image of the beautiful assassin, the femme fatale. Gets plenty of unwanted advances and shuts them all down with glorious levels of nega-chill. Has no chill and is fun to be around just to see her read someone to filth.
  • Reaper: Not a friend. Loner asshole you mostly feel sorry for. You'd be his friend just because you know he needs someone decent in his life, if only he'd stop being an edgelord 'i need no friends' type.

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Hi, What kind of girls(I mean favorite girls in terms of personality) do you think karasuno boys+ akaashi+kuroo would like the best?

These are all my personal opinions and that’s it. It’s cool if anyone else’s are different or if you think I’m just flat-out wrong.

Sawamura Daichi: A girl with drive who knows who she is as a person would definitely be the best fit for Daichi. Someone like himself but their own person with their own definitive values and opinions. It’s all well and good when people get swept up in his captain-i-ness on the court but the doesn’t want that in a relationship. Other than that, I think Daichi is a pretty flexible guy. As long as she’s not rude and horribly irresponsible, he’d be able to work with it.

Sugawara Koushi: Suga, I think, would lean more towards the gentler side as far as a girl he wants to date. Not necessary soft-spoken and meek, though there’s nothing wrong with that in his eyes, but a really caring kind of girl. Like as long as she’s kind and positive, Suga would be good.

Azumane Asahi: Asahi wants a girl who’s a little bit like him but mostly not. Like, he wants the kindness and the soft spots but some things, such as his fearfulness, is something he’d rather not have in an S/O too. That doesn’t mean he wants another Daichi though, one of him is plenty, just someone who’ll be at his back when he starts to falter.

Nishinoya Yuu and Tanaka Ryuunosuke: See Shimizu Kiyoko. (Pure, loving, and sweet. Delicate but decisive. Capable. Somewhat bashful.)

Ennoshita Chikara: Ennoshita wants a girl with more resolve than he has, one that’ll stick things out and he can aspire to be more like. Like a guide but one that doesn’t really know that she actually is being incredibly helpful to him. He also wants a girl who he can just kick back with, who’ll pressure him not to be the best but to be the best him, who will really be there for him.

Hinata Shouyou: Hinata is probably one of the most flexible out of all the guys because he gets along so unbelievably well with everyone. The only thing he really would look for, I guess, would be general positivity and a passion for something. It doesn’t really matter what for, just something that they can share with him like he’ll want to share volleyball with them.

Kageyama Tobio: He needs a girl who will take the time to get to know him, so, one that’s kind of stubborn. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: patient!!! Understanding. Level-headed, or at least more so than he is. Socially, she basically needs to be the complete opposite of him. She’d have to have a good sense of humor on her too. Bonus point if she’s interesting in volleyball.

Tsukishima Kei: Tsukki values brains and logic over just about everything so a girl with smarts. She doesn’t have to be as cold as him, it’s actually better if she isn’t, but if she can match him in wit, that's bomb. A girl that feels like home to him who won’t hound him for motivations for every little thing he does.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Basically wants a female Tsukishima with a better attitude. He loves smarts, wit, and a bubbly, sociable personality in a girl. He’ll want someone on his level of sweetness but with a little more drive. Someone who has aspirations to grow and better themselves, like he does, and they can kind of do it together. He thinks that’s be ideal and super cute.

Akaashi Keiji: I’m not even kidding when I say a girl that’s a lot like Bokuto. Like, she doesn’t have to be as silly and outlandish, but she definitely has to contrast him, pull him out of his quiet seriousness. Maybe gets herself into trouble sometimes and needs his help. A girl who’s smart in her own right (doesn’t have to be book smart) and is always looking to give her best.

Kuroo Tetsurou: Kuroo’s #1 thing is she has to be cool with Kenma. Someone that’s kind of like him in the sociable department. He can’t deal with a girl that’s constantly uptight about everything. There has to be some degree of go with the flow. He’d prefer a girl he can joke with, a best friend and a lover, who likes to laugh a lot but will let him kind of keep him in check from time to time. Honesty is really key.

ok. playing p3. i did the “date” with elizabeth at the mall. three things:

1) i love her
2) her voice actor is absolutely killing it
3) what kind of poor high school student wouldn’t spend the rest of the day fishing that 3 million yen out of the fountains i mean… i understand humoring her but once she’s gone it’s just. there dude. it’s there. its there and its free. i need to buy more swords from the cops. please. thats more money than i make in a year. where did she even get all of that. did igor give it to her

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I've been thinking; now that Shiro is added to the former slave with a robot arm club, Shiro joining in Bucky and Anakin's arm wrestling contests that Magneto always crashes. (Also, just realized: trading of dad tips and jokes)

Oh my God it would be like a Dad Joke convention. Can you even imagine?

Like, Bucky might make some half-hearted attempts to pretend he’s above that kind of thing. He’s not a dad! (“Neither am I!” Shiro splutters, but nobody believes him.)

But really Bucky is one of those people born with a Dad sense of humor, so.

The rest of them just gleefully throw themselves into it.

Someone makes the “can you give me a hand?” joke at least once an hour. It’s awful.