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where does kaede say that?

A friend of mine believes she says something like   あ、そうそう…私の名前は赤松楓。 超高校級のピアニストなんだ。よろしくね。 

In this image. Very, veeerry rough translation but I believe thats the gist!   

A couple of other translators (rather, the two well known DR translators i’ve reblogged from recently) here on tumblr believe it says Pianist as well.


Vincent Enyeama joking with the referees and admiring Lionel Messi’s freekicks after the halftime whistle for the Argentina vs. Nigeria match.

Fairy Tale Meme:

8 Heroes - [Urashima Taro]

“Have you ever seen Rin Gin, the Palace of the Dragon King of the Sea, Urashima?”

The fisherman shook his head and replied; “No; year after year the sea has been my home, but though I have often heard of the Dragon King’s realm under the sea I have never yet set eyes on that wonderful place. It must be very far away, if it exists at all!”

“Is that really so? You have never seen the Sea King’s Palace? Then you have missed seeing one of the most wonderful sights in the whole universe. It is far away at the bottom of the sea, but if I take you there we shall soon reach the place. If you would like to see the Sea King’s land I will be your guide.”

Remember when FNAF was a scary game about five rogue animatronics who wanted to stuff you into a suit because they thought you were a bare endoskeleton, and not a sad story about six murdered children outsmarting their murderer and propelling themselves into a 30+ year struggle trying to get somebody to realize that their souls were attached to run-down robots and were forced to use aggression in order for just even ONE PERSON to notice that something was seriously wrong, eventually ending their story in a literal blaze, which was the only thing that could truly free their spirits from purgatory and help them move on?


Look, how happy those two are. Yeah, they are. In a few days, Veer and Ishita are getting married too. You’ll miss Ishita a lot. Very. Actually, you can come to our house to see Ishita. If you want, I can pick you up everyday, and you can have dinner with us. I’m a pretty good cook nowadays. Really? Really. So, taxi, catering…escort service, all in one. Wow…but all that daily drop, pick-up, drop, pick-up, drop… No? [shakes head] I’ll just have to find other ways to see Ishita. Actually, I think I have another way. What? Can you give me five minutes tomorrow? 

I translated the caption of this picture because you guys like it so much lmao

描き下ろし (to draw for a specific purpose)

豪華客船編 の 内面的 な イメージ を 絵 に し て み ました 。 夜 の 暗い海 と 悪役 セバスチャン ( 笑 )

“I tried to draw the inside of a luxury passenger liner. Night of the dark sea with villainous Sebastian.

ASTRO’s Comeback Title Track is '숨가빠' (Out of Breath)

This title track, “숨가빠” (out of breath) features the syllable “숨” in the beginning, just like their debut track, “숨바꼭질” (hide and seek), and is going to be part 2 in the “숨” (breath) series. 

In this summer’s heat, Astro’s new album title track  “숨가빠” is a summer song that will contain cool and refreshing melodies overflowing with addictive lyrics. Also, the producer group of the debut track “숨바꼭질”, 이기용배  (Seo Yong Bae and Lee Gi) has once again joined in producing this second track. 

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On NYADA's acceptance process

So this is inspired by all the talk and discussion of Blaine getting to NYADA on his first try as opposed to Jesse and Elliot, and to a lesser extent, Kurt and Rachel. We’ve seen how Rachel and Kurt’s stories played out and why they played out that way so I’m going to focus on Jesse and Elliot here.

The very first thing that we have to take into account here is that the decision of who gets in or doesn’t get in the program rests solely in the hands of Carmen Tibideaux herself. She is the only one who sees the auditions and she is the one who makes the call. From what we know of her, she is not someone who gets impressed by theatricality. She wants soul and vulnerability and views theatricality as “surface”

Now go back to Jess St. James and his Vocal Adrenaline days. This is the leader of a choir that has been repeatedly described as “soulless automatons” A person who is theatrical by nature and who works said theatricality in his performances. Do you think that this will work with what we know Carmen is looking for? Jesse clearly left an impression on her that she remembered his audition two years later but ultimately, I don’t think his audition showed her what she was looking for. Carmen applauded his potential and passion but there was no talk about vulnerability, which we found out later is what she is looking for in performers. She also criticized his technique, saying that he ran into trouble with his breath work and his diction wasn’t crisp enough, which is something we’ve never seen directed at Rachel or Kurt (Actually, I think the one person whose technique was criticized at NYADA (well, sort of) was Beatrice, the girl who sang Ava Maria in the season 4 premiere and promptly got cut from the program)

It’s a little tricky with Elliot because we have no background information on him but this is still the guy who showed up for his audition in eye liner and came up with Starchild as a stage name in an homage to Ziggy Stardust. It’s not a stretch to imagine that Elliot was also theatrical in his NYADA audition. Elliot’s theatricality was a shock for Kurt, who is probably the most theatrical person on the show. How do you think Carmen received it? This is the woman who thought Not The Boy Next Door lacked depth and was devoid of complexity. It’s not solely about talent for her. All of those performers (Jesse, Elliot, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine) have talent in spades. She is looking for a specific thing, which she didn’t find in Jesse or Elliot for some reason.

Considering that NYADA is the most prestigious performing arts school in the country, it’s not a stretch to say that academic excellence also plays a factor, in addition to extra curricular activities and such (Remember how Kurt and Rachel were trying to get more things on their applications to bolster their chances? Yeah) Jesse definitely had the extra curricular part down. Vocal Adrenaline were National Champions throughout his school career and I believe there was a comment about him talking dance lessons back in season one. The academic side isn’t that good though. Jesse had another student attending maths, English and scientific for him in Carmel and he couldn’t figure it out for himself that he needed to attend other classes in college, because he was majoring in show choir, which resulted in him getting kicked out. Jesse isn’t exactly the model student.

Again, we have no idea what the deal with Elliot is. He clearly has a lot of musical experience and background. He’s been performing since he was in 5th grade and he took singing and piano lessons but we don’t know what his academic accomplishments are like. He does go to NYU though, so that’s an indication that he is a good student.

Let’s take a look at Blaine now, shall we? He was there when Kurt and Rachel auditioned, which gives him an advantage because he knows what Carmen is looking for and he has two people who go to NYADA to advice him. Plus, Kurt has been talking him up to Carmen and according to Sam, Blaine crushed his audition. Not to mention that Blaine is an emotional performer by nature. He radiates emotion when he is singing and he always assumes the identity of the person in the song, making the song tell his story. Blaine feels his songs, always. That’s one of the most striking things about him as a performer actually. Music is Blaine’s language, he’s never better at getting to people than when he is singing.

Now, is it really weird for Blaine to get in? He is, by every account, every college’s dream. Senior Class President, a member of 27 clubs, was the lead in one musical and in the ensemble in another, Valedictorian, has the second highest GPA in his class, has experience from his work in theme parks, has been winning competitions even before high school if his comment in Puppet Master and the trophies in his room is anything to go by, has been performing since he was a child, is a member of a National winning cheer leading squad (presumably since we don’t know what the hell happened with that), appeared in a Christmas special on tv, can play at least three different instruments and can arrange songs himself, was the lead of two show choirs, one of which won a National Championship one year and came in second place the next year. This is the guy whose safety schools are Columbia and NYU and who is a walking talking musical encyclopedia. What part of this makes it weird for Blaine to get into NYADA, first try or otherwise? He has the talent, the knowledge, the background and the academic excellence. Of course he got in.

And you know, if you think it’s still weird that Blaine got accepted into NYADA, I’d like to remind you that Adam Crawford and Brody Weston go to NYADA as well.


failed mastermind kihyun (part 1, 2)

  • *talking about when the POV comp is*
  • Derrick:I think it's gonna be tomorrow.
  • Zach:It's gonna be tonight.
  • Derrick:I think it's tomorrow.
  • Zach:It's tonight.
  • Derrick:What makes you think that?
  • Zach:They told me.
  • Derrick:That's a good reason to think that.
What happens when you have 5 artists in your friend group
  • Me and my best friend:SHUT UP YOURE EASILY THE BEST
  • Talented friend:nO
  • Guy artist friend:chill guys
  • Everyone:SHOW US YOUR ART
  • Guy artist friend:HELL FUCKING NO
  • Smart friend:COME AT ME, BITCH
  • Talented friend:WERE ALL GOING DIE
  • Me://screaming
  • Them://screaming
  • Everyone://screaming

‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ 

‘I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again.’


James Flint/Thomas Hamilton Appreciation Week

 Day 1 - Why do you ship them? 

Rather extensive gushing over the two under the cut ~

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I think your look would be better if you didnt wear glasses. They just dont suit the victorian/gothic theme imo.

Pfft, are you kidding me? I’m so goth I’m blind as a bat!