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Pearls & Classified HW Intelligence Theory

seeing how pearl acted when trying to tell steven about the diamonds and homeworld, i’ve kinda’ got a theory that pearls are conditioned to not be physically able to leak sensitive homeworld information.

i mean, pearls are personal attendants given to important, high ranking gems. they have the duties of taking calls, opening doors, holding things, entertaining, and consoling their owners, not to mention they’re meant to constantly be by their sides; i imagine they must often overhear all the conversations, musings, and orders exchanged between their owners and other gem officials. that means pearls are often subject to hearing all the important, sensitive information being swapped between bunches of high-class gems and gem politicians (which can include the diamonds). so pearls must know a lot about their masters’ personal troubles, plans, weaknesses, and all about homeworld’s political climate. ya’ know, those dirty details that no one would want leaked to the general gem public…

so in order to prevent any pearl from possibly getting too gossipy, homeworld engineered pearls in such a way that they will automatically stop themselves from spitting out classified information that could otherwise endanger the diamonds’/any other upper-crust gem’s reputation/lives, contradict homeworld propaganda, or pose a risk to homeworld’s rigid social structure.

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How did you guys get together?

Michael: Okay kiddies, buckle up. It’s story time!

It all started way waaay back when Jeremy found the first key to the hunt. He just so happened to run into Christine there, who was also after the key. Jeremy had been following her blog about the hunt for several years, and he had a pretty big crush on her.

Jeremy: Her avatar is cute! Come on…

Michael: Yeah, she’s a cutie alright! Anyway, the two of them started chatting and they hit it off pretty well. After the High Five formed—that was me, Jeremy, Christine, Rich, and Jake, the people in the top five slots of the scoreboard—the two of them started hanging out more and more. And Jeremy kinda sorta started ditching me for Christine.

Jeremy: …I was a huge dick back then.

Michael: Yeah, no kidding. He’d blow me off all the time just to be with her instead. I warned him several times that he shouldn’t get so serious—his obsession with her would eventually backfire and then what would he do? But he didn’t listen to me, and we got into a really big f-fight—

Jeremy: Easy, M. It’s okay.

Michael: *sighs* Yeah, I know. Um…where was I? Oh, right. I’d been in love with Jeremy since the beginning, ever since I met him. After our fight we, we didn’t speak for several months. I was really fucking pissed at him, and he thought he was right, and I wasn’t going to apologize, so…

Jeremy: We were both really bitter.

Michael: Yeah. And Christine dumped your ass even though you were never dating, haha.

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, I get it! You were right all along, blah blah blah.

Michael: Heheh! And then, uh—I sent Jeremy an email telling him where to find the next key, as payback since he helped me find the first one.

Jeremy: And I was so relieved to hear from you again. You have no idea!

Michael: I got that when you sent a reply apologizing for being such an ass, haha.

Jeremy: During those couple months apart I realized just how much I missed Michael and being with him. Christine was avoiding talking to me at the time as well so I was pretty much on my own, no friends to talk to…it was really lonely. But I had a lot of time to think about my relationship with Michael, and soon enough that longing to be with him again sort of…evolved into something bigger than I ever expected. I realized then that I’d actually loved Michael all along and never understood it until that moment. But I was—I was really afraid to tell him because I thought I’d ruined our friendship, and I didn’t want to ruin it again, you know?

Michael: Yeah.

Jeremy: And then…we met up after I apologized and everything was fine. We were back to our usual antics and god, I was so, so happy to see that.

Michael: It was so good to see you after all that time, I just—I couldn’t stay mad anymore.

Jeremy: Yeah. And then, um, everyone else left after we planned our final attack and how we were gonna get to the final gate. Then it was just the two of us.

Michael: Jeremy told me what he’d been feeling during those months apart but he was very vague about who he was referring to. I thought he was talking about Christine at first but he told me he didn’t like her that way anymore, and—

Jeremy: You thought that I was talking about somebody else entirely! You were so dense, oh my god.

Michael: *laughs* Oh, shut up!

Jeremy: I sort of freaked out and accidentally spilled my feelings for Michael. I started having a panic attack because I thought I’d ruined everything, and right when we’d come back to being friends and all.

Michael: But then I told him that I felt the same way! And so we decided to get together.

Jeremy: At that point we hadn’t met in real life but we already knew each other so intimately that we didn’t care what we looked like outside of the OASIS.

Michael: I mean. I care.

Jeremy: Well duh—I meant we’d accept what we looked like in real life no matter what.

Michael: And hot damn, I got lucky with you. You’re much cuter in real life than in the OASIS.

Jeremy: Hey…

Michael: Haha! When I saw Jeremy for the first time in real life, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Jeremy: Me neither. We were both stuttering messes when we met in person.

Michael: You were just so adorable I didn’t know what to do with myself…

Jeremy: Oh my god shut up!!

Michael: But you are! I love you~

Jeremy: Heh…

Michael: So, yeah! That ends our tale. That is how we discovered our feelings for each other. Once the final battle was over and Jeremy won the competition, we moved in together and started dating for real. Ta-dah!

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i am behind s13 1 or 2 eps now, can you tell me any destiel/cockles stuff or news that has no spoiler but is IMPORTANT TO KNOW RECENTLY? thnx in advance^^

Hello lovely! 

Oooh, hope you catch up soon before 13x06! It’s gonna be an epicsode ;) I gotta run in a bit so here’s some quick things:

  1. Cas is Dean’s win 
  2. Cas makes Dean happy. He rejuvenates Dean and heals him of his festering grief (which revolved around Cas in the first place 01-05) 
  3. Destiel haters have finally caught onto the Destiel narrative and are crying foul at Dabb & Co because “ep 5 advertised to be a bro episode but it’s a Destiel episode at the end? wtf Dean’s suddenly happy now? WHY DOES THAT LOOK LIKE A ROMANTIC SCENE?? I HATE DESTIEL FANS THEY BRIBED THE WRITERS TO MAKE THEIR STUPID SHIP HAPPENN1111!!!” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *chuckles*
  4. Bottom line: the subtext to text shift is happening for the GA.
  5. Sam is a guide/teacher to Jack, but he may have misunderstandings with him later. At most, Sam identifies with Jack: he can achieve self-redemption and self-forgiveness by rectifying his own mistakes through Jack’s actions and his own characteristic influence on him.
  6. Dean and Jack will begin an interpersonal relationship after their antagonistically rocky start.
  7. Dean and Cas are framed as Jack’s parental figures. 
  8. Dean’s Performing facade is almost completely shattered; sleeping around used to be one of his very obvious coping mechanistic behaviours alongside drinking and hunting. Currently, (from episode 1–5) he no longer does this. 

    *spoiler-ish? or not* in episode 5, a scene exists where he experienced some kind of grieving catharsis and may have slept with someone, but this interpretation is pretty much unfounded. There’s no clear presentation of his usual hooking-up tells e.g. Dean visibly whisking a girl away onscreen/visibly getting down and dirty/visibly coming back to the hotel in the am. Dean makes no statement of getting laid nor does Sam ask him if he got laid. I believe he most likely partied hard (miserably), got super drunk, wasn’t an overly generous tipper, was kicked out at 2am closing, headed back to their room alone, and passed out from inebriation. 

  9. Dean + bisexual bacon = beauty
  10. Dean wants to be true to himself
  16. Dean will set his Feminine side free and destroy the last remnants of his toxic masculinity
  17. Dean’s emotional repression goes bye-bye
  18. Jensen and Misha are freely signing Destiel fanart and leaving each other flirty/banter-y comments *pukes*
  20. J2M make Destiel/Misha-centric/Cockles jokes (J2 DC con panel still has yet to happen but keep your eyes peeled lol)
  21. Dean’s glad Cas is back
  22. New Beginnings ahead
  23. It’s never too late to start over again

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Fairy Tale Meme:

8 Heroes - [Urashima Taro]

“Have you ever seen Rin Gin, the Palace of the Dragon King of the Sea, Urashima?”

The fisherman shook his head and replied; “No; year after year the sea has been my home, but though I have often heard of the Dragon King’s realm under the sea I have never yet set eyes on that wonderful place. It must be very far away, if it exists at all!”

“Is that really so? You have never seen the Sea King’s Palace? Then you have missed seeing one of the most wonderful sights in the whole universe. It is far away at the bottom of the sea, but if I take you there we shall soon reach the place. If you would like to see the Sea King’s land I will be your guide.”

Jump layout aside, can we just spend a minute to appreciate the new and improved Seimei 2.0 step sequence? 

Here’s what I managed to jot down real quick: 

Hop / Toe steps / Rocker CCW - Counter CCW - Twizzle CCW (left foot) / Hop / Counter CW - Rocker CW - Bracket CW (right foot) / Mohawk / Lunge / Besti + curve / Loop CW / Mohawk / Three-turn / Pivot / Change of edge / Bracket CCW / Chasse / Mohawk / Loop CCW / Claw steps / Small jump / Chasse / Choctaw CCW / Chasse / Choctaw CW / Twizzle CW - Counter CCW - Rocker CCW (left foot) / Chasse / Ina Bauer / 2 x three-turn / Cross step / Counter CCW / Cross rolls /  Rocker CCW / Spread Eagle

Enough technical content for about one and a half Level 4 step sequences *lol* and, as usual, enough upper body movements for three of them. Also, His Highness actually listened to the advice I had in my head and added that one extra loop. And yeah, them choctaws are now PChiddy-level nice, yo! 

SCANLAN: We totally trust [the Clasp] because they’re scoundrels and liars. And we have no other choice.
PERCY: It doesn’t serve them to betray us.
KASH: It doesn’t serve the scoundrels and liars to lie and be scoundrels?
PERCY: It doesn’t serve them in this moment, no. If you’re always a liar and a scoundrel, then no one will ever trust you to do anything. They’re only conveniently liars and scoundrels.
KASH: I love this plan.
—  Critical Role Ep. 78: The Siege of Emon

The best decision I made this morning was looking at reaction videos
and watching some haters take it so personal that they’re flipping out and immediately scrambling to find some kind of reasons to deny why the trailer ended on that note…
”Oh my god this motherfucker. If he kill Leia… He better not- OH they better not be making him go to the light side. It’s too late. He killed the greatest SW character of. all. time. He killed Han Solo. WE ALL HATE HIM. We already hate him, he’s condemned.”

Bitch who’s ‘we’ lmao

It’s great.

Prediction for Milo Murphy’s Law/Phineas and Ferb Crossover, because I haven’t been watching the former show for long so I’m not sure if this is canon or not:

When Phineas and Ferb meet Milo, they expect stuff is gonna go wrong around Milo and it… doesn’t. But the thing is, Phineas and Ferb aren’t having their usual bout of luck either- their new attraction isn’t getting built right, Linda’s only barely missing the Big Ideas, even closer than usual, all that stuff.

Turns out that Milo and PnF cancel out each others’ luck and end up having a pretty normal day

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Why would people even think the traitor is one of the students? I mean, a teacher would have far more insight into UA's plans than a student. Also, what's this theory that copy guy is Kurogiri?


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And people want to mess with each other’s hearts lmao.

The thing with Kurogiri being Tsukauchi Naomasa (aka All Might’s detective friend) I think was due to the…. STRIPED TIE:

[I can’t find the original post but this was the picture I saw being passed around in other websites]

But I think this theory is debunked since Tsukauchi’s code name is “True Man” and his quirk is that he can read minds to know the truth or something (if we consider the MHA spinoff Illegals canon too, I think his sister has a similar quirk wherein she can determine people’s heart beats/if they’re lying when she holds them? Not really sure yet about this bit.). Apparently his speech pattern is also different from Kurogiri, so unless Horikoshi aims to misdirect the readers, our detective is not Mr. Black Mist Teleporter.

Port Mafia Drama CD -Kaji, Chuuya and Akutagawa.

So in no way I am a proper translator so I am just doing my best here! If there are mistakes, I apologize!


That is the audio that  @anemoneee posted, so credits to her!

Onto the translation!

So it starts with Kaji doing an experiment inside his Lab, while he is laughing like a maniac Chuuya walks in with Akutagawa.
Chuuya: Oi, what are you being so loud for?
 Also, I heard you attacked the detective agency?

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Favorites in The Gilmore Girls revival in no particular order.

  • Lorelai’s pretzel story about Richard that ripped my fucking heart out.
  • Lorelai telling luke she wants to get married and luke saying I need you to her it was so angsty and perf.
  • Emily using the word bullshit and her complete 180 was everything.
  • Believe it or not, I highly enjoyed the scene with Rory and Dean, that is what you call closure.
  • The scene where Lorelai is reacting to the god awful musical is me.
  • Rory kissing Richards portrait and sitting in his chair to write her book.
  • All Paris scenes.
  • The Luke and Jess hug.
  • Rory calling Christopher out on his shitty parenting.
  • The scenes between Luke, Kurt, and Jess. “We could have been naked.” 
  • Luke and Lorelai finally getting married then dancing to the song they danced to at Liz and TJ’s wedding.
  • ‘Ooooober.’
  • Luke and Emily’s relationship.
  • The fact that Luke thinks of Rory as his own.
  • Michel being his sassy self.
  • Just about everything else except Logan and that god awful musical. :~)